‘‘I’ve never seen an aurochs,’‘ Sansa said, feeding a piece of bacon to Lady under the table. The direwolf took it from her hand, as delicate as a queen.

Septa Mordane sniffed in disapproval. ‘‘A noble lady does not feed dogs at her table.’‘ 

‘‘She’s not a dog, she’s a direwolf,’‘ Sansa pointed out as Lady licked her fingers with a rough tongue.

Just a few friendly reminders to everyone:

— This is about the oldest Sansa is supposed to look in text.

Sansa is eleven when:

  • She is betrothed to Joffrey
  • When the Trident Fight happens
  • When her father literally kills the symbolic representation of her soul (and possible psychological/spiritual twin) because of a fight other people had
  • When she gets drunk for the first time
  • When her father first lets her outside the city limits with no one but another eleven year old girl and Septa Mordane for a guard
  • Sandor Clegane first threatens her life (an incident that came about prompted by her paying him a compliment)

Sansa is twelve when:

  • She begs for her father’s life
  • She watches him die
  • She is made a prisoner of war
  • She is beaten regularly
  • She is nearly gangraped by a mob
  • Sandor Clegane sneaks into her room drunk off of his ass, forces her onto a bed, holds a knife to her throat, threatens her life again, and nearly rapes her
  • She feels the need to sneak out at night with a knife under her cloak to go meet with a drunk knight she isn’t sure she can trust
  • People start commenting on/staring at her boobs A LOT. (Sandor, the seamstresses, Tyrion, every man at court, random stable boys, Myranda Royce)
  • She is stripped and beaten in front of the court
  • She is threatened and is practically dragged to the Sept to marry Tyrion, an event she doesn’t know about until she is in the damn wedding dress. She is told she’s going to be “wedded and bedded” regardless of what she wants.
  • She is molested by Joffrey in front of a crowd
  • She is threatened with rape by Joffrey
  • Tyrion molests her

She is thirteen when:

  • She learns she’s basically lost her entire family to her husband’s family
  • She is unwittingly implicated in a regicide plot
  • She is taken into the custody of the most prolific pimp in Westeros, a man who sold her best friend into sexual slavery, first to a brothel, then to Ramsay Bolton
  • She becomes a fugitive from the law, entirely reliant on said pimp, who is responsible for her fugitive status
  • Marillion tries to rape her
  • Petyr kisses her without her permission (sexual assault)
  • Lysa tries to kill her for said sexual assault
  • A sick little boy starts trying to suck on her boobs in the middle of the night
  • Her captor/”father” starts prompting further kisses from her and has her sit in his lap while he promises her gifts

Just feel like people need to keep this all in mind. Because it seems like people are really into either a) shaming/judging Sansa for the way she copes or b) romanticizing and/or eroticizing certain relationships that are inflicted upon an underage girl by much older men. And I don’t even mean as shipping. I’m not talking about fanfiction or people thinking that Sansa and this person might make a good pair eventually or something. 

I mean like, people who try to justify the textual stuff and pretend it’s not problematