more about them and her pls

Jack and Bitty’s daughter isn’t into hockey. She doesn’t like baking too much, and isn’t really fond of many sports. She doesn’t take to art like Auntie Lardo and though shes never forgotten a word Uncle Crappy’s told her she can’t really say she wants to be an activist. Not a poet like Uncle Nursey or a computer engineer like Uncle Dex

No, their daughter fell in love with history. Jack completely let it slide that his child was not a fan of hockey (not that she can’t spout immediate hockey stats and size people up on the spot, that’s just not happening in her house hold) because one, that’s his kid and he would never put his legacy on her shoulders because he knows what that feels like, but also two, he fucking loved History and the fact that his baby hit the ground running with it possibly has him in tears when she says she wants to know more

Bitty is constantly touched by the fact that two of his favourite people in the entire world will sit together for hours, enraptured by a documentary on World War II or the Indus Valley Civilization (their daughter is fascinated by ancient history while young and modern history as she gets older), curled up together and then be able to discuss it afterwards. He makes them pie for the after documentary discussion because it always ends up being a long one, and he kneads dough with his baby girl sitting on the counter telling him about ancient writings as Jack corrects and quizzes her

pls don’t make me write this I need the fic

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Honestly I'm just happy you started drawing more Rick Riordan/PJO stuff again. Haven't people learned from before??? Remember when Viria was so done with the PJO fandom after they kept pestering her with 'Why aren't you drawing more PJO?' 'Can you draw some PJO pls' Like Y'all need to be patient and stop asking the artist 'What about this character???' 'When are you doing this one??" Like please stop?? I feel annoyed and I'm not even Viria

ahah, oh god.

I can’t say I’ve reached that level of..uh..well. But it does feel kind of disheartening to constantly have people saying stuff like “where the fuck is this character”, “okay its great but where’s that character” “BUT WHAT ABOUT X CHARACTER”, like. yeah. I know you want to see them, *I* want to see them, but I have only one hand and very limited time. 

Also things like “WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE IT ITS NOT HOW I IMAGINED THEM” and “NO ITS NOT HOW THEY LOOK”, “WHY ARE THEY DRESSED LIKE THAT” etc etc…It’s completely normal to see characters differently, please remember I can’t get inside someone’s head! I try my best to follow the description and do it justice.

As for PJO, to be honest I think this job actually helped me to restore my love and tenderness I felt for the series, so. Hope it will last:”) So far I feel more joy than anything else.

Thank you for being considerate! *3*~ 

lets talk about wlw (witch loving witches) at hogwarts!! girlfriends in the same house not having to worry about the barriers not letting boys into their bedrooms bc ew boys are gross anyway! slytherin and hufflepuff girls dating and the slytherin will punch anyone who says anything homophobic to her girlfriend! ravenclaw girlfriends curling up and studying together by the fire! a slytherin girl cheering for gryffindor because her girlfriend is their seeker even though all of her friends are mad at her for not cheering for them! girls in differing houses wearing each other’s scarfs and first-years get confused and ask a ravenclaw how to get to the hufflepuff common room but she knows how anyway because she sneaks in to see her girlfriend at nights! pls add more I’ve been thinking about wlw at hogwarts all day and it’s making my heart happy!!!

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But can you imagine Allura having a really dark arc where she's learning about quintessence and how her powers but it becomes too much for her. And she has to visit Hagar in her prison cell (or wherever she is post-war) and get her advice on how to help her. I always thought their dynamic would be interesting.

Ohhhh yes, there’s a lot to explore there.

Haggar has already expressed some…horror, upon seeing herself as she once was, Honerva. Does she feel regret, guilt, anger? Does she realize that she made a huge mistake, or does she only wish she had been able to learn more? 

Furthermore, she was visibly taken aback when Zarkon reprimanded her for letting their son take the throne. While she agreed that Lotor was a terrible leader, it seems she just expected Zarkon to agree with her, rather than question her initial decision.

