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Random but... What's your favourite Morgana scene and why?

Omg I can’t choose just one! You’re asking the most indecisive person ever and the fact that I love every single time she’s on screen doesn’t help! 

I’m not really good with words so I will use gifs!

One of my favorites is this one. This entire sequence is so amazing and this shot was perfect. 

I also loved all her scenes with Mordred, I love their relationship. Even when she was evil she still cared so much for him.

Every time she defied Uther while being his ward, no matter the consequences. She was so good.

And these scenes with Aithusa, especially the second one. I also love their relationship and Morgana would have done anything for her, we saw this. At the end Aithusa was the only thing she had left and she truly loved her. Also in that second scene you can see how broken and lost she’s become, especially after those awful two years, and I think you can see how deep down she’s still the same scared and pure person she used to be.

So yeah, sorry I can’t choose. I just love her and her scenes too much. I’m probably forgetting a lot of them.

And sorry for the late answer! I might have gotten a little bit distracted while I was making the gifs

Thanks for the question! Have a nice day :)

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Friendly Hopper: *Prays* I hope that Dr. Harvey will be getting better soon and let's think good things ahead of us. In the words of Martha Beck, "Everyday brings new choices."

DD: “We’re so glad you’re okay!”

BB: “We, Director?”

DD: “…”

DD: “Shut up Mordred.”

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Verbena for the flower prompts please? :)

Verbena- pray for me

The least offensive thing about the fortress (if it could be called that) was that it was built on top of hills that bloomed thick with wildflowers, Varric maintained.

To which Mordred Surana instantly killed the mood with, “We’re in goddamn Crestwood, mate. Every hill around here’s choked up with wildflowers, an’ most of ‘em aren’t chucking stink bombs at us.” Because, if this was not made clear already, all Mordred Surana was good for was ruin the mood and yours truly’s attempt at finding silver linings in otherwise shitty situations–

“I can also walk for ten minutes without complaining so jot that down too.”

“He is going to drag your reputation ass-first from here to Halamshiral if you keep that up,” Maedwyn warned from a few feet ahead, at the edge of the tree-line overlooking those beautiful silver-lining flowers-choked hills and the small fortress (haha) containing perhaps forty scared, superstitious villagers who were currently being very difficult. It was impossible to gauge their esteemed leader’s expression since he put on a helmet this morning and had not taken it off, but Varric noted a few choice words of description down in his notebook anyway. Just in case.

Next to the dwarf, Mordred puffed out his cheeks in something dangerously close to a pout and sank down against a nearby tree, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword. “He will not,” Cassandra answered for him, her brow shaped like a living motif of thunderstorms.

Varric spread his hands innocently and shrugged. “Let’s be honest, Puffy here’s already doing most of the work himself,” he pointed out.

“So don’t help me,” Mordred groused.

Cassandra turned away from this tiresome chaperoning duty and made her way to Maedwyn’s side. She patted the side of his horse, smiled ever so slightly at Anor’s flicking ears and acknowledging neigh, then looked up at its rider. “What are your plans?”

Maedwyn’s sigh rattled in his helmet before he peeled it off and rest it in front of the saddle. “They are still civilians. If we ‘take’ the…stronghold, we should avoid high body count.”

“Cullen’s troops can perhaps intimidate them into giving up,” Cassandra remarked. Scowled. “Or they will throw those stink bombs at us and run our men out of here, crying.”

“It’s not even a fort,” Mordred called. “They’ve got a wall made of glorified toothpicks and a shallow trench. I can just burn it all down from a distance.”

“What was it that our esteemed Herald just said about the body count?” Varric whispered loudly.

A gusty sigh.

“Verbenas,” Maedwyn said suddenly. He jerked a chin at the hills. “I remember now. First Ellanarathari used to be fond of the things.”

Cassandra’s brow furrowed. “And?”

“They convey 'pray for me’,” Maedwyn continued, putting his helmet back on and spurring his horse forward, towards the fortified settlement. He called over his shoulder, “Which is definitely appropriate! Don’t forget to pray for me!”

Maedwyn made it all the way to the door of the fort this time without coming under fire from the villagers within, but he had barely lifted his head before a figure in a straw hat yelled down from the wall of sharpened tree trunks, “Halt!”

