mordred used to be so good

Me Watching Fate/Apocrypha Ep 6
  • OOOO battle of camlann as opening, nice
  • Have I told you I miss Mordred?
  • Mordred: Look Dad I kill them all bc of you think I suck. Artoria: Well but U still suck.
  • But anyway, damn Artoria that was really cold.
  • I can feel the pure rage in Mordred’s voice, applause to Miyuki Sawashiro!
  • Last time somebody thrusted a similarly giant lance into their enemy, it was also into a red fan favorite king/servant. So really Artoria, u ain’t that different to Gilgamesh.
  • Did I just come up with a Gil x Artoria material oh my god I’m a genius desperate shipper
  • The Knights of Round Tables more like Mean Girls: Camelot Version
  • I have feelings for Bedivere since ever and I don’t care if u don’t understand
  • Loli Mordred is cute
  • Ooo Morgan le Fay appears. I am actually curious how does she actually look like? Is she saberface too? She looks like bitch saber even without face
  • The king is too perfect. The keyword is ‘too’ Mordred. Too much of something is not good.
  • I believe that Mordred is still convinced that Artoria is a man because the differences Artoria and Morgan have are very…ahem…apparent.
  • Oh so that’s why she thinks Morgan and Semiramis are similar. Similar aura….similar magic aptitude…similar very long hair… similar boobs…
  • Mordred: *looks damn cute* Artoria: Meh. Mordred: *looks damn murderous*
  • If Mordred is summoned as Berserker I bet she’d be just Lancelot 2.0
  • Kairi be like “Can’t you just show me a nice adventure moment instead of bloody family drama?”
  • Who has the idea of animating Mordred playing with cat U are a genius.
  • Waver be like “Don’t forget the II I’m not some asshole nobleman who belittles everybody for not having noble blood like him”
  • Who has the idea of animating Mordred playing with cat U are a genius A-1 give him raise.
  • One episode I think A-1 purposely skips out Celenike kidnapping a homunculus butler to her room, they proceed to shove his bloody mangled corpse to my face. Great..
  • If Mordred has pure unadulterated rage towards Artoria then I have pure unadulterated disgust towards Celenike
  • If you don’t have a slightest bit of disgust towards Celenike I don’t know what’s wrong with you man
  • Seriously where did they afford that cool chess set? I want one
  • What Vlad says: Hmm. What Vlad means: I want to judge your ruthless decision to sacrifice Gordes now that he’s useless but I think that’s a good idea too
  • Gordes: wasted.
  • Roche: “I wanna make Sensei’s dreams come true!” Me: “Great, another master with selfless decent wish!” Roche: “Then I can learn more about golems!” Me: “Cool learning spirit kid!” Roche: “That’s why for it to happen, magi and servants and the whole world if needed can just die for all I care!” Me: “Um.”
  • Seriously kids these days
  • I really wanna take you seriously with this dangerous and noble intention you speaking of but not with that Magical Medical Musical poster
  • A-1 better animate him using his magic next episode
  • Fran: For an otaku with mediocre talent at magecraft u are a very good master huh
  • Fran for Earth Hour Ambassador
  • LOOK AT HER FACE SHE SO PROUD in the novel she thinks Caules will praise her for unplugging the PC AND THAT’S PRECIOUS
  • Mordred’s role in this episode is just being angry, eating and playing with cat
  • I still love that they decide to have Mordred, the one who rebels against King Arthur and destroys Britannia, as a fundamentally decent and human person.
  • Kairi: “Let’s walk around town with your armor on.” Mordred: “I just got the best dad ever”
  • Oh my God that dress is so cute Jack I wish they just let you wear that dress into battle instead of that shitty stripper costume
  • Oh hi Semiramis but where is your Hanging Garden of Babylon I wanna see it too!
  • Semiramis: “What do u think Master?” Shirou: “Totally splendid.” Semiramis: “Great, we can use this for our honeymoon.” Shirou: “What?”
  • If I was the guard, I’d be like “Cool cosplay dudes! Can I take a photo with u guys?”
  • Exhibit 102 of Kairi and Mordred being best master-servant pair
  • Also Exhibit 102 of Kairi being a way better dad than Artoria ever was to Mordred
  • Wow seeing Jack being nuts and creepy kid is very different than just imagining it huh that giggle holy shit
  • Would you believe me if a) Chiron was just trying to kill Jack and succeeded in doing that or b) He and Fiore was just not there, a lot of tragedies could be avoided.
  • Fiore jumping down the building with style and grace
  • I lost track on keeping with Kairi-Mordred best team exhibits
  • Fiore and Chiron is Rin-Archer equivalent but healthier and more honest to each other.
  • I mean they are both competent, have a knack on jumping from high buildings, the master is sorta elegant lady, the archer has secret superb technique that doesn’t have anything to do with archery, the archer serves tea, and so on and so forth
  • I did a presentation about pankration back when I was in middle school this is so cool
  • The novel spends pages describing how powerful Mordred is and how she can beat anyone with ease but also have her always very barely comes out a winner or even alive from her fights and she gets super pissed and it’s hilarious
  • If a girl comes out from dark alley with that scary octopus machine hands I’d make the same face as Kairi too
  • Fiore switches talking sweetly to talking with stern voice in 1 second
  • Wow that’s a convenient machinery I want one.
  • Kairi where is your manner you can’t just ram a girl with a car full speed
  • I wonder how does Kairi deal with shooting human fingers and throwing heart grenades in his entire life like dude I wanna puke.
  • Kairi: Adios, babe.
  • So I take it A-1 isn’t shy of showing blood? Like, actually not shy? Not just some whim?
  • I love watching Mordred and Jack here in their supposed real characterization I got tired of the dirty naughty fanarts.
  • NEXT: Caules babe come please