This is a stark contrast to their earlier interactions. Even when Haggar’s Robeasts failed in the past, as that one Galra soldier said, “the witch has his ear”, so Zarkon never directed his anger towards her. In fact, Zarkon slammed his arms down on his throne, startling Prorok, when Prorok dared to question her. 

Yet, now that he’s been revived again, even more of a shell of his former self, he’s beginning to lose that innate love for her that guided his actions in the past, whether he remembered being her husband or not. Which is…honestly really depressing. I think that’s his last tie to “humanity” (for lack of a better word), and he’s losing it. 

Haggar is already questioning herself, I think, and Zarkon losing his love for her, while she continues to love him, might push her further towards the light. 

It’s also curious that Allura specifically mentioned not being trained when Lance told her that she could save them; she could have just said she didn’t think it was possible, or something to that effect, so I think it was intentional. 

I don’t think that Haggar, Allura, and Coran are the last of the Alteans (Romelle pls), so that intrigue may not last long. However, Allura was clearly disturbed that Haggar/Honerva could betray her own people like that, so she may also just…want to know why. And why? Well, because she wanted more knowledge, which would be what Allura is seeking.

Also, it was directly after Allura made the discovery about Haggar that one of her other powers manifested itself. 

I don’t think Allura would ever become corrupted like Honerva was, but it would be interesting to see Allura struggle with that and perhaps show Haggar/Honerva that knowledge does not need to come at the expense of compassion. 

I wish harry got to know more about the marauders era so we can find out more too. imagine remus, sirius, and harry just sitting by the fireplace eating treacle tart and talking about anything but the war   

  • maybe talk about the pranks they used to pull at hogwarts 
  • and how they kept track of the amount detentions they got
  • james and sirius would always be neck-to-neck trying to get more detentions than the other 
  • and how sirius colored mcgonagall’s robes neon colors for an entire week 
  • and talk about how lily became like a sister to them 
  • she also joined in on their pranking 
  • and helped peter with his essay 
  • and how the five of them would sit around the common room laughing and talking till someone complained to mcgonagall and she came in at 2 in the morning with her hair in a messy bun wearing a neon pink robe looking like she’s about to murder them, and they just laugh even more until they’re crying 
  • telling harry the little sweet moments between james and lily 
  • and even better, getting a pensieve and showing harry all the moments the five used to have
  • so harry can know more about his parents than just the fact he looks like them

What I want from QOAAD
• resilient Ty/Kit who are ready to make their fallen third musketeer proud while simultaneously realizing their feelings for each other
• more Watson/Holmes references bc they are pure gold
• more cute scenes with Tavvy/Max/Rafael (hello parabatri!)
• Jace/Emma training together/Jace realizing Emma is right on his heels for the title of “best Shadowhunter of all time”
• Jem and Tessa realizing they should have been more present in the lives of Emma and the Blackthorns.
• Julian and Mark plotting against Jaime Rosales for his secret friendship with Dru.
• an official “I love you” to Julian from Emma (& CANON JEMMA, obviously)
• also I’m not saying Julian needs to fulfill the “Blackthorn’s have sex in every book” prophecy BUT Julian needs to fulfill the “Blackthorn’s have sex in every book” prophecy. (Preferably shower sex to keep up with the wet theme but I’m not picky)
• justice for Helen and Aline who have been screwed over and deserve better
• Aline, Cristina or Diego as head of the Los Angeles Institute (I only say Diego because it would be perfect for Zara to think she has power when we all know the Rosales brothers are planning to overthrow her)
• the quote “there is nothing more important than love, and no law higher” proving itself to be true
• Zara Dearborn’s head on a gold platter, (and by gold platter I mean Cortana)
• no more major *permanent* deaths pls
• hero Dru proving that she deserves to be taken seriously as a Shadowhunter.

