more about them and her pls

lets talk about wlw (witch loving witches) at hogwarts!! girlfriends in the same house not having to worry about the barriers not letting boys into their bedrooms bc ew boys are gross anyway! slytherin and hufflepuff girls dating and the slytherin will punch anyone who says anything homophobic to her girlfriend! ravenclaw girlfriends curling up and studying together by the fire! a slytherin girl cheering for gryffindor because her girlfriend is their seeker even though all of her friends are mad at her for not cheering for them! girls in differing houses wearing each other’s scarfs and first-years get confused and ask a ravenclaw how to get to the hufflepuff common room but she knows how anyway because she sneaks in to see her girlfriend at nights! pls add more I’ve been thinking about wlw at hogwarts all day and it’s making my heart happy!!!

dan and kevin sibling hc's

•dan is average height. kevin is 6'2". think about it.

•they have family dinners with wymack and abby on the weekends, and with every family dinner, the more dan gets to see who kevin really is under his exy-obsessed exterior

•she knows, now, that he only loves and breathes exy so much because it brings him closer to his mother

•later, in the future, she’s talking to someone and refers to kevin as her brother. she doesn’t catch the slip up until much later, and even then, she doesn’t really think it was a mistake

•kevin and dan becoming gossiping buddies with Sibling Nights. it started when kevin interrupted dan’s Girls Night one too many times and allison and renee got so fed up with him they left

•kevin usually wears whatever face masks dan buys for them and tries to learn how to paint nails without fucking up. he gets better. eventually.

•Kevin showing up to one of their Gossip Nights with four bags hanging off his arms. one is for snacks, two is for fun beauty products he saw that he wanted to try, and the fourth is magazines. they have a blast that night.

•kevin, during practice and before games, likes to stand behind dan and look menacing. it doesn’t work a t a l l, but when neil starts being captain, it starts working on the freshmen


•dan cries for a solid minute and a half bc hello, her baby brother has grown up so much and also fuck gender roles

•kevin, while waiting for his nails to dry and a clay mask cleaning his pores: do u think andrew would do this thing for me?

dan, flipping through a magazine and waiting for her charcoal pore cleaning face mask to dry: don’t waste ur time thinking about him babe neil is his new man

•this, of course, launches a whole discussion on Neil “Death Wish” Josten

•they bond over their mutual mother hen tendencies when it comes to this 5'3" asshole

•matt is jealous only bc they don’t invite HIM to their Sibling Nights, mostly because hello, he loves face masks, and he loves when he gets his nails painted fun colors, and c'mon dan just one time i’ll be chill i promise!!!!!!!

•let these two siblings be happy

I really love the idea of simple misunderstandings for the sake of humor and stuff, so anyways pls imagine everyone in the bureau of balance becoming slowly more aware of Kravitz’s existance but not being able to find out exactly who he is

Carey and Killian start playing a game called “preference or powerful” b/c they’ve met Kravitz a couple times and have seen the kind of clothes he wears and Carey’s convinced it’s because he’s just a weird goth man. Killain thinks something about Kravitz rubs her the wrong way and that he’s probably more powerful then he seems, but because he never actually told them his name and b/c he doesnt use his accent at the BoB they havent figured out that he’s kravitz

Carey enlists magnus and angus into the game but magnus has never actually seen Kravitz around so all he has is second hand descriptions that have led him to believe Taako’s dating the Strangest Man Alive. Meanwhile, Angus has everything figured out pretty quickly, but he’s not really sure if he sound say anything.  Merle has seen Kravitz, but everytime he has, he just assumes it’s a BoB employee he doesn’t know about, and therefore doesn’t care.

Avi & No3113 both see Kravitz turn into a skeleton at one point but Avi just stares for a second and goes “well this is not my problem” and decides to never mention it. No3113 told Carey and Killian eventually but she feels bad about it b/c she thinks she’s chosing Killian’s side.

