mordred grows up

Morgana and Mordred in Beginning of the End

  One thing that has always bothered me about Beginning of the End, is how Morgana was portrayed as acting strange because she wanted to protect young Mordred from being executed by Uther. Apparently it was considered weird for her to want to help the kid, since she barely knew him.


  It doesn’t matter how well you know someone if you have the power to save their life. It would be like watching someone get beat up, and not doing anything about it because you didn’t know them well enough. :p

 Morgana’s willingness to risk her life for Mordred was not her “acting strange.” It was her being compassionate and courageous.

  And it does not matter that Merlin thought Mordred might grow up to be evil. You cannot punish someone for something that they haven’t even done yet–least of all, a child.

 There never should’ve been any doubt in the minds of Merlin, Arthur, or Gwen. In this instance, they should’ve been more like Morgana: they should’ve resolved to do everything in their power to save Mordred, without any hesitation. In this episode, Morgana was not the villain: she was the hero. She was the only one who never wavered. She knew that letting a little boy die would be wrong, and that she could not let that happen.