What I don’t want from QOAAD
• anything major to happen to TMI/TID characters that overshadows the plot (aka wedding, death, pregnancy, etc. This story is not about them).
• irredeemable anti-hero Julian: the young Blackthorn’s have no one and need him.
• any disrespect to Livia Blackthorn’s memory
• more Julian/Emma angst…(we got two whole books of it already, not including CoHF and TFTSA I mean c'mon)
• canon kitty relationship (don’t fight me they’re getting their own series & we have so much time)
• powerful cohort (it reflects American politics/conservatism so much and I just want to believe that life in books is better)
• Emma and Jules being forced to choose between their parabatai bond and being in love

The fact that like…basically every single one of the lesbians (and a solid amount of the other queer folks, esp girls) that watch skam believe that vilde is a lesbian proves so much about her. The amount of lesbian girls who can relate to her, who see themselves in her and even the other wlw who see the bits of themselves that like girls reflected in vilde is so indicative of how many characteristics and habits she shares with them. The fact that her compulsive heterosexuality and dissatisfaction with boys and overcompensation and much more is so obvious and so relatable to so many lesbians goes to show not only how much the world needs more lesbian characters, but also how much of a lesbian vilde is. And the fact that her obvious admiration of Eva and her fixation on Noora possibly being queer and her thoughts on Isak and Eskild are so commonly talked about by the many other wlw in this community (and even mlm) is another indicator of how gay she is. Just the sheer amounts of queer folks who see themselves in Vilde should be proof enough that she’s a lesbian, and even if she isn’t, it’s proof that she should be.


Me and @qookyquiche made some BNHA OC’s~!! Seikikeijo Haakuma belongs to Quiche and Yurenoki Yuki belongs to me. ( ^ u ^ ) See captions + read more if you’re interested in learning more about them~

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I really love the idea of simple misunderstandings for the sake of humor and stuff, so anyways pls imagine everyone in the bureau of balance becoming slowly more aware of Kravitz’s existance but not being able to find out exactly who he is

Carey and Killian start playing a game called “preference or powerful” b/c they’ve met Kravitz a couple times and have seen the kind of clothes he wears and Carey’s convinced it’s because he’s just a weird goth man. Killain thinks something about Kravitz rubs her the wrong way and that he’s probably more powerful then he seems, but because he never actually told them his name and b/c he doesnt use his accent at the BoB they havent figured out that he’s kravitz

Carey enlists magnus and angus into the game but magnus has never actually seen Kravitz around so all he has is second hand descriptions that have led him to believe Taako’s dating the Strangest Man Alive. Meanwhile, Angus has everything figured out pretty quickly, but he’s not really sure if he sound say anything.  Merle has seen Kravitz, but everytime he has, he just assumes it’s a BoB employee he doesn’t know about, and therefore doesn’t care.

Avi & No3113 both see Kravitz turn into a skeleton at one point but Avi just stares for a second and goes “well this is not my problem” and decides to never mention it. No3113 told Carey and Killian eventually but she feels bad about it b/c she thinks she’s chosing Killian’s side.

Meanwhile, Johann and Leon are trying not to get sucked into the game.Johann’s met Kravitz once and they had a very small bonding session that was basically just Kravitz going “hey i know shit about music” so he’s convinced Kravitz is like, the best person ever. Leon doesn’t want to talk about anything related to Taako, which includes his boyfriend.

everyone agrees not to tell the director because she has enough to worry about without someone telling her a stranger keeps showing up on the base

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fic about max and el becoming best friends pls

She finds them, like so many things, in the space underneath the floor boards.

She swipes her hand on the wheels and stares at they spin. Hop keeps saying he’ll teach her how to ride a bike but he’s always busy too. These look more manageable than the bike, even if they have more wheels. She shoves her feet into them and ties them up, staggering along the floor slowly. It’s a strange but not entirely unpleasant feeling, even if a lot of it is pushing herself from the chair to the table and back again. Then into Hop when he comes home.

“Where’d you find those old things?” he asks.

“Down there,” she says pointing beneath her feet. She thinks he might yell but he just makes that huffing sound. When he’s upset but also amused. Like an emotional compromise. “I can put them back,” she volunteers.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says, “someone should enjoy them.”