Meanwhile, Johann and Leon are trying not to get sucked into the game.Johann’s met Kravitz once and they had a very small bonding session that was basically just Kravitz going “hey i know shit about music” so he’s convinced Kravitz is like, the best person ever. Leon doesn’t want to talk about anything related to Taako, which includes his boyfriend.

everyone agrees not to tell the director because she has enough to worry about without someone telling her a stranger keeps showing up on the base


Me and @qookyquiche made some BNHA OC’s~!! Seikikeijo Haakuma belongs to Quiche and Yurenoki Yuki belongs to me. ( ^ u ^ ) See captions + read more if you’re interested in learning more about them~

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GENRE: Demon!Au

Why do I need to posses her?”

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I finally finished this! B) sure took me awhile [click full size for better detail pls!]

During the 5 years leading up to Kotfe Kaairos leaves the Jedi - both disenfranchised with the order as a whole, and to flee from Zakuul as a war criminal. During this time she would travel around the galaxy to find out more about her past, who her parents might’ve been, and why she was separated from them, her travels eventually lead her to Korriban, the birth place of the Sith…

 hello yes, don’t mind me but you know what I would really kinda fucking like

 for Daryl to go toe to toe” (~ Norman’s words) with Morgan for doing this….

                and then for Carol to want to take Negan down for this…

(yes, obviously there are a great many reasons to want Negan dead and I’m not saying she wouldn’t care about all of them nor am I trying to lessen the importance of those other horrible events with other characters but I was just remembering the deleted scene from season 3 and her particular words to Merle…..)

and i definitely don’t think Carol would take kindly to hearing about the way Negan has been treating Daryl in that cell

                                 so yeah, can we have thatt maybe pls

*for the record, I wish either arc hadn’t happened at all because I hate seeing them put through even more painful/traumatic experiences than they already have had to deal with in their lives, but we can’t change that part, unfortunately, so now yeahh I want this


final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)

every scene was a sign (we made out through their meaning)


Eva forgets her notecards at Chris’s place and he has to bring them to her. In class.


Chris and Eva don’t have sex but do eat waffles.

Eva and Chris had reached an understanding in the past few months. They would fool around with whoever they wanted at parties, but they ended up together most nights. Chris tried not to think too hard about this arrangement.

Except tonight Chris couldn’t go to Eva’s because her mother was home. Which usually wouldn’t be a problem (Eva had been spending a lot of nights at Noora’s lately). But Eva had a history presentation due the next day and refused to come over.


come onn

you haven’t touched my dick in two days

chris stop you know i can’t

if i don’t get a b on this project I’m dead

just come. ill help you.

HA. right okay

I’m serious. no sex until you’re finished.

Eva doesn’t reply for 10 minutes and Chris is about to call her when she finally answers.


Chris smiles in triumph then feels strange. There are at least twelve girls he could have called to come over tonight. And he wouldn’t have had to help them with any homework. But Eva is better at sex than them (or maybe just better at sex with him).

Fifteen minutes later Eva is knocking on his door. He lets her in and goes to kiss her but she ducks under his arm.

“No kissing. I was serious, Chris.”

Chris follows her to his room as she dumps her backpack and a laptop on his bed. She’s in shorts and a large t-shirt and Chris smiles at the pile of hair secured on top her head with a scrunchy.

Eva follows his eyes as she’s plugging in her charger and frowns.

“Don’t say a word. I’ve been working on this project for hours,” She says as if he hasn’t seen her looking worse than this.

Chris holds up his hands in surrender.

They spend the next three hours working on Eva’s presentation. Eva types and researches and sighs and Chris copies notecards and plays with her hair (which he has long since tugged out of it’s bun).

At 2 am, Eva pushes her computer away and buries her face in her hands. Chris takes this as a sign to go make tea.

While he’s in the kitchen, Chris catches sight of the waffle maker and shrugs. He could eat and Eva probably could too.

A few minutes later, Chris places two mugs of steaming tea and two waffles with syrup and whipped cream onto a tray. As he walks back into his room, Eva’s eyes light up.

“Are those waffles? I love you right now,” Eva hastily shoves her laptop asides and smacks a kiss on his lips as he sets the tray down.

Oblivious to his discomfort, Eva eats a forkful of whipped cream and Chris’s chest tightens.

Eva has never tried to make this anything more than casual but he’s just had a moment of realization. This is what Iben wanted from him. Their worst fight was always that Iben didn’t feel like they were actually dating and Chris didn’t know what she was talking about. He kissed Iben in public and had sex with her and sometimes ate meals with her but he had never helped her with her homework. Or made her waffles.