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Random but... What's your favourite Morgana scene and why?

Omg I can’t choose just one! You’re asking the most indecisive person ever and the fact that I love every single time she’s on screen doesn’t help! 

I’m not really good with words so I will use gifs!

One of my favorites is this one. This entire sequence is so amazing and this shot was perfect. 

I also loved all her scenes with Mordred, I love their relationship. Even when she was evil she still cared so much for him.

Every time she defied Uther while being his ward, no matter the consequences. She was so good.

And these scenes with Aithusa, especially the second one. I also love their relationship and Morgana would have done anything for her, we saw this. At the end Aithusa was the only thing she had left and she truly loved her. Also in that second scene you can see how broken and lost she’s become, especially after those awful two years, and I think you can see how deep down she’s still the same scared and pure person she used to be.

So yeah, sorry I can’t choose. I just love her and her scenes too much. I’m probably forgetting a lot of them.

And sorry for the late answer! I might have gotten a little bit distracted while I was making the gifs

Thanks for the question! Have a nice day :)

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Friendly Hopper: *Prays* I hope that Dr. Harvey will be getting better soon and let's think good things ahead of us. In the words of Martha Beck, "Everyday brings new choices."

DD: “We’re so glad you’re okay!”

BB: “We, Director?”

DD: “…”

DD: “Shut up Mordred.”

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Saber (Arturia)

Type: Headcannons

Requested by: yuubey

Here you go! Oh, and since you didn’t mention which Arturia, I’m taking it you meant FSN!Arturia?

  • Arturia would be like the sister who indiscreetly dotes on their sibling with her S/O. She likes to make sure they’re happy and safe, and takes note on their important days–birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and such.
  • Would ask EMIYA or Tamamo to help her make them a cake or think of a present for their SO’s birthday. Arturia would take note of their favorite cake flavor and just pour her entire heart out into making that cake. The face of her S/O as they eat it and exclaim that it’s the best cake they’ve ever tasted makes her smile brightly. 
  • Things would still be awkward between her, the other Knights of the Round, and Mordred, and her S/O would try to bridge those gaps, all with a patient smile and talks that pretty much let everyone see through Mordred’s facade of “hating” Arturia. After that, it’s a long process of mending bridges, but everything turns out fine. Bonus: Mordred now refers to Arturia’s S/O as “Mother”, because Arturia’s S/O is more of a mother than Morgan could ever be, genders be damned.
  • Lancelot, Tristan, Bedivere, and Gawain would be beyond shocked when they realize that their king has another person now. Lancelot, Bedivere, and Tristan would take it all in stride, happy that Arturia is finally happy with her S/O, Gawain would take longer to process that his ‘King’ was actually a woman, and that she now has another special other that makes her happier than she was with Guinevere. Gawain soon grows used to it, and grows high respect for Arturia’s S/O, who can also calm the rambunctious Mordred down. 
  • Arturia is very good with children, and so is her S/O. If they are in a singularity with children in trouble, expect them to annihilate everything that tries to hurt the kids. 
Official Knights of the Round Light Novel TRANSLATION, Gino's Chapter

Hey guys! So beyond the first season, the cg light novels have never been translated/localized. As good Japanese practice then, I began working on translating them! (Also because it’s fun)

The Knights of the Round novel has 4 sections, and this is the first, which focuses on Gino and his ideology. The timing is right when Suzaku joins the Rounds, and eventually meets Gino+Anya.

