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I’ve mentioned before that I don’t care for much of the Space Spanish trend (Swedish actress = hundreds of thousands of words of headcanons, Latin American actor = Google Translate).

But if you are going to do it, a whole ton of interesting questions do crop up.

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anonymous asked:

hi.. I’m not neurotypical, but i’m very afraid of being ableist (especially to other neurodivergents), especially because being unintentionally ableist has already ruined a very important friendship of mine. Do you have any advice about how to avoid being unintentionally ableist?

well ur asking the wrong person but it really depends what you said?

if you just used a word like “stupid/crazy” then it’s up to the person you’re talking to to make it clear they don’t want the word used around them.

By the way you type you don’t sound like someone who says the r slur or makes jokes in bad taste so just realise that no matter what you do, you’re always going to make some sort of mistake. I could give you all the advice in the world, you could follow it to the word and still say something ableist unintentionally. 

I think if anyone is bothered by something you say unintentionally, just say it was unintentional and try to move on. There’s not point telling people what to and what not to find offensive, if you are friends with someone and you care about them and you happen upon this disagreement and you know you only said something minor (e.g. “this headcanon is stupid”) then you’ve got to assess the situation, ask yourself if your conversational partner is worth talking to (for your mental health, assess this on the way they react to the MINOR thing you’ve said e.g. have they pointed out they’re uncomfortable or have they just cut to yelling at you?) and then after that either work it out or decide they aren’t worth the effort.

it’s always good to ask for opinions from ppl you trust too? If you have a friend who’s  unbiased and will tell you if you’ve fucked up then ask them, that’s literally all you can really do. 

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This is less of a question & more of just something to add to the whole "Touka's irrelevant" claim. Not only did she help in the Cochella raid arc, but she also saved Shuu from those investigators after the Rose arc, who then went on to Rue to save Naki. Without her, Kaneki likely would not have the White Suits under his rule, nor would he have his right hand man to take over as he went on to the Lab. Honestly, she's been integral to Kaneki's success in becoming the One Eyed King in my opinion.

You're a Dream Come True (Except I Never Had Dreams Like You)

“I had a dream about you,” Cloud says, but it’s more like a question than a statement. He’s stopped walking, trailing a few feet behind as he looks down at his hands. There’s the slightest lift in the tone of his voice that would be unnoticeable to anyone who didn’t know him well.

“Why do you sound unsure?” Sephiroth asks when Cloud lapses back into silence. He tries to make eye contact and see the answer for himself, but Cloud is studying the buster sword as if he had had a dream about it.

“Because you were still there when I woke.” Cloud looks up to meet Sephiroth’s gaze at last, his blue eyes thoughtful. “Strange, to dream about what you already have.”

He shrugs as if it’s not worth worrying about anymore, shoulders his sword and starts walking again. He has a slight smile on his face, a look that only recently replaced his blank frown as his default expression.

It’s convenient for Sephiroth that he and Cloud are accustomed to and comfortable with silence, because he honestly doesn’t know what to say in response to such a heartfelt admission. So he just takes Cloud’s hand, and squeezes you’ll always have me into the blonde’s very fingerprints instead.

(some fluffy Sefikura to cheer you up, sunshine! I’m not well versed in the ship though so hopefully it’s still good <3)

I have compiled a list of all the things my students have said to me within the past few weeks:

  • “I just wanna sleep in Maui’s hair”
  • “His name….is Scourge Mcgee” *while pointing at a pokemon I drew*
  • “Did you know your mouth could breath??”
  • “I wanna flush a toilet someday.”
  • “My pants are screaming again!”
  • “I wanna hire Ursala to steal Ariana Grande’s voice”
  • “Twirl the fingers and you shall gain limitless knowledge”
  • “Meme’s are life”
  • “Pizza is my passion”
  • “Blackberries eat bees?”
  • “I wish I was 100 years old so I could become a wizard”
  • “Naruto ruined anime for me”

I am left with more questions than answers

Before speaking of psychology we must be clear to whom it refers and to whom it does not refer,” he said.  "Psychology refers to people, to men, to human beings.  What psychology" (he emphasized the word) “can there be in relation to machines?  Mechanics, not psychology, is necessary for the study of machines.  That is why we begin with mechanics.  It is a very long way yet to psychology.”
     “Can one stop being a machine?” I asked.
     “Ah! That is the question,” said G.  “If you had asked such questions more often we might, perhaps, have got somewhere in our talks.  It is possible to stop being a machine, but for that it is necessary first of all to know the machine.  A machine, a real machine, does not know itself and cannot know itself.  When a machine knows itself it is then no longer a machine, at least, not such a machine as it was before.  It already begins to be responsible for its actions.”
     “This means, according to you, that a man is not responsible for his actions?”  I asked.
     “A man” (he emphasized this word) “is responsible.  A machine is not responsible.
—  In Search of the Miraculous

anonymous asked:

Personally (im the one who sent the previous ask) I think that having her be drafted after the third year would be interesting because she could (theoretically) be drafted anywhere and that would be an unknown that they would have to face. Would she be drafted away from Clarke or near her? How will they deal with Lexa moving on in the next stage of life while Clarke is still in college? plus many more questions

Ikr it’s such a goldmine for angst lmao 😂

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"Aw, what? What are you doing answering questions like this if your voice is hoarse? Shoo, shoo, go get some rest. >:c <3"

CADDY BREWER! You should be being in bed, your voice is terribly like the horse!!”

Go on, be going to bed right now!

Y-yes dear! Right away dear! S-sorry, dear…

Cupcake…I just am wanting you to be being better. You up and answering questions is just being bad for you, you should be knowing better. 

I love you Cuppincake…I will be letting you know if there are more questions in the morning, okay??

A-alright, Wingdin. I’ll get an early night and, eh, see how I am in the morning. Goodnight, everyone.

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