more attention to him please

*sigh* You leave for 10 minutes (or 10 years, but who’s counting?) and everything in the fandom has changed.

I like a lot of things, but here’s a few more unpopular opinions:

  • Vlad has never really shown signs of being redeemable.
  • Just about any ghost deserves more attention than him.
  • Like Desirée.
  • Please love Desirée.
  • Dash is an absolute asshole.
  • However, he is given some depth, particularly in Micro-Management. I understand that people want more, but he’s not just a stereotype. Like, compare Dash to like…Francis from FOP. Dash has some humanity. He’s just a jerk.
  • Star and Kwan aren’t stereotypes, either. They’ve actually been shown to be better people than their slightly more popular friends. Star still hangs out with Valerie despite her being outcasted, showing that if she genuinely likes you, your social status isn’t that important. Kwan actually has shown signs that he’d be a pretty nice kid if it weren’t for the influences around him. In Shades of Gray, Valerie demands that he beat up Danny, and he’s actually forgiving and sympathetic until Valerie threatens him, and even then he seems kind of apologetic. Lucky in Love is a good episode for him, showing that he has a softer side, even if he’s kinda clumsy. Again, they could’ve been done better, but the canon characters deserve a bit more respect than they get.
  • The A-Listers in general are a bi less stereotypical than you’d expect. You’ve got a Latina with an accent that the entire school is smitten with, and the blonde girl is her minion. One of the toughest football stars is a Chinese boy (his muscles are bigger than Dash’s). In the earlier episodes, there’s even Valerie, who’s a chubby African-American, big nose, curly hair and all. And out of all of them, Valerie’s the one who gets the most development and depth.
  • Jack and Maddie are a million times better than Vlad. They are flawed but loving parents.
  • Does the show have wasted potential? Yes. I feel like fans treat it way worse than it is, though. I like it, and there are genuinely great episodes. I challenge anyone to find significant problems with Reign Storm on its own (not counting the plot threads that were left hanging afterwards.)
Excellent Deduction. Sherlock Holmes.

Request: Can u do a Sherlock smut where he’s a virgin, but he knows ur turned on by him bc he’s smart enough to deduce it, but he has no idea what to do so the reader guides him through and rides him hard amd rough? Thanks hun

Triggers: Smut. Virgin!Sherlock.

Word Count: 1726

Enjoy ;D

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Another Jealous Owen

Based on Anon Prompt: “A imagine where Owen gets jealous when you pay more attention to the raptors than him please”

“Atta girl, Delta!” You shout, hopping a bit in excitement. You smile widely down at her as you toss her another treat. “I told you she could do it.” You mutter to yourself. However, when you hear Owen’s voice behind you, you jump.

“Yes, but she’s also been training for four hours now. That’s overdoing it a little, don’t you think?”

Owen doesn’t seem nearly as excited as you and this irks you a bit. Delta is the runt of the litter and has been struggling to learn her commands as she’s easily distracted by her sisters. However, you promised that if you could get her alone for a few hours a day, you would get her caught up.

“It’s not overdoing it. Look, she’s having fun; she loves me. Besides, I can’t train her alone during the day because the girls whine when they see you if they’re locked up.” You give him a smile but he doesn’t return it.

“Yeah, but it would have been nice if we could have made our dinner reservations.” He crosses his arms and looks away, clearly pouting and you gasp.

“Oh my god, was that tonight? Why didn’t you call me and remind me?” You reach for your phone to check the calendar and 3 missed calls, 5 texts, and a voicemail show up on your screen. You drag a hand down your face.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I left it on silent again.” You apologize before walking over to him, wiping your hands on your jeans. “I really am sorry, Owen. I just got so excited about being the one to teach her this.”

He shrugs and lets out a sigh, the anger in his face residing. “I’m not mad. I just feel like she’s the only thing you think about anymore.” He raises his eyebrows and you decide not to try to defend yourself. You really have been spending way more time than necessary at the paddock and realizing that he’s jealous of the time you spend there both makes you feel bad, but slightly proud too. He really does care about you if he wants to spend more time with you.

“How about this? Why don’t I swap my lunch break with Anna. I’ll train with Delta alone while you’re on lunch and then when you get back I’ll take mine. She’s catching up enough now that I don’t think it will take more than an hour or two a day to keep her caught up.” You give him a smile and he looks down at you, giving you a nod.

“That sounds fair.” He finally gives you a real smile. “I’m sorry too, I know this is important to you; I shouldn’t have gotten jealous.” He reaches down to caress your cheek and he gives you a quick kiss on the forehead. “If we hurry, we can grab some subs on the way home before they close.”