Translation by ME (Ellen!).

Proofreading of both the translation and English writing quality by Phresine.

Scans by Eggy!

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  • Kay: Okay, kids. Who broke the catapult? I’m not mad. I just wanna know.
  • Gareth: I did. I broke it.
  • Kay: No. No, you didn’t. Mordred?
  • Mordred: Don’t look at me. Look at Galahad.
  • Galahad: What?! I didn’t break it.
  • Mordred: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Galahad: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
  • Mordred: Suspicious.
  • Agravaine: If it matters, Lynette was the last one to use it.
  • Lynette: Liar! What would I even do with a catapult?
  • Gareth: Alright let’s not fight. I broke it, let me fix it.
  • (off to the side)
  • Kay: I broke it. It was in my way so I punched it and then I kicked it. And then I threw it off the sidewall. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

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What are you favorite books about arthurian legend? I know you made a list but it's soooo enormous that i prefer to read you opinion. Thanks for this blog, really!

Haha I am always 100% glad to share my biased and long opinions on books : D

(For some of these books I’ve written a review on goodreads and I am linking it in case you’d like some more detailed and sometimes spoilerish opinion)

  • Idylls of the Queen” (Phyllis Ann Karr) I think this was the sixth arthurian novel I’ve read and I’ll always be grateful for livejournal and the amazing lj fandom for recommending it (and also the next novel in the list). This is a mistery novel (especially if you haven’t read Morte d’Arthur or if you don’t remember the particular episode and murder used in the novel) where Sir Kay, with Mordred’s help, has to investigate a murder and save Guinevere from being found guilty. I particularly loved how alongside the mistery, the novel also slowly uncovers Kay’s personal feelings for Guinevere and Lancelot, Mordred’s true birth and the anger (and this is my favourite characterization for Mordred) he is feeling, the Orkney’s family misteries. Both Nimue and Morgana appears in the novel and they are friends, competent, grey characters. Amazing.
  • The Winter Prince” (Elizabeth Wein) This novel is pure gold for any Mordred’s fan. The novel is all about him, his jealous for Arthur’s legitimate children, the love he feels for his brother and sister, his relationship with Morgause. It’s cozy, it seems almost small in comparison from other arthurian novels as Arthur’s life itself is not grand castles and tournaments, but a Roman villa and sensible ruling with the help of Guinevere. This is basically a heartbreaking analysis of Mordred.
  • Exiled from Camelot” (Cherith Baldry) my guilty pleasure. Basically it’s the story of Kay murdering Loholt (as one of the many Percival texts of the traditions say) and being exiled from Camelot. The novel is full of bromance, subtly homoerotic huggings and tears. I LOVE IT. (review)
  • Corbenic” (Catherine Fisher). I cried while reading this. On the train. The theme of the difficult relationship between a parent and their child, the love mixed with regrets and guilt, is my favourite one Here it’s combined with the story of Hal (percival in modern times) and such an amazing retelling of the Quest of the Holy Grail. I’ve read it only one because I don’t think my heart would be strong enough for a second time.
  • Gawain” (Gwen Rowley) Okay, this looks like a romance and it is a romance (between Gawain and Ragnelle) but I hope you’l be surprised as me if you’ll read it. This novel is rich of arthurian little details, I love when I can read a novel where the themes and the characters are perfectly combined as in a puzzle. 
  • The Once and Future King” (White) well, I don’t think this needs any presentation. I’ll just say that before reading this I had a distrust and irritation towards the character of Lancelot.
  • The Pendragon” (Catherine Christian) This is the novel of Bedivere. All the story of Bedivere and his friendship with Arthur and Palamedes (thanks Catherine Christian for Palamedes!). This is heavily historical while I usually prefer more Malory-like settings. A nice Mordred plot twist that made me a little jealous because I’ve thought of writing it too in a story of mine before reading it haha
  • I am Morgan le Fay” (Nancy Springer) Such a lovely elegant nice little novel. I love Morgana as a character but I always tend to be cautious because I’ve been burnt with “Mists of Avalon”: Here instead I could finally read of Morgana away from Camelot, the revenges of Camelot, Arthur and all the story we know as the book was more focused on showing us how Morgana become the woman we know and explaining how her character could be so ambigous and grey. (review)
  • Morgana” (and “Arthur”) (Michel Rio). This series (which also has “Merlin”) is a trilogy about philosophy, about what is good and what is not, the great love of Morgana for Arthur and her cold mind of a scientist. As a scientist myself I could love her so much (also Mordred is the instrument of destructions not because he is evil but because he is too just and good and not human enough).
  • Persia Woolley’s Guinevere (it’s a trilogy). I think I’ve read all the Guinevere trilogies? Maybe? But this one (and also Sharan Newman’s one) was my favourite. The first book is a bit slow, but the second one and especially the third are so full of arthurian elements that are usually ignore that I was delighted while reading them. It also features a sensible argument for the opposition between Arthur and Mordred.
  • Here Lies Arthur” (Philip Reeve) this might seem like an odd choice as it is very historical (Arthur as a chief historical) and dark (Arthur is not really a good character) but I liked the protagonists so much: Nimue (well, not her name but her character is basically Nimue) and Percival.
  • The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf” (Gerald Morris) which is the third book of the Squire’s Tales series. I loved all the series but this novel is my favourite as for me it was the funniest (and all the series is a parody so I valued the funniest among them). This is the ironic story (and not how we expect it) of Lynette and Sir Gareth.