She does.

Fast forward months later and she gets a day out. One day, when Hop checks with everyone that it’s not too risky but says it’ll be a while before she can do it again. Maybe another half a year, maybe not until it’s completely safe. She nearly breaks her neck throwing everything she can think of that’s important into her backpack before Hop drives her over to the Byers house. Jonathan still looks like he hasn’t slept in months but he smiles when he sees her.

“Nice skates,” he says.

“Thank you,” she whispers back before he steps aside so she can go inside.

The guys all beam when they see her, then they all collapse together yelling over each other about everything. She scrambles to upend her book bag, showing them the things that she brought. No-one gets a word in edge wise and it’s not until she looks around that she realizes her skates are missing. She goes into the kitchen to see Max hunched over them. For a moment all the rage is back but Max’s head pops up and she puts them on the table with a flourish.

“There,” she says, “I fixed the toe stop, it’ll be easier to brake. It was too long before.”

“The what?” El asks.

“Toe stop,” Max repeats and then taps the long piece on the front, “this thing. So you can stop.”

“I just hold the chair,” El mutters.

“What’s gonna happen when you go outside?” Max asks. It’s a good question, one she doesn’t have an answer to. Max picks up the skates, grabs her wrist and pulls her outside. “put them on,” she says.

She shows El a bunch of new positions to put her feet in, how to push off and how to turn. Eleven follows as best she can, but a part of her is aware of just how old the skates are. Max gives her hand a tug and when she tries to turn, something in them comes loose and the two girls wind up on top of each other as one of the wheels flies off.

“Shit, sorry!” Max says as Eleven stares at her skates, “I bet we can fix them.”

“El—El!” She looks up as Mike comes running towards her.

“Her skates broke,” Max says.

“Shit,” Dustin sighs, “that’s rough.” Mike unlaces them and helps her up.

“Are you okay?” he asks and she nods first.

“My skates broke,” she repeats. Mike nods. “I need new skates.”

“Damn right you do,” Lucas agrees, “we gotta tell Mrs. Byers.”

The others run inside but Mike stays outside with her and gets his bike. They’re both bigger but she still fits if they sit carefully, arms wrapped tight around his middle. She buries her face in his shoulder blades and smiles when he lets go of one of the handles to give her hand a squeeze. The ride is perfect as they get to the shop Max leads them too.

“Hey MadMax,” the guy behind the counter says and she gives a nod to him, “you hanging with the two-wheelers now?”

“As if,” she rolls her eyes, throwing an arm around Eleven’s shoulders, “this chick needs some roller-skates.”

With Max’s help she gets laced into a pair of bright red skates, with wheels and laces the color of Eggos. Max shows her how to adjust the toe stop. These ones fit perfectly. Like they were made for her feet. El can’t stop marveling at them as she carefully pushes her way out of the shop. The boys all cheer when they see her.

Max helps her skate most of the way home.

She holds onto the back of Mike’s bike for the rest.

“You did a good job,” Mike tells her when they get back to the Byers house, “and your skates are really cool.”

El blushes all the way up to her hair.

It’s a week before someone knocks on the cabin door. She skids towards it but Hop beats her there, opening it and looking confused at the person the other side. El knows that it isn’t Mike just from that, but she’s surprised to see Max standing there.

“Kid what are you—“

“My name’s not kid, it’s Max,” she snaps, “can El come out skating?”

“No, no she can’t come out skating,” Hop says, “this is a secret—she is a secret. You aren’t supposed to be here.”

“I’m not,” Max says rolling her eyes, “I’m hanging out with my brother.”

Hop blanches and El wonders what that means. Hop shakes his head and lifts his elbow, permitting Max entry. El steps back and Max frowns at the action, surveying the cabin instead. El doesn’t see a skateboard on her. She’s not upset about Max being there when her skate broke, but she’s not exactly wanting to risk it happening again. Finally Max looks at her and then holds up a pair of bright blue skates.