Chris doesn’t want to think about what this means because he knows he can’t do relationships. And he doesn’t want to. Monogamy doesn’t suit him.

Eva has now finished her waffle and is staring at him. When Chris finishes chewing his last bite, she climbs into his lap. He groans as Eva begins kissing her way down his neck and lies back. A notecard crumples under him.

“Eva,” It comes out more as a moan than anything else.

“Hmm,” She’s reached his chest now and begins pulling his shirt up.

Hating himself, Chris pulls her head up.

“Eva, you have work to do.”

She stares at him in disbelief for a moment.

“When did you get so responsible?”

“When I decided I’d rather you graduate high school and move out of your mom’s,” Chris says dryly.

Eva pouts but pulls her laptop back towards her. She does stay on his lap though and Chris is proud to say that he’s only a little distracting.

Just as Chris’s eyes are drifting shut, Eva closes her laptop with a sigh.

“Done. Finally. Now where were we?” Eva turns to him with a flirtatious smile but Chris can see the dark circles under her eyes.

“Eva, you’re exhausted,” he says, checking his phone, “and you have to be up in three hours. Sleep.”

Once again, Eva stares at him in surprise. Chris feels uncomfortable both at the implication that he only wants her for sex and at the fact that he doesn’t.

Nodding, she rises to turn off the lights.


Eva burrows in his blankets and curls into his chest. There might usually be sex first, but they have practice at spending the night together.

Chris is asleep before he has time to panic.


Chris wakes up briefly when Eva’s alarm goes off and watches her rush to throw things into her bag and get changed. As she pulls a plastic baggie with a toothbrush out, he wonders why she doesn’t just leave it here. In another jolt of clarity, Chris realizes that Eva shouldn’t be here so often that she needs to keep a toothbrush at his house and he clamps his mouth shut.

Eva toes into her shoes and picks up her backpack.

“I think I have one of those granola bars you like left. Good luck,” Chris mumbles as she’s walking out the door.

“Thanks. You don’t have classes today, right? I’ll be over after school.”
Chris rolls over, falling asleep again to the thought of Eva in his bed again in just a few hours.


When Chris wakes up again, it’s noon and he feels considerably more alive. He spends some time responding to his texts and notifications until his stomach grumbles. Chris rolls out of bed and begins heading to the kitchen. As he picks his way through the clothes scattered around his floor, his eyes catch on a pile of notecards.

Against his better judgement, Chris picks one up and sure enough they are Eva’s. For a moment Chris considers pretending he never saw them, but finds himself checking the time on his phone. Eva’s history class won’t start for another fifteen minutes and he can make it if he leaves now.

With a half-hearted curse, Chris turns around and heads to his bathroom. Five minutes later, he’s pulled on jeans and a t-shirt and is heading out the door.

Feelings strange to be back at his old high school, Chris parks his car and heads to the administration office.

“Hello, I need to drop off some notecards for Eva Mohn. She’s in history right now.”

The receptionist nods without looking up from her computer screen.

“That’s fine.”

Chris waits but she continues typing.

“Do I just leave them here with you?” He asks impatiently.

The receptionist looks up.

“You can take them yourself. I’m busy.” She smiles briefly and turns back to her screen.

Fuck, Chris thinks. He considers leaving, but he’s come this far. Wondering how his life got to this point, Chris heads for Eva’s history classroom.

Chris will be embarrassing both of them. Surely she can give the presentation without her notes. Shaking his head at the classroom door, Chris knows his mind is already made up.

He knocks and a few moments later the door opens. Chris recognizes the brunette teacher but he can’t remember her name. She clearly remembers him, though.


Everyone looks up, but Eva’s head shoots up from the second row.

Avoiding eye contact with her, Chris addresses the teacher.

“Hi. Eva forgot her presentation notes,” he holds them up.

Nodding, she steps away from the door, letting him in.

Jesus, Chris thinks, can’t you just take them yourself?

If he’s doing this, then he’s doing it. His reputation is already trashed so it might as well look intentional.

Chris struts over to Eva’s desk.

“Eva! You forgot your notes this morning,” he smiles suggestively and drops the notecards onto her desk.

Eva’s face is red and she gives him a sheepish smile. “Thank you. I just realized I’d left them,” she says in a low voice.