“I’ll go get cleaned up, can you let the other girls out of the cage? Thanks.” You press onto your tiptoes to give him a kiss and then run off towards the breakroom trailer. You never meant to make him jealous, but you’re glad that the two of you can talk about things like this without it ending in a fight. You wash the dirt off your arms as you think about how lucky you are to have someone like Owen in your life.  

Reflections (Haldir x Reader)

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Hey lovely! I’m in love with the way you write and I believe that Haldir is an amazing elf and needs more attention so could you please write one about him doing a night shift and finding the she elf he’s been admiring for a while in the gardens and he scares her but they end up being all fluff and sweet? ☺️

Words: 878 || Characters: Haldir x Elf Reader || Genre: Fluff, romantic fluff

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I always feel weird when I see people talk about Saionji, really, especially because he’s so unpopular.

There are so many ways this can come out wrong and apologist, but I’ll try talking about it anyway. (To make this clear right from the start, this is not a defense of any of Saionji’s actions but rather a request to not disregard him being a well-written character.)

I feel that with the way people treat Saionji they simplify in a really strange way? ‘He hits the girl so he’s the bad guy’ is valid enough logic as such, but then people stop right there. Physical abuse is only the most obvious and straight-forward of many kinds of violence portrayed in Utena, but the very same people who put a stamp on Saionji right away will somehow often be willing to overlook the copious amounts of emotional abuse other characters engage in. 

Saionji is like a scapegoat and an alibi for people to say 'look, I am a good person because I could spot the bad guy right away’ without then ever bothering to reevaluate him or look at the various ways other characters go wrong.

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Got7 reacting to you playing video games on their day off.

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting, anon! I hope you like it~


He was sitting behind you on the couch, running his hand through your hair in attempt to get your attention but you were too focused on the boss level on Super Mario to notice him.

“Jagiya, can we do something together?”

, he asked, letting out a sigh to let you know he was bored. Without taking your eyes off the screen, you shook your head.

“There’s only one controller.”

Jaebum sunk deeper into the couch and groaned annoyed.

“That’s not what I meant.”, he answered, giving up on getting your attention.

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Junior regretted letting you try to beat the boss level of your game as soon as you died the first time. You already died sixth times by the time Jinyoung asked you to pay more attention towards him.

“Y/N, can you please stop playing?”, he asked, pushing you slightly.

“After I beat him.”, you said, gesturing towards the final enemy on the screen. Jinyoung knew his ways with you and started poking your sides slightly, making you lose focus, which lead to your character dying. You shot him an annoyed glance but he just smiled satisfyed.

“At least now you can stop playing.”,he said, poking your sides once more. You let out a deep sigh and nooded, turning off the gaming console.

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Mark got home to you sitting in front of the TV, playing Zelda. You were too focused on the game to even notice him coming in.
“I’m back.”, he said but you just shook your head, too focused on not dying to say anything.
“Do I not get a kiss?”, he asked but there was no response. As much as he tried to get your attention, you didn’t react to any of it, even when he suggested you two to order a takeout and watch a scary movie.
“I’ll go see my friend then.”, he said, remembering how easily jealous you get. You paused the game and turned to him with a smile.
“I’m all yours.”, you said and embraced him in a long-lasting hug, maing sure he wasn’t going anywhere. He smiled to himself and wrapped his arms around you.
“I wasn’t going anywhere.”, he stated and you giggled.“Yeah, I figured.”

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Jackson hates being ignored so he got easily annoyed with you playing video games instead of paying attention to him. You were too focused to even notice him going into the bathroom. “Y/N.”, he said but you leaned forward more to see the screen better. You noticed him stopping behind you and kneeling down. You could feel his cold breath on your neck. You were slowly losing focus. He leaned forward and pushed you down with his entire bodyweight. You groaned under him and dropped your controller to steady yourself on the floor.
“Jackson.”, you groaned, trying to push him off.
“Tell me you’re going to stop playing.”, he said but you refused. Suddenly you felt something cold inside your ear and squealed in disgust.
“This is not the time to give me a wet willy!”, you screamed, whiping the salvia from your earlobe. Jackson laughed and pushed you down further. You finally gave in after you felt like you were suffocating under your boyfriends weight and he got off of you. You looked at him angrily and he knew what was to come. He quickly got up on his feet and started running like his life depended on it. In fact it did, when you got up aswell and chased him around the dorm.

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BamBam didn’t object when you asked him if you could play video games but after he realized you didn’t mean you two playing together he got grumpy and tried to take your attention away from the game.
“Jagiya,”,he said, laying down on the couch upside down to face you. You ignored his endless groans which frustrated him even more. He jumped off the couch and stopped in front of the TV, crossing his arms in front of his chest. You slightly pushed his legs apart to see through them. He rolled at eyes at you and moved aside. He sat down next to you, never taking his eyes off you.
“Let’s play something more grown-up.”, he suggested, kissing your cheek slightly. You pushed yourself away from him.
“This is m-rated, honey.”, you answered, pretending not to know what he was talking about. He gave you a sarcastic laugh and pushed you so you were laying on your side. Before you could react to the situation, BamBam took the controller out of your hand and threw it onto the couch. He took your hands and pinned them above your head.
“Let’s do something that involves two people.”,he suggested, leaning forward but you turned your head to the side, giggling.
“We can play together.”, you suggested, smiling up at him. He let go off you with a sigh and let you continue.