He squinted up at her. From this distance he could barely make out her face, and he doubted she would be any better. For all the shabbiness of their defenses, they had built one hell of a wall. “Who goes 'ere!” she shouted again.

Maedwyn sighed inwardly and begged forgiveness from his ancestors for this deception he would play before he called out, matching Mordred Surana’s pitch perfectly but without the roughness, “Open the gates! In the name of the Hero of Ferelden, open the gates!”

A long, long pause. Then Straw Hat Girl laughed – but nervously. “Ye think ya can pull my legs that easy? My pa seen the elf! He’s–”

Maedwyn took off his helm and shook his hair loose, flicking his ears so the tips stood tall and proud. “King Alistair does commend your enthusiasm for defending your land,” he said. “But your country itself is under attack. You can’t just hole up here forever–”

“Like hell we can’t!” another voice, deep and a little reedy, shouted.

“You didn’t hole up when the darkspawns came knocking ten years ago!” Maedwyn yelled back. “Now the Tevinter scumbags came hustling 'cross the borderline and you burrow into the ground like cowards?!”

Silence. The two people vanished. Maedwyn took the sudden timeout to fix his hair, pulling the strands down so they would conceal his vallaslin a little better. Mentally he ran through possible scenarios – “Well I heard the Hero of Ferelden was a mage”…Maedwyn had the Anchor and lyrium in his blood. Should be good enough. “I don’t believe you.” The same. “We gonna talk about this from the wall.” Fine. Talk to them, persuade them–

Across the “bridge”, the large double gates opened.

Maedwyn blinked, astonished. An old man stepped out then, in a straw hat similar to the girl on the wall, and leered at him beneath the wide yellow brim. “You come in,” he said. “No one else. Got it?”

“There is no one else,” Maedwyn replied lightly and eased his horse forward. He chanced a glance behind his shoulder and, sure enough, saw Cassandra booking it to them on her own mount. He could feel the wave of killing intent from here. Hastily Maedwyn raised a hand for her to halt and trotted Amor into the fortress before she could do something regrettable.

The door closed behind him with a loud thud. Maedwyn sighed and straightened his back, beaming down at the gaggle of suspicious, glaring grimy villagers gathered around him. “My friends,” he began, placatingly.

Outside, Cassandra bellowed with frustration.

  • Kay: Okay, kids. Who broke the catapult? I’m not mad. I just wanna know.
  • Gareth: I did. I broke it.
  • Kay: No. No, you didn’t. Mordred?
  • Mordred: Don’t look at me. Look at Galahad.
  • Galahad: What?! I didn’t break it.
  • Mordred: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Galahad: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
  • Mordred: Suspicious.
  • Agravaine: If it matters, Lynette was the last one to use it.
  • Lynette: Liar! What would I even do with a catapult?
  • Gareth: Alright let’s not fight. I broke it, let me fix it.
  • (off to the side)
  • Kay: I broke it. It was in my way so I punched it and then I kicked it. And then I threw it off the sidewall. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
Official Knights of the Round Light Novel TRANSLATION, Gino's Chapter

Hey guys! So beyond the first season, the cg light novels have never been translated/localized. As good Japanese practice then, I began working on translating them! (Also because it’s fun)

The Knights of the Round novel has 4 sections, and this is the first, which focuses on Gino and his ideology. The timing is right when Suzaku joins the Rounds, and eventually meets Gino+Anya.

Translation by ME (Ellen!).

Proofreading of both the translation and English writing quality by Phresine.

Scans by Eggy!

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Mordred’s first thought when it comes to other people, by the time he’s 24-25, are actually just sizing their abilities and weak spots up so he can make the best use of them. Kind of like how Bull sized up a potential enemy, except Mordred also thinks about things like behavior, potential of being this or that, where they can be on the field to optimize damage output, etc.

He does it offhandedly, too.

Cassandra – “Sword'n'shield, slow'n'sure. Standard Templar form, magic-banish abilities. Keep at the front away from mages so no accidental dispels. Keep eye on stamina and offensive potential. Looks used to teamwork, stay to her left so she can cover me.”

Solas – “Fast spells. Barriers good, mobile. Good for spotter. Watch mass-spell radius. Barrier range [so and so]. Head?? Shine light on it to blind enemies?”

