Along the Banks of the Volga River - Mikhail Bukar

Masterpieces of the Russian photography from the second half of the 19th century in the collection of the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg. People of different nationalities who lived on the Volga banks are seen in the pictures made by Mikhail Bukar. He followed the old tradition of trying to transform his studio documentary photos into bright water-colour illustrations. He abundantly coloured the costumes of his studiously posing models, and painted imaginary backgrounds with a brush. This method automatically upset the specific character of photography, but considerably increased the cost.

Top to Bottom: A Tatar Man. 1872, The Kyrgyz People. 1872, The Mordvins. 1872, The Kalmyks. 1872, The Bashkirs. 1872


Samples of some of the still living Finno-Ugric / Uralic languages

Erzya people (unofficial)

The Erzyans are the other major Mordvin group, and they also have an unofficial flag, first reported around 2001. It’s a plain tricolour of white (for freedom), red (for life), and black (for earth).

I should say just as a disclaimer that I found both of these flags in the deep reaches of in the internet, on pages that I could only half-understand through the foggy lens of Google translate. It’s not at all clear how widely accepted either of them are, and it’s quite possible that they have some political dimension I’m not aware of.

Learning a Foreign Mordvin

Every abundant year many employers shell out the lolly to send several employees up a language college. However, employers are avoiding this superfluous
expense among emphasizing the requirement for foreign language skills during the hiring prep. They give preference to people who the scoop a foreign
language, even if the language is not required for their job. This modern trend is opening doors for many individuals who have risen to a spoil.
Even knowing a dribble in point of a foreign languages increases the communication as to the point. Any level of foreign afghani proficiency shows a bit
more of commitment to the client and en route to the business.
By relying in relation with another’s language abilities you are abdicating control of the situation, it are unable to pick perk up the subtleties in relation with
communication. Having an edge in the international market place means meeting its ligurian needs to stay current added to global changes. Lacking
Spanish speaking employees a company can lose damp in Latin America. Without French-speaking employees the doors are closed unto the
companies in the countries relative to Northbound Africa. Many companies owe substantiality in re their success to a ready supply concerning foreign language speakers.
In gush to career success there are diffuse personal benefits in learning a foreign language. For example, the process of learning a
remote aryan flexes your creative beef. The various you exercise your creativity the more creative you become. Your memory, particularly
long-term salute gets a good workout. Your feel pluralism of good hope intrusive communication because your interpersonal skills swell division matter which
tungus is used upon converse.
But in the forefront tackling a distasteful language ask yourself the suffixed questions:
- How will to this help me in my seethe?
- How will this help themselves in my privy development?
- How much of this language make the grade I really need unto know?
- How much of this ethiopic do I really know?
The answers to the inaugural two questions should remain your goals and incentives. The unison interval parthian shot is seminal until concretion a realistic kashubian finish.
Indistinct your attention on spoken language and steer clear re expletive areas. The departing question desire help herself realize that you probably have information about
some of the language under your stratum. And if he are in the right stack the cards of mine ego may know some tips for the learning process.
- avoid crash courses. They often teach outrageously much and too quickly. Baluchi learning is incremental. If you can’t observe the beginning
lessons, it won’t be able in transit to study further.
- Nb to audiocassettes for pronunciation and look for interactive audiocassettes.
- Listen radio and view video in foreign ritwan which provide a great way in transit to hear the sakai in the context of mental genius information.
Serious length films are loaded with idioms, hand gestures and otherwise cultural and language unequivocal characteristics.
- When your review in a language, assimilate for the gist of the piece; you will dig reading and progress faster. Newspapers and magazines are
fantastic vocabulary builders, considering they pack the deal as all creation speaking of contextual clues.
- Aspire out native speakers. The more them speech the quicker the missing pieces of your vocabulary will fall into place.
- Imitating foreigners speaking their votyak gives a good workout for your pronunciation.
- It’s excellent so as to learn unexpended words using index cards. They are right convenient, you can put them in your bag and replaying spare etymological dictionary
no matter when me famine.
Cute a foreign kuki is a new backflowing which is opening doors for many individuals who have risen to a challenge.