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It was raining on your day off so your plans to go the zoo had to be cancelled. Instead, you suggested to go head to head in a game of Mario Cart. You got out two controller and started playing. When Yugyeom realized he was going to lose to you, he lost interest in the game quickly and wanted to do something else. He got up and left you playing by yourself. After he realized you weren’t planning on stopping anytime soon, he tried to grab your attention by dancing seductively next to the TV.

“You look like you’re having a seizure.”, you said, not taking your eyes off the TV. He smiled at your answer and stopped dancing. He walked over to you and sat down next to you.

“Did you notice how big your nose is?”, he asked teasingly but you just nodded, getting where this was going. He placed his chin your shoulder and started biting you slightly. You winced slightly and let out a frustrated cry but Yugyeom didn’t stop biting into your shoulder. After you got used to the feeling, it stopped bothering you so Yugyeom moved on to your next sensitive spot, your neck. He placed his hand on your neck and started moving it around. You jerked backwards in reflex and hit him in the crotch on accident, making him fall back on the couch with a groan. You giggled to yourself as you finally turned around to pay attention to your boyfriend.
“Are you okay?”, you asked, still giggling at the sight of it.
“I think I need some cuddles to make up for it.”, he said and you nodded, laying down next to him. He wrapped your arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him, giving you a peck on your forehead.
“Next time just tell me to pay attention to you., you whispered, smiling at him.

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He didn’t mind you playing video games until you spend the entire day doing so. It was your day off together and you promised him just to finish the level you were stuck on and do something with him afterwards. But you never mentioned how long it would take you. After a while, Youngjae couldn’t wait any longer and came into the living room. 
“Jagiya, are you almost done?”, he asked, pouting at you. You nodded, biting your lip in concentration. 
He sat down behind you, wrapping his legs around you and running his hands through your hair. 
“I can’t concentrate”, you protested, pulling away from him. He let out a frustrated groan and watched you play for a little while before he decided to use your weakness against you. Without hesitation he placed his fingers in your pits and started tickling you to the point where you couldn’t control yourself anymore and let go off the controller. Youngjae placed his hand under your head before it hit the floor and continued tickling you. 
“Are you done playing?”, he asked, not giving you a break. You tried to answer but a wave of giggles washed over you again. You just nodded at your boyfriend and he stopped. You needed a minute to catch your breath. When you got up from the floor, you quickly grabbed the controller again and continued playing. Youngjae smirked at you before taking a pillow from the couch and hitting you over the head with it slightly. 
“Okay, you win.” you said and paused the game to peck his lips. 

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I don’t like how people say that Eren is weak. Like forget about his titan form (which a lot of the fandom also considers weak) I’m talking about his physical aptitude as a person.

I think people often forget how he is one of the best in close combat

Or when he could keep himself up for a while with with defective material

Or how he fucking stopped a 15 meter tall titan from closing its mouth (for a moment he used just one hand, he saved Armin with the other one and threw him away from the titan while holding the titan’s mouth open)

Yup, Eren is really weak, right

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We call Agüero something like "zombie" here... Because a "dead man pays more attention than him". And to Higuaín, please, you need to hear the jokes 😂 (specially for those missed plays)


On the real though something just turns off in his brain and he plays like shit for an extended period of time until someone plugs that thing in his brain again .

ahh poor higuain .. the “we blame everything on Gonzalo” squad lmao .

I don’t know about you but i think its a bit unfair how SM doesn’t bother to promote Zhou mi as much as Henry. Henry got to do a solo album, a drama, a movie and now he’s on a TV show. Zhou mi got to collaborate with other SM artists and sing one song in the entire album, which was a chinese cover of the song. 

Im pretty sure that Zhou mi has more patience than Henry does, i read it somewhere; don’t use up Zhou mi’s patience. He’s super talented in acting and singing not to mention dancing and fashion design, he knows Mandarin, conversational Korean, basic English and  Cantonese. He released a freaking book in Thai. He wrote the lyrics for “marry you” “love you love you” “a man in love” “Confession” “Love relay” “Love, Frequency” “remember” “many times” “you & me” “True love” - clearly this man is talented in writing songs.

So please would you pay more attention to him? he deserves it just as much as any of the members. 

Im not sorry, i need more Zhou mi in my life, on my dash and in my updates