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Hi Calvin! Thanks for been part of the awesome team who did Regular Show!!! Um.. May I have the permission to ask you something? What are Mordecai and Rigby's last names?? It's a mistery we all want to know :'D

They’re just Mordecai and Rigby. Like Cher or Madonna.

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I hope I don't get hate for this but both Mordecai's and that bat girls kids are kinda ugly, along with Rigby's and Eileen's. I'm not even hating, but like I wish they would've had cuter ones. I mean if Mordecai and Rigby had kids, (Reggie and Madeline, if you know them!) they are SO much cuter...

Yes a hundred times yes!!! I’m in love with these adorable Morby fan children! I actually made some artwork of them. Keep in mind, the drawings are like 3-4 years old! (and I apologize for some of the bad quality D;)

Regular Show Before and After
  • Regular Show Season one: Aww, this seems like a cute funny series.
  • Seven seasons later that was full of character development, story arcs, and amazing episodes that ended with a bang and death of a great character: GOD DAMN IT! Why do every show I love this decade have to end up ending beautifully and making me cry!?!?!?!?!