mordred is not one of them

I ship Lancelot and Merlin.

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Lancelot died. Twice.

I ship Will and Merlin.

Will died.

I ship Gwaine and Merlin.

Gwaine died.

I ship Arthur and Merlin.

Arthur died.

God, I ship even Freya and Merlin

Mordred and Merlin

Then both of them DIED.

Why did you do this to me? Why?!

Everybody fucking died and I can’t deal with it. Merlin can’t falling in love without pain?

I mean, come one! Could i hate someone more?

I just can’t, man. Just can’t.

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You're related to one of Arthur's knights? Which one? And how could that be a bad thing?

Distantly. Distantly related. As in the direct descendents of but it’s several hundred years ago now so distant. And it was Sir Agravaine, Agravaine the arrogant and proud, “Agravaine of the Hard Hand” and Agravaine the generally evil scumbag. Agravaine the publicly hated for the whole mess where he conspired against Arthur and exposed Lancelot’s affair with Guinevere. And there was the fact that he backed Mordred and Morgan le Fay because they were family and the two of them weren’t exactly shining paradigms of goodness, so there’s that too.

Agravaine’s son fled to Ireland. He kept the name though - Agravainesson, which morphed into Gravains and eventually just Graves and that’s us.

It was hard to keep track of all the various versions of King Arthur. There was the vanilla, the dark version, the dark version with a lance, lily. Mordred. Did Nero count? At this point, she may as well. Roman had seen them all.

Especially this one.

“King Art– Ah! Mysterious Heroine X!” The Saber-slaying Assassin. Of all the Saber-faces to find, it had to be her. Be cordial. Be Kind. Don’t imply any form of Saber-ness near her. “H-hello.”


if you’re wondering why i stopped running with a knife in the chaldea hallway it was because i opened my eyes (once i was bond lvl 10 OF COURSE) , and i mean i was still running arounf but i saw that red archer had got out his swords (???) and prepared to battle me but instead he just looked at me up and down, sighed and… walked away. i had to stop and re-evaluate myself . he looked so ashamed. like i was the embodiment of a friend who had failed him. i froze up because who approaches you for battle and then sighs and walks away after staring at you for a minute?? i felt residual shame from that encounter. then bedivere and tristan threw a net on me after that and i heard mordred muttering something about “all these damn alternate fathers and not a single one of them is good” so when i was thrown in my room I just Slept for like 5 hrs straight . and now im hungry

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“My rights? What rights do I have? I’m a bastard, and worse, I’m only alive because you and your brother couldn’t control your lust.” Saying it like that made Mordred feel filthy - he knew he was being unfair, but he was angry. More than that, he was disgusted. “Were you planning to tell me about the other babies at all? All those innocent children that were ripped from their mothers’ breasts and murdered in the hopes that one of them might be me? Because I had to learn it from Sir Kay. At the least, he’s never lied to me. Not like you.”

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Mordred had been sly enough to not get caught by anyone. However, he wasn’t always careful. He had a fast habit of running away from trouble, and escaping just in time. The boy didn’t make it a habit to steal, but a kids got to eat, and thus he was usually chased by vendors who would then call for help.

Being chased wasn’t his favorite past time, it wasn’t even what he considered a past time, just a very very bad habit. No, Mordred’s favorite past time, were magic tricks. He had nicked a deck of cards once, that was something he rather not relive, but when he does get money, its his magic tricks that get him the money. 

He is very quiet, not talking much, when he’s doing the magic tricks he lets them speak for themselves. He also never really wanted to talk, he had no one to really talk to. He was by definition a loner, and he was okay with that.

Today however had been a bad day, well bad as it could get. He hadn’t been lucky with his tricks lately, and stealing the bread, resulted in one of the bigger chases, he ducked into an alleyway, and let out a breath, as he put the bread in his mouth, it was still warm. He began to walk down the ally, he thought it best to avoid the streets for a while.

He took another bite of the role when he realized he wasn’t alone.