Right before Chris leaves the room, he turns back and winks. “See you tonight, Eva.”

Eva’s already flaming cheeks grow impossibly brighter, but she smiles at him. Chris walks out to wolf whistles and cat calls.

you’ll pay for that in a few hours

but thanks chris

Chris smiles. Tonight he’ll tell her to leave the toothbrush.

i like imagining red hawke

  • having trouble with being anything but earnest and direct. it comes out rough, but that’s why hawke is valued. it is honesty, sharp and truthful, the excising pain that cuts out the lies and leaves the rawness you need to see behind.
  • not being able to articulate the finer points of their feelings, instead doing favors and easing schedules without ever referring to it. no, hawke truly knows nothing about the conspicuous lack of lawbreakers in lowtown.
  • having to deal with carver’s scorn though they would probably storm minrathous alone for him. smiling a small private smile because they know him better than anyone else, because they can relate on being unable to say the things they wish they could. i’ll always love you, baby brother.
  • having to deal with bethany’s quiet understanding–though they believe they don’t deserve it. smiling a small private smile because though the rest of the world may see only The Champion, bethany always looks at what’s beneath the armor, always reminds you it’s alright to stop and breathe. thank you, beth.
  • being difficult to understand despite being so simple and unchanging in their attitude. does hawke know how to smile? would they crumble to dust and wither away if they laughed? (”probably,” varric says with a shrug).
  • having moments of vulnerability. the serious, no-nonsense, cut-and-dry champion of kirkwall visibly having difficulty refusing their LI anything. soft spots are dangerous, but hawke doesn’t mind this one. 
  • aggressively guarding their newfound family and looming over them like an overprotective judgmental vulture.
  • maintaining that they are a ruthless hero while cuddling up to their mabari.
More Mama Krul and Mika head cannons
  • Mika comes home from one of his first overseas mission and looks far more shaken up than usual and Krul comforts him n hugs because hugs are nice
  • Krul actually managing to salvage some of the Hyakuya kids drawings and other things and keep them around in case Mika wants them
  • Mika being worried about Krul because she was captured and he actually wants to rescue her because she matters alot to him he loves his mama
  • Krul getting hurt for info on the seraphs but refuses to talk because it  could make Mika a target
  • Krul taking Mika out of Sanguinem and taking him for a drive, she also teaches him how to drive .Krul may have once let Mika drive a car into Ferids section.  Krul considers Ferids shrieks a victory
  • Mika and Krul actually planning elaborate pranks on people that annoy them. Lest Karr may have once left Sanguinem with green hair and missing a good portion of his braid.
  • Mika getting his hair cut by Krul because he’s drowning in that fluff. Krul also has the best shampoos and conditioners which is why they both have great hair
  • Krul putting her headband/ crown on Mikas head for fun. He also looks really pretty with it on.
  • Krul defending Mika when other vampires make fun of him for not being a full vampire. On different news 13 vampires of Ferids section have mysteriously disappeared… I Wonder why
  • Krul telling Mika about the birds and the bees and Mika just blushes furiously, “ Son you have to be prepared for when you and Yuu do the do ”    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mika having to wake up Krul for a meeting and he enters her room and she just falls out of her hammock. Mika genuinely laughs at Krul for the first time in years and Krul decides to let it slips because Mikas laugh was nice

More Mama Krul and Mika head cannons 

Draco Malfoy Imagine: “When Pansy and Blaise get involved…”

Can I have a Draco imagine where the reader is a Slytherin and they’re pretty much best friends who have feelings for eachother and their friends kind of force them to admit it and get together?? And can it just be really fluffy n cute pls? P.s. I LOVE your writing!!

Requested by anon

Notes: slytherin reader

Slughorn had decided to organize the class in pairs to work in a potion.

“For Merlin’s pants! Could they be more obvious? Draco and y/n are making eyes at each other again!” Pansy shrieked.

Her partner, Blaise, agreed: “We have to do something, Pansy. I can’t stand another rambling about how amazing y/n is, and what beautiful hands she/he has, and how pretty her/his face looks when she/he chops the ingredients in the cauldron! It’s even worse than listening to Draco complaining about Saint Potter!”