“Let’s practice turning,” she says, “help me move the table.”

They push the furniture back and Max shows her a new way to lace up her skates. El does her best to copy Max’s movements, her fingers feeling clumsy. They both get to their feet and Max shows her how to turn quickly. Then how to move at the speed you want to move, instead of just shoving yourself forward as hard as you can. Eleven practices everything Max shows her religiously, trying to copy the other girl’s movements as best she can. She learns how to spin, though Hop forbids anything like jumping in the house.

“Why don’t you make her Eggo Surprise?” he says one day as they’re eating dinner.

“Why?” El asks.

“To say thank you for showing you all this stuff,” Hop says. El considers this and nods.

Hop’s jumping rule gets broken in record time.

The first day of school, real school, she makes Hop drop her off well away so she can skate in. She’s spent a year dreaming of doing this. She waits for the wave of euphoria to hit her.

“Nice skates!” She spins and stops on a dime as Max rolls up to her on her board. The red head glides past her and El puts on a burst of speed. They race towards the main building. They’ve talked about racing but the space has been limited. She glances over at Max who sticks her tongue out, “heads up!”

El turns and stops right in front of Mike’s converse. His eyes widen in surprise and what she hopes is admiration. From Max’s whistle she knows it’s impressive. Then someone shoves past her, rocking her forward on her toe stops and Mike’s arms instantly bad around her waist, keeping her off her ankles. She turns but they’re already moving into the crowd. Like nothing happened. No one is hunting her, they don’t know she could kill them with a thought. And Mike’s arms are still locked around her waist.

“Are you okay?” He asks and she nods, still surprised at this turn of events, “okay good, lean on me.”

She leans on him as she undoes her skates, swapping them for her shoes. Max taught her how to tie the laces together and she slings them over her shoulder as they all race up the steps towards the building. She gets her locker and hangs her skates carefully inside, locking it tightly behind her before running off to join her friends.

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CR Sense8 what if one of the twins is born, but doesn't breathe, and whilst one nurse or doctor is trying to get it to breathe the other one is born and takes it first breath and the second that happens the other one starts to breathe aswell.

@fridge246 suggested the same thing and I love it! Like they were waiting for the other, wouldn’t start breathing without them. I suppose it was Vax who was first, because of course he was.

Otherwise, I’ve got:

  • Percy is some sort of Eastern European aristocracy, and already has ties to BPO because they had something to do with the murder of his entire family. He doesn’t know that yet, but he will.
  • Pike is a pint-sized young woman in a tiny village somewhere in South America, struggling internally with her faith as she struggles externally with her grandfather’s ailing health and also probably drug lords
  • I lowkey wanna say Grog is Turkish? something MENA. Dealing w/ his uncle’s gang, or trying no to; for a living, he boxes/wrestles/fights in rings with no rules except that the victor gets the money.
  • Keyleth is the hacker. Or, Keyleth is a young woman whose life and education has been geared towards one day taking over her family’s environmental technology company, and to de-stress, she plays WoW  and messes around on the computer. Including, like, getting good enough to hack into most major governments, with enough time.
  • she also might be Australian, just ‘cuz a) accent b) representation of all continents, and c) please imagine Australian!Kiki. She’d also enjoy hiking, and be kind to even the lethalest spiders.
  • Scanlan is a hit singer/songwriter living in LA, in the process of finding out that he suddenly has a) seven people around the world to whom he is intimately connected on every level, and b) a daughter, by a girl he didn’t know he got pregnant in high school back in the middle of nowhere, Idaho
  • Tiberius! I have clue what the modern equivalent of Draconia is (I’m…tempted to say Washington DC, but really we need some country that’s isolationist, elitist, wracked with fundamental civil rights problems…oh, wait!) (No, seriously, something in Africa, maybe? That’s underrepresented. Broad, I know) He’s a grad student, and the son of some significant politician.
  • Vex and Vax are Japanese, mostly ‘cuz I want the Clasp to be represented by the Yakuza. You know the drill: shit father, ran away from home, mother died, Vax got involved with urban organized crime while Vex flirted and bargained and spent as much time as possible in the dwindling countryside and small city parks. I think Vax is in jail for most of this.
  • if someone’s gonna get nearly lobotomized, I’m torn between it being Keyleth, escaping with Kash and Zahra’s help (they’re in her WoW guild) and running away into the outback, or Tiberius, escaping with Allura and Kima’s help (it turns out that even when your crush turns out to be lesbian and not interested in you, she can still be literally the best friend.) (and Kima’s always wanted to stage a jailbreak.)
  • when someone gets caught by BPO, it’s absolutely Vex, and Percy who goes after her. Because the aesthetic of Percy singlehandedly storming a secure research facility, coat flaring, gun firing these are the people who have haunted his nightmares for years, and it’s time to confront them. Because maybe he’s just geographically closest to where they take her (Siberia?). Because everyone working together to convince Percy to not just storm in and shoot people - Keyleth hacks the security system, Scanlan flirts with a nurse for Vex’s room number, Grog takes the guards out quietly, Pike knows the medicine to wake Vex up and get her moving, Tiberius is on back-up googling duty for all random things, particularly navigation for escape, and knows even more about explosives than Percy. Vax got them there in the first place, found out where they’d taken her, by finally agreeing to turn state’s evidence in return for this one favor. It has to be Percy who goes, because Vax is in custody and no one else is as close, and because Dr. Ripley will smile as she meets his eyes through the glass of the elevator.
Ruined - Sherlock x reader