These are above all my favourite novels. I also loved these two collections of short stories “Doom of Camelot” and Parke Godwin’s “Invitation to Camelot” because they have some quality short stories in there.

Other notable books I truly enjoyed a LOT (and I mean A LOT):
“The Road to Avalon” (Joan Wolf) (review)
“Firelord” (Parke Godwin)
“Blessed Bastard: A Novel of Sir Galahad” (Lehmann) (review)
“Bedivere, Book One: The King’s Right Hand” (Wayne Wise)  (review)
“The Book of Mordred” (Velde) (review)
“Avalon High” (Cabot Meg)
“Sword at Sunset” (Rosemary Sutcliff)
Bernard Cornwell’s series

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hey please tell us more headcanons abt dnd au mordred pls i beg,,,

It always astounds me when people mention/remember my 109492 AUs :’D But thanks Anon! I hope you’re still around to enjoy this very late response.

And I’m pretty sure you want to hear happy small things but ;lkl;kasdf I have an Idea that won’t leave me alone.

Mordred’s final quest from Pelor had him going deep into a country shunted to another dimension in a great war long, long, long ago – before even recorded history in his homeland – to search for a desecrated soul of a hero long imprisoned. but it’s not a hero’s soul; it’s the soul of an imprisoned conqueror who was punished for his crimes by the “hero”, that punishment being an eternity spent wandering the wastelands of his once-great empire fighting the ever-resurrecting wraiths of the people he had killed until he repented. And he had repented, hence Mordred was sent.

I don’t know why the story appeared to me, or appealed to me, but it’s a kind thought I guess, to know that the sun (because it was Pelor and his paladin, a High Elf named Eldara, who first cast the conqueror to the wastelands) which once destroyed you could offer the same hand up.

One paladin to destroy, under the Oath of Vengeance. Another paladin to open the way, under the Oath of Ancients (the path was through a forest where everything might or might not be a dream, created from the final sleep of a long-dead servant to Pelor). And the last to extend the hand, under the Oath of Devotion.

Except those who passed through the forest that led into the sealed wastelands could not return. The conqueror was already dead; Mordred was only to take his soul back to that forest so it could be freed of its punishment and pass to the astral plane. Which meant this would be his final-final quest. As in he died afterwards.

And he undertook the quest alone. At level 20, and probably when he was around 40-50 in age, but he undertook it alone.

A final reward from Pelor, perhaps – this whole thing. That Mordred’s last mission was to help someone else.

Why do you think YOU should be Anya’s top friend?

As requested by mystery478

1. Gino

“We’re knightmare buddies, classmates, and the only Knights of the Round bar Suzaku who get any real screentime! Think about it, we’re always around each other! It has to be because we’re just awesome friends, right?”

Anya: Maybe it’s because you’re tall enough to be my human shield.

Gino: Hah hah! What friendly banter!

Anya: I wasn’t joking.