Smirking mischievously and raising an eyebrow, Pansy asked: “I know exactly what to do…”

Blaise didn’t even stop to think about it one second: “I’m in!”

“Come on, y/n! You’re my best friend! You should do this! What could go wrong?” Pansy shouted.

“It’s a blind date, Pansy: EVERYTHING could go wrong!” you countered back. “Why did you set me up in this anyway?”

Pansy rolled her eyes and mumbled: “Valentine’s Day’s getting closer… I don’t want you to spend the day alone with chocolates and crying, like last year!”

“Hey! I didn’t do that!” you defended yourself. Pansy simply raised an eyebrow, as if saying are you really going to deny it?

“Well… Only a little! But you make it sound much worse!” you finally admitted.

Pansy grabbed your shoulders and pleaded, with a serious voice that didn’t really suit her: “Promise me you’ll give it a chance… If you don’t like him you can forget about him! But what if he’s the one? You’re going to regret it, if you choose not to go… Please, do it for me”

You pondered it and finally said: “Ok! I’ll go! But if he isn’t the one I will never talk to you again!”

Pansy rolled her eyes once again and said, sarcastically: “Sure thing, y/n”

Meanwhile, Blaise and Draco were having a similar conversation.

“Come on, mate! Just try it! Nobody else will know!” Blaise insisted.

“I don’t like this one bit, Blaise” Draco kept saying.

“Draco Malfoy, listen to me. I saved your ass on countless occasions. You owe me”

Draco wasn’t convinced: “I don’t know, Blaise…”

Blaise put his hands on his temples and massaged them, trying to remain calm. He took a big breath and finally said: “Draco, you can leave if you don’t like her/him. But give her/him a chance, will you? You may be surprised.”

Reluctantly, the platinum-haired boy agreed to the blind date, but not before threatening: “If it goes wrong, my father will hear about this, Blaise, I swear!”

When you got to the Three Broomsticks, you politely asked a staff member: “Excuse me, my friend set me up in a blind date, do you know which the reserved table is?”

“Table 13, on your left”

Ok, bad start, you thought. Out of all the tables, did it have to be the 13th? You were about to leave before any disaster could occur, when you spotted a blond boy who had his face hid behind the menu letter on table number 13. Your eyes widened. Suddenly, you didn’t want to leave anymore. Your legs started to walk towards him. When you reached the table you greeted him: “Hi! Are you my blind date?”

He let the menu go and directed his grey eyes at your y/e/c orbs.  When he recognized you, his expression showed surprise.

“Y/n?” he asked.

“The one and only. I guess Pansy set this all up…”

“Pansy set you up?” he shook his head. “Figures. Blaise did his part too… Please, take a seat”

You did as told and kept talking: “You know, I didn’t want to come at first…”

“Do you regret it?” he quickly asked.

“So far? No”

Draco’s cheeks turned bright pink and confessed: “I didn’t want to come either, but I’m glad I did. You look stunning, by the way”

You smiled as you felt the heat rise to your face. Trying to dissimulate it, you took the menu letter and covered your face with it.

“Thanks… Do you already know what you’ll ask?” you wondered.

The meal had been wonderful, and you had had such a great time with Draco; you two had always been best friends, after all. On your way to Hogwarts, he took your hand. When you finally reached the Slytherin Common Room, Pansy and Blaise were waiting for you two.

“So? Did you already confess your feelings?” Pansy asked jumping excitedly and clapping her hands.

Yours and Draco’s eyes widened in shock.

“W-what? You set it all up so that we confessed our f-feelings?” you asked bewildered.

Blaise snorted: “I told you they wouldn’t admit anything, Pansy. It’s been a waste of time!”

The slytherin girl made an angry face and shouted: “Oh no! I didn’t put so much effort for nothing! Blaise and I are fed up with this! Admit it, or I swear, I’ll steal some veritaserum and use it on you two! I don’t care if Snape catches me!”

Blaise took her arm and drew her away against her will, before anything else could happen: “Sorry guys, we just thought we were making you a favor with the blind date plan.  We’ll leave you two alone…”

When you and Draco were alone in the room, you turned towards him. He had his head down.

“D-Draco? Is it true? Do you have feelings for me?”

He raised his head and looked at you straight in the eye.

“I think I do…” he confessed.

