more art monday


@platinumbered heck yeah he does, and theyre the fancy light up ones.

i dont have a twitter so if someone tweeted this at ray thatd be sweet :>

[commission me!]

Gon broccoli and Killua cauliflower 

yes i know i spelled the end of broccoli and cauliflower wrong please don’t hate me i doodled these at like 4am ok

Happy motivational monday! We have a MatPat quote for today! Im gonna add Stephanie to the bunch next week ;) 

If you guys want to submit to me some good tweets or send me a quote from a video, I love getting genuine real quotes for these. They care about you. I care about you. so please, forgive yourself every now and then and be confident in yourself. you are good.

Motivational Stephanie Version here

i think about this post every day so i drew a fanart 

grantaire in the style of baz lurhmann’s romeo + juliet

because a modernization of les mis with original dialogue (+ the amis running around in hawaiian shirts) is literally everything i want in the world 

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday :) Just as a heads up, it’s going to take a few extra days for me to finish the new update. It’s been an unusually busy week and progress has been slower than normal. I’m working as fast as I can, but you know me - I don’t like to compromise quality, because you guys deserve the best experience possible. So yeah, thank you in advance for your patience, I sincerely appreciate it <3


in memoriam // the oh hellos 

(as requested by anon)



To the point of insanity i have to admit…But, today i felt a mighty need for hugs and fondness, so I made some cheesy brotherly moments in a hospital settings.