2. Suzaku

“We’ve got a pretty solid friendship going. You ask me deep questions about my psychological motivations, I’m pretty elusive. That’s the sign of a good Code Geass relationship!”

Anya: That’s pretty valid actually

Suzaku: Right?

3. Jeremiah

“We collect oranges together! Truly there is no relationship more beautiful! Oh, and I also gave you all your memories back.”

Anya: You probably should have said that last part first.

Jeremiah: You think?

4. Bradley

“Sure, I’m an asshole, but at least I talk to you!”


Anya: That was cold.

Bradley: My speciality.

5. Arthur


Anya: Please kitty

Anya: You’re making it hard to maintain my emotionless demeanour.

6. Lelouch

“We haven’t interacted as much as the others so far, but I do give you a lot of opportunities to use the Mordred! On Cupid Day, for example. And every single Black Knight campaign.”

Anya: Why do you think I enjoy fighting?


Anya: Well ok it is pretty fun.

7. Kallen

“Nevermind Lelouch, I’m the one who did the actual fighting against you!”

Anya: Do my friends here on out just include people who I’ve fought?

Anya: That’s sad.


Anya: Wow, you’re good at this.

Kallen: Tha-heyyyyy…

8. Schneizel

“I accepted you into my army even after that horrible business on Kamine Island left you psychologically unstable. That’s dedication!”

Anya: …I think conscription laws disagree.

Schneizel: I’m Emperor apparent. I pretty much am the law.

9. Nunnally

“We may have never met, Anya, but people like to write fanfiction about the two of us because we’re both adorable! So that’s something!”

Anya: I’m…

Anya: I’m adorable?

10. Marianne

“Yoo-hoo! Don’t forget about me, Anya! Especially since we’ve been so close for so long! We always know what’s on each other’s mind! It’s like I’m a part of your soul.”

Anya: AaaahaaaahAAAAAAAAH

Marianne: Didn’t you miss me?

And the winner is…Arthur!

Arthur: [purring]

Anya: I really need a pet to destress me after that.

Fate/apocrypha was dubbed, meaning I have to watch it because I’m trash. And here’s a list of things I don’t like so far:

Astolfo’s voice actress: I knew they’d get a female VA for him but I feel like they went way to feminine and spunky for his voice.

Joan of Arc’s VA saying Jeanne D’Arc in a super forced French accent despite not using an accent for anything else.

The fact that they call him Charon despite the fact the character is Chiron since Charon is a completely different character in Greek mythology.

I mean otherwise wise it’s pretty good. I love Mordred and their master’s voices so that’s fine.

I can’t find that good good post of the funky shit Mordred does with his fire magic so just have a reminder/expansion of sorts:

- Mordred roasts marshmallows by holding them between his teeth, breathes fire on them, and eats them.

- One time he was late to breakfast so he just carried a frying pan in one hand while they walked and cooked sausages and eggs that way.

- Sera warms her drinks by pressing the mug against Mordred’s cheek or putting it on his head and waits for it to heat – usually within ten seconds. Cassandra thinks this is Extra™ but had done the same thing with her coffee. Mordred’s fine with it.

- Everyone puts their drinks and food next to Mordred to keep that stuff warm for longer.

- He makes Crock Pot™ dishes by throwing ingredients into a pot then carrying the pot on his back and using his unnatural body heat to act as a slow cooker. Six hours of walking later and the whole camp has a delicious lunch. They did this in the Hinterlands once and increased Bear Encounter Rate by 50%…

- Once, the Inquisition had to ride a far way so Mordred put 3 uncooked pies into a layered iron box of sorts, wears that on his back as they ride, and by the time they got there the entire camp had meat pie for dinner.

- Other shenanigans.

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To Mordred, thoughts on the truth about Blackwall? To Maedwyn, thoughts on Cullen?


Originally posted by 912gif

Maedwyn: “A decent enough man, but I know he was the one who gave the order for myself and my– partner to be exterminated in Kirkwall after he failed to wrench from us details on the mage underground cell we were helping. And that he did not follow through to make certain we were actually disposed of, leading to both my survival and…and the–

“I’ve never met him face to face. The bitterness is old and scarred now. Scratching at it will cause me more harm than good, so I will take his help and his opinions at face value.”

*cripples my character as a consequence to his doing the right thing in a setting that doesn’t reward it*

*immediately regrets it*

But it’s got to be. Free acts of good aren’t worth much.