Headcanon that Izuku never stopped taking notes and filling notebook after notebook with information about the heroes he encounters. Even though he may be an aspiring hero now, it’s a habit, born out of his natural curiosity and his life-long longing to become like his heroes.

His classmates notice how Izuku can often be seen bent over his notes, scribbling away furiously while muttering to himself. But when they ask him what he’s doing, Izuku just blushes, covers his notes with both hands or stuffs them into his bag, mumbling a hasty excuse and changes the subject.

Since they live together at the dorms now, its inevitable that the children learn more about each other. Little secrets, habits… Like Kouda owning a pet bunny, Iida keeping spare glasses and Tokoyami’s true edginess.

And one day, Izuku leaves one of his notebooks lying around where the others find it.

Of course, a few of the children are far too curious for their own good. Finally, they have the chance to learn a bit more about Midoriya - because even though Izuku is a great friend and a little sunshine, he doesn’t talk much about himself.


Even though a few - like Uraraka and Yayorozu - protest, the others decide to read through the notebook.

Their initial excitement vanishes as they skim through the first pages. A few pages later, all of class 1-A have gathered around the notebook, looking over each other’s shoulders to see.

Izuku had taken notes about them. Detailed notes about each of his classmates and his teachers.


The children are speechless about it. Normally, it would be strange or unsettling when someone takes detailed notes about a person without that person knowing. But this notebook… There is so much work and love put into it. The sketches tell of love for the detail and great observation skills, while the notes next to those sketches speak about the adoration and admiration Izuku holds for his classmates and his teacher.


The children are not unsettled or angry because of the notebook.

They are touched by it.

It is Tsuyu who points out that there is one hero that is not to be found in the notebook.

And the class 1-A decides that they have to finish the notebook.

It takes them a few days. They are not as used or skilled at this as Izuku, and they are twenty people who first have to agree on what they do before they actually do it.

Eventually, after discussing about it, the children let their teacher in on it, too.

All Might spits blood and almost cries at the sight of the notebook, while Aizawa just stares at it, trying not to show any emotion.

Both of them agree to help.


(Izuku, all the while, is distressed because he can’t find his precious notes. The other try to calm him down, promising to help him look for it before they distract him.)

After their work is done, the whole class gathers in the living room one morning. They drag Toshinori - who insists that they did the most work and he did next to nothing so they should do this without him - and Aizawa with them. Izuku is out, doing his laps around the house like he does every morning.

When he comes back, he startles at the sight of twenty-two people waiting in the living room. He greets them with a crooked smile, intending to walk past them and to the bathroom to take a shower, but his friends call him back because they want to show him something.

As Izuku shuffles into the room, his friends instantly push the long-missed notebook into his hands, grinning excitedly at him.

Izuku blinks in confusion, then realization. In quick succession, he goes from embarrassment that his notebook had been seen by them all over to confusion as to why they had hidden it from him the last few days.

His classmates grin at each other, before Kirishima explains, “We had to add something in there.”

“You… you added something to my notes?!” Izuku doesn’t know if he should be shocked or even a bit angry. He skims through the pages, trying to find the changes his friends had made.

When he reaches the last few pages of the book, all breath leaves him. He stares, and stares, unable to understand what he sees there in front of him.


In big, bold letters, the title of the pages reads Midoriya Izuku.

Underneath and continuing on the next pages, there are crooked sketches – not as good as his, but done with love – of Izuku in different positions and outfits. A few photo had been added – Izuku recognizes the ones All Might had taken of him during their ten months of training.

And there are notes, notes over notes, observations they others had made while with him, comments of what they think about him. All of it is detailed and entirely positive, telling stories of how high their meaning of Izuku is.

Izuku is still staring silently, his brain had shut down at some point, screeched to an abrupt halt.

There is some shuffling, whispering and nudging, and finally, Toshinori speaks up – pressured by the children and Aizawa to do so. He clears his throat and explains, “Your friends… no, we figured that your notes were, in fact, incomplete.”


Izuku looks up at him, eyes wide and unbelieving.

Toshinori smiles at him, a beaming smile that even surpasses that of his All Might-persona. “You forgot one of the greatest heroes. We couldn’t just leave it like that, no?”