A/N: Omg, I’m so sorry for taking so long with this guys!! I promise I’ll be more active from now on! As always, enjoy X3

Requested by anon: Hey can you pls do a fic for Sherlock x reader where the reader is having a hard time forgetting about this lover who never loved her back, could maybe Sherlock help her look past that lover in anyway idk , thankx

Word count: 2863
Warnings: none

Originally posted by loki-kili-feels

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do you have any 2D head canons .... pls.... I need more 2D head canons....

wow this started off really angsty im sorry

2D has hit murdoc only once before. It was during plastic beach, when tensions were high and the air was uncomfortable. The two of them were arguing about cyborg noodle, 2D saying something about how creepy she is and how he reminds her too much of noodle, how its too much for him to handle. murdoc, obviously drunk, slurs something about how noodle was dead and needed to be replaced, shes dead, useless, never coming back and shes DEAD and 2D sees red. He raises his hand and slaps murdoc hard across the face (goals), screaming at him about how she was their sister, their fucking family, you dont say that shit about your fucking family. murdocs so shocked he doesnt react at first, but after the shock flows away he’s on top of 2D in seconds and nearly beats him to death! fun times

Mostly during phase one, him and noodle would draw a lot. Especially during bad days; noodle not getting any sleep because of nightmares she cant remember, 2D having a slow day where his head feels like electricity and everything is too much. When they finished, they would hang their art all around kong studios. He still has a bunch of drawings she made for him stashed in his room.

He responds to every fan letter he receives. every single one

2D is constantly humming. he could be taking a shit in a public bathroom and still be humming along to some song he heard on the radio.

fidget spinner GOD (mainly joking but like…lets be real)

he likes taking candid pics of the band members, but not really of murdoc bc hes an ugly mofo

has a huge keychain collection that he adds to whenever the band tours somewhere new he buys one from that city

he gets high and watches the discovery channel way too much, sometimes russ joins him and they smoke and chill together

whenever he sees a dog he becomes determined to pet it, king of dogs

he can fit 32 grapes in his mouth

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lena liking to mark her lovers is my favorite thing though?? like one time kara blows out her powers and so lena is actually Able to leave scratches and hickies and both of them love it


i’m so Shook n lena would be even more shook. she’d take that opportunity to leave a mark Everywhere.

but since she’s so used to not being careful about how rough she is, kara is like lena pls chill babe i can actually feel the Pain this time askdhfjasd n lena would place gentle kisses on every bite mark n scratch that she made.