Varric – “Nice. Accurate shots. Crossbow reload speed irrelevant? Good punchback, keep at our flank. Cass’ll block him but I won’t. Maybe lil’ closer to the fight than Baldy.”

Why do you think YOU should be Anya’s top friend?

As requested by mystery478

1. Gino

“We’re knightmare buddies, classmates, and the only Knights of the Round bar Suzaku who get any real screentime! Think about it, we’re always around each other! It has to be because we’re just awesome friends, right?”

Anya: Maybe it’s because you’re tall enough to be my human shield.

Gino: Hah hah! What friendly banter!

Anya: I wasn’t joking.

2. Suzaku

“We’ve got a pretty solid friendship going. You ask me deep questions about my psychological motivations, I’m pretty elusive. That’s the sign of a good Code Geass relationship!”

Anya: That’s pretty valid actually

Suzaku: Right?

3. Jeremiah

“We collect oranges together! Truly there is no relationship more beautiful! Oh, and I also gave you all your memories back.”

Anya: You probably should have said that last part first.

Jeremiah: You think?

4. Bradley

“Sure, I’m an asshole, but at least I talk to you!”


Anya: That was cold.

Bradley: My speciality.

5. Arthur


Anya: Please kitty

Anya: You’re making it hard to maintain my emotionless demeanour.

6. Lelouch

“We haven’t interacted as much as the others so far, but I do give you a lot of opportunities to use the Mordred! On Cupid Day, for example. And every single Black Knight campaign.”

Anya: Why do you think I enjoy fighting?


Anya: Well ok it is pretty fun.

7. Kallen

“Nevermind Lelouch, I’m the one who did the actual fighting against you!”

Anya: Do my friends here on out just include people who I’ve fought?

Anya: That’s sad.


Anya: Wow, you’re good at this.

Kallen: Tha-heyyyyy…

8. Schneizel

“I accepted you into my army even after that horrible business on Kamine Island left you psychologically unstable. That’s dedication!”

Anya: …I think conscription laws disagree.

Schneizel: I’m Emperor apparent. I pretty much am the law.

9. Nunnally

“We may have never met, Anya, but people like to write fanfiction about the two of us because we’re both adorable! So that’s something!”

Anya: I’m…

Anya: I’m adorable?

10. Marianne

“Yoo-hoo! Don’t forget about me, Anya! Especially since we’ve been so close for so long! We always know what’s on each other’s mind! It’s like I’m a part of your soul.”

Anya: AaaahaaaahAAAAAAAAH

Marianne: Didn’t you miss me?

And the winner is…Arthur!

Arthur: [purring]

Anya: I really need a pet to destress me after that.

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Help I spent all day trying to get FGO to work on a emulator just to find out Mordred isn't in the english version and the servant roster is really limited overall :( Would you recommend waiting til my favourites are out so I can reroll for them or to start building up resources now?

building resources now is the best way to go! the servant roster is limited right now but that gives you all the good reasons to stack up all the quests, interludes, and gifted quartz so you can roll 100 times to get your favourite for sure!

be strong and resist the gambling urge, because i’m always tempted to use them, personally… solo yoloing has hurt me a lot in ENG (despite being the master of soloyolo on my old JPN account)

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What are you favorite books about arthurian legend? I know you made a list but it's soooo enormous that i prefer to read you opinion. Thanks for this blog, really!

Haha I am always 100% glad to share my biased and long opinions on books : D

(For some of these books I’ve written a review on goodreads and I am linking it in case you’d like some more detailed and sometimes spoilerish opinion)

