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So, Scoob, Shag, Scrappy, and the lil’ dragon land in front of a castle.

And look beautifully distorted from the impact, I’ll add.

They reach the wooden gates, but– oh noes! It’s locked!

The dragon breathes fire on the lock, but…

…oh noes twice! The lock is a special fire-resistant type!

Well, fortunately, there’s still an easy solution. Let’s look at the facts of the situation, here.

1. You’ve got a dragon with fire hot enough to melt/burn even metal, and did so multiple times earlier in the movie

2. You need to get through a door made of wood

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Because the obvious solution is to have Scooby pick the lock with his tail.

I mean, duh.

Society’s obsession with the “post-baby body” has got to be one of the most insidious and harmful things. 

Like, why do we hate maternal bodies so much? Why are mothers’ bodies and how we feed our babies so threatening to so many people?

Why do we keep infantilising women by expecting women to look like young girls when they’ve just given birth?

As women we need to really push back against this form of violence against our collective self-love.

mine-(s); how the grand canyon was created

Sediment is eating the solitude.

A river carries it to the ocean. I followed waves

of salt, but they are folklore. I am not soluble to his sand - he is shaking.

He is a rattlesnake in the American West. This is the same


where he drew horns and fang teeth on the

face of 

my character. 


This is how the grand canyon was 

created: the broken heart of a river flowed,

weeping, for five million years.


I tip my hat.

He points his gun.

A sacred reunion as the Colorado River

returns to the sea.


Tourists consume the aftermath. 

Richonne AU where a pregnant Michonne comes home, exhausted after a long day of work, to find her husband has cleaned the whole house and is currently standing at the stove, cooking dinner, shirtless and his hair still slightly wet from a recent shower. Michonne walking up behind him, snuggling into his bare back, startling him for a second, before he turns around and greets her with a smile and a deep kiss. Rick pulling away a long moment later, only to drop to his knees, to greet their baby. His wife giggling above him, as he speaks animatedly to her stomach in-between placing numerous kisses on the small bump.


the mianite crew / tiem reester

“so basically, tom wanted to be able to get the day back to the beginning, and so he put in - he was trying to type in skype chat ‘time reset’ - instead, he wrote ‘tiem reester.’”