You felt butterflies in your stomach when you heard his words. Biting your lip nervously, you dared him: “Then kiss me already, you fool!”

His grey eyes widened and as he shook his head, he mumbled: “If I kiss you I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop…”

“Let’s find out then” you whispered, already leaning into him and closing your eyes.

In that moment, he grabbed your head brusquely and pressed your back against the closest wall of the room. It turned out that he really couldn’t stop kissing you, and you truly didn’t mind it.

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I, at least want to see Reina’s aware and care about Kumiko’s issue with her sister. Like that one episode when Reina actually see Kumiko exploded and yelled at her sister, and Reina eavesdropping the conversation between Sakamoto and Mamiko. What is the purpose of those scenes if there’s no further development?? 

Just.. Kyoani, pls, if you want them as friends, make Reina at least a caring friend that will be there for you when shits happen. I see her quite selfish or even self-centred in recent episodes.

If at least this wish is granted, then i have no more problem.

satansprettyprose  asked:

I keep thinking about Tracer's Olympic skin and how a lot of runners wear flags across their backs when they win or something and how Blizzard should release a skin like that with her and the rainbow flag so people can stop erasing her super hardcore gayness.

we should get that and mccree with a rainbow flag serape. gay best friends. the straights can keep their grubby mitts off of them

ok so the little engine that couldn’t… there literally wasn’t anything I didn’t love about that episode… milo being too adorable… cavendish and dakota finally ‘confronting’ milo (and dakota being so pleasant the whole time)… more on melissa and her dad… that cat that mimicked cavendish (pls let them adopt it)… it was all too good… easily one of my favorite eps 👌👌👌

ok so i said i probably wasn’t gonna post spoilers, but i watched those spoilers posted on vgtv rampelys’ snap story (morten hegseth back at it with the skam fangirling i assume), so if you wanna discuss them with me, pls do!!! under the cut: (not very spoilery stuff, only who’s there and a bit about what the snap story said)

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@ suga-daddy-69

omg hello i remember you from the weekend with that hate mail and you proTECTED ME AWE THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THAT THAT WAS VERY SWEET OF YOU TO DO THANK YOU also I literally had no idea you write??? uhmmm like I had a read through your posts and they’re so good da fuk? I’m jealous and you’re a multi fandom writing blog????? I have so much respect for you wOW PLS GO SUPPORT HER BLOG AND REQUEST MORE NCT SHE LITERALLY ONLY HAS ONE NCT POST UHMMM NO LETS CHANGE THAT @suga-daddy-69

send me a url and i’ll tell you what i think about them💘

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how do u let someone know that you want to get to know them more and be closer to them and talk more i like this girl I think but idk how to let her know that subtlety..... pLs help me

honestly i say just go for it !! when ur talking about something that ur both interested in u could always say “hey, we should meet sometime and talk about this more !” n then if u do end up meeting up u could just subtly drop in that u enjoyed hanging with her n would love to do it again n get to know her better !! :~) xx

(shuffle&write) - 05 - YouRiko

05 •• How I needed you, Puggy

Pairing → YouRiko
Plot → Takes place after [03]. Or, how Riko tries to move on.

[01] [02] [03] [04] [06] [07]

Riko closes her eyes and takes a deep breath when her fingers curl around the door handle. She suddenly has a lump in her throat and her heartbeat painfully accelerates, but her hand refuses to open the door, just like her feet refuse to take a step forward. She chews on her lower lip, as if a single bite was going to shake her body, rouse it and eventually make it move. In vain.
But her brain seems to accept the fact that no one is going to greet her the moment she will enter the room, and she finally steps in, with a heavy heart and trembling hands.

Even if Riko knew she was not going to be here, she can’t help but feel an excruciating pain stabbing her right in the chest, slaughtering her heart in no time at all.

You isn’t here. The soft blush ornating her cheeks, the playful but innocent twinkle illuminating her sapphire eyes, the joyful smile gracing her features, … They are not here, either. There is no uniform lazily thrown on the edge of the bed. There is no half done homework left on the desk. There is no needle, no yarn ready to sew Aqours’ next outfits. The room is curiously tidy, clean -not that You’s bedroom was chaotic, there were just few things misplaced here and there sometimes.

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