  • Idylls of the Queen” (Phyllis Ann Karr) I think this was the sixth arthurian novel I’ve read and I’ll always be grateful for livejournal and the amazing lj fandom for recommending it (and also the next novel in the list). This is a mistery novel (especially if you haven’t read Morte d’Arthur or if you don’t remember the particular episode and murder used in the novel) where Sir Kay, with Mordred’s help, has to investigate a murder and save Guinevere from being found guilty. I particularly loved how alongside the mistery, the novel also slowly uncovers Kay’s personal feelings for Guinevere and Lancelot, Mordred’s true birth and the anger (and this is my favourite characterization for Mordred) he is feeling, the Orkney’s family misteries. Both Nimue and Morgana appears in the novel and they are friends, competent, grey characters. Amazing.
  • The Winter Prince” (Elizabeth Wein) This novel is pure gold for any Mordred’s fan. The novel is all about him, his jealous for Arthur’s legitimate children, the love he feels for his brother and sister, his relationship with Morgause. It’s cozy, it seems almost small in comparison from other arthurian novels as Arthur’s life itself is not grand castles and tournaments, but a Roman villa and sensible ruling with the help of Guinevere. This is basically a heartbreaking analysis of Mordred.
  • Exiled from Camelot” (Cherith Baldry) my guilty pleasure. Basically it’s the story of Kay murdering Loholt (as one of the many Percival texts of the traditions say) and being exiled from Camelot. The novel is full of bromance, subtly homoerotic huggings and tears. I LOVE IT. (review)
  • Corbenic” (Catherine Fisher). I cried while reading this. On the train. The theme of the difficult relationship between a parent and their child, the love mixed with regrets and guilt, is my favourite one Here it’s combined with the story of Hal (percival in modern times) and such an amazing retelling of the Quest of the Holy Grail. I’ve read it only one because I don’t think my heart would be strong enough for a second time.
  • Gawain” (Gwen Rowley) Okay, this looks like a romance and it is a romance (between Gawain and Ragnelle) but I hope you’l be surprised as me if you’ll read it. This novel is rich of arthurian little details, I love when I can read a novel where the themes and the characters are perfectly combined as in a puzzle. 
  • The Once and Future King” (White) well, I don’t think this needs any presentation. I’ll just say that before reading this I had a distrust and irritation towards the character of Lancelot.
  • The Pendragon” (Catherine Christian) This is the novel of Bedivere. All the story of Bedivere and his friendship with Arthur and Palamedes (thanks Catherine Christian for Palamedes!). This is heavily historical while I usually prefer more Malory-like settings. A nice Mordred plot twist that made me a little jealous because I’ve thought of writing it too in a story of mine before reading it haha
  • I am Morgan le Fay” (Nancy Springer) Such a lovely elegant nice little novel. I love Morgana as a character but I always tend to be cautious because I’ve been burnt with “Mists of Avalon”: Here instead I could finally read of Morgana away from Camelot, the revenges of Camelot, Arthur and all the story we know as the book was more focused on showing us how Morgana become the woman we know and explaining how her character could be so ambigous and grey. (review)
  • Morgana” (and “Arthur”) (Michel Rio). This series (which also has “Merlin”) is a trilogy about philosophy, about what is good and what is not, the great love of Morgana for Arthur and her cold mind of a scientist. As a scientist myself I could love her so much (also Mordred is the instrument of destructions not because he is evil but because he is too just and good and not human enough).
  • Persia Woolley’s Guinevere (it’s a trilogy). I think I’ve read all the Guinevere trilogies? Maybe? But this one (and also Sharan Newman’s one) was my favourite. The first book is a bit slow, but the second one and especially the third are so full of arthurian elements that are usually ignore that I was delighted while reading them. It also features a sensible argument for the opposition between Arthur and Mordred.
  • Here Lies Arthur” (Philip Reeve) this might seem like an odd choice as it is very historical (Arthur as a chief historical) and dark (Arthur is not really a good character) but I liked the protagonists so much: Nimue (well, not her name but her character is basically Nimue) and Percival.
  • The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf” (Gerald Morris) which is the third book of the Squire’s Tales series. I loved all the series but this novel is my favourite as for me it was the funniest (and all the series is a parody so I valued the funniest among them). This is the ironic story (and not how we expect it) of Lynette and Sir Gareth.

These are above all my favourite novels. I also loved these two collections of short stories “Doom of Camelot” and Parke Godwin’s “Invitation to Camelot” because they have some quality short stories in there.

Other notable books I truly enjoyed a LOT (and I mean A LOT):
“The Road to Avalon” (Joan Wolf) (review)
“Firelord” (Parke Godwin)
“Blessed Bastard: A Novel of Sir Galahad” (Lehmann) (review)
“Bedivere, Book One: The King’s Right Hand” (Wayne Wise)  (review)
“The Book of Mordred” (Velde) (review)
“Avalon High” (Cabot Meg)
“Sword at Sunset” (Rosemary Sutcliff)
Bernard Cornwell’s series