  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Hayley Kiyoko has written multiple songs about loving girls that, unlike the work of other artists I've grown up listening to, don’t rely on fetishising them for the purpose of men in order to appeal to a general audience. She has also featured a trans woman in her recent video, who has a cute and happy ending. It makes me so happy that young girls will grow up hearing these songs, especially from a former Disney star, and hopefully know that they are not wrong or just there to please men. That they can think that girls are pretty and want to be with them and that this is okay. Young trans girls will see that they can have happy endings, that they can meet people who care about them. That they can form positive relationships. I hope this continues with other celebrities. I hope more girls are growing up and loving who they love. I hope they’re loving themselves. They deserve that. They should always deserve that.

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Hey I am really confused about the new album so can u help me? So 4 mini albums are gonna be released right? L, O, V And E So are the album covers only gonna be different or the entire song list is gonna be different? And what is a hidden track? Rapmon has a hidden track in that album but what does that mean?

When groups release different versions of the same album, it means you will get the same tracks in all of them. What’s different is the packaging, the photos and the goodies that come with the album. For example, the poster will be different. If you look for instance at Wings it also came in 4 versions. The photo book differs in each one of them. W = Jin + group- I = V + Hobi - N = Suga + Jimin - G = Jungkook + RM. For “Love Yourself HER” it comes in 4 versions L.O.V.E so you can expect the same thing. 

+ A hidden track is when a song is placed after another track (usually, but not necessarily, the last track on the album), following a long period of silence. It’s like a hidden song in the CD. BTS 길 Road/Path was a hidden track was a hidden track

For more info about BTS Love Yourself HER, pls visit HERE

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pre-dating HCs on how Gladion reacts when he realizes he's in love?

I’ve done this one in GIF form but alright. I’ll try. 


  • let’s be totally honest with each other here
  • he would not realise this on his own
  • poor baby doesn’t know how to emotions
  • ANYWAY, it’s highly likely that a lot of people would have to hint it to him before he deems it Relevant Information.
  • And even then, I don’t think he’d flip out.
  • He’d compartmentalise them as best he can most likely and try to introspect about it before facing you.
  • The moment he sees you though!!!
  • “Anyone seen my sanity? I think I lost it.”
  • You’d probably be weirded out because his grammar is all wrong and he’s saying stuff that isn’t part of your conversation.
  • Meanwhile, Gladion is trying to figure out why Gladion exe is shutting down.
  • “Silvally’s behaviour is normal and nothing is out of the ordinary.”
  • “Umm, so, he’s doing alright?”
  • “Affirmative.”
  • He sounds like a robot, it’s the only way he doesn’t slip up and use the wrong words.
  • You find it cute though, it makes you laugh.
  • he loves your laugh
  • He deliberately talks more like a robot sometimes to make you laugh.
  • Anyway, after those weird exchanges he starts looking for help.
  • Help actually comes in the form of Lillie.
  • He asked but wow um Gladion we had the same mother.
  • Neither of them can identify love, I think Lillie can understand parental love and love for a child but this is out of her level of expertise. 
  • She phones Burnet about it though!
  • Burnet basically sits him down at Lillie’s request and tells him about how he met Fukui probably. 
  • “So how does this help me?” 
  • Burnet pls he needs bullet points, a love for dummies guide tbh.
  • “[Y/N] makes you happy?”
  • “Yes”
  • “Makes you want to be better?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Makes you want to protect them?”
  • “Yes, yes. All of that. I can’t stop thinking of them or how they’re doing or what. I can’t get [Y/N] out of my head and when I see them my brain won’t let my mouth say words. Can you help me?”
  • Burnet is so happy for him ahhhh it’s like a soap opera but in real life.
  • “You’re in love with them.”
  • At this point, everyone who speaks to him tells him it’s love.
  • He works v hard not to make it obvious and act normally.
  • Still stutters sometimes.
  • Look, you’ll have to make the first move.