That’s the moment where Izuku breaks down and starts crying. Tears of happiness stream down his face as he clutches the notebook to his chest and says “Thank you, thank you so much” over and over, not knowing at whom he should address his thanks first out of all of them.

There is some shouting and then laughter as his friends surge forward to try and calm Izuku down, patting him on the back, hanging onto his arms and pulling him into tight hugs. Ruffling his hair and telling him that it’s okay, they had fun doing it.


“Don’t cry,” they tell him, soothingly.

“Yeah, smile for us, Izuku.”

And Izuku does, still sniffling and teary-eyed and the notebook almost crumpling in his tight grip, but he beams at them in that unique way that makes everyone smile back.

It’s most likely the best present they could have ever given him.

wholling73  asked:

What's your favourite way to describe eye colour? I'm getting bored of brown, blue, and green.

more-legit here

I think the key is to think of it less in terms of eye colour and more in terms of relationships.

Legit wrote a tip about “unusual” eye colours a while back that I think is relevant here. In this case, eye colour is indicative of a character’s relationship to others. It’s less important to know that Harry Potter’s eyes are vivid green than it is to know he has his mother’s eyes. Less important to know Edward Cullen’s eyes are “topaz” than knowing it means he has made a choice to not hurt humans, and that this choice they all made is what makes him and the other Cullens a family.

The second thing is: noticing somebody’s eye colour is indicative of a certain level of intimacy. Try and think of acquaintances’ eye colours. Unless there is something particularly noticeable about their eyes (I can still remember an old classmate’s eyes, though I barely ever spoke to him because his eyes were a very striking light blue with deep golden flecks in it.), chances are you can’t. However you might know the eye colour of people you have a strong relationship to: your parents, your children, your significant other, your best friend.

So think about eye colour description as an act of intimacy (not necessarily romantic intimacy, mind you). Maybe your character is a mother examining her baby’s eyes for a resemblance with her own or her partner’s. Maybe your character is stealing glances at their new lover’s, finding their eyes beautiful, but not yet daring to stare into them. Maybe they are two friends sharing a moment of deep connection as they share intimate details of their lives,

Simple adjectives of blue, green, brown, black, won’t seem so dull when they come up in these contexts rather than in a generic description of “ a young girl entered the room. She had brown hair and blue eyes.” Instead hold off that description a while. The girl enters. The POV character will notice she’s young and has brown hair. Later, the POV character might get to know her better. And maybe they’ll get close enough that they will notice her eye colour.


Some things that need to be cleared up about That Night and the Dollhouse before PLL ends

  • Alison got threatened, attacked and had to run away and at the same time, Sara aka another popular queen bee was kidnapped into the Dollhouse and forced to cooperate for like YEARS
  • The Dollhouse was ready when Sara got there, who built it? It couldn’t have been anyone the Liars’ age because they were fifteen at the time
  • Was Alison supposed to be in the Dollhouse all that time? Why? And why did they take Sara in stead? 
  • They kept Sara in The Yellow Top™️ all those years, they made Mona look like Ali, as she was dressed That Night, WHY?
  • Why did they make the Liars reenact Melissa and Jason’s prom?
  • Why did Garrett pretend to kill Alison and then proceeded to steal a part of the autopsy report? Who was he covering for?
  • Who was Melissa talking to That Night if it wasn’t Charlotte?
  • What exactly was on those NAT videos that could destroy everyone’s lives including the DiLaurentis family? What is on that footage?

Enzo Busquets’ baptism | 26.08.2016

Yesterday Elena Galera and Sergio Busquets organise their son’s baptism. After celebration at church, their family and friends went to La Cupula Garraf restaurant to eat special dinner. Among invited were Sergio Busquets’ teammates from FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Ivan Rakitic, Andres Iniesta with partners and children.

on the third years and love

and here we are again, after another heart-wrenching episode. There are a lot of things I want to talk about, here – parallels, predictions, confirmed theories, but most importantly love.

Love has always been at the core of this series – after all, it’s called Love Live. Which is why this episode has hit us all so strongly, really. But I’d like to dig a little deeper into the why and the how of things.

I’ll jump to the heart (heh) of things to begin with, where probably all of you are most interested. This episode was filled with the substance that makes up the relationship between Kanan and Mari, and finally we get to see all that foreshadowing and secret keeping unfold into its inevitable conclusion.

more under the cut, and like always, spoilers up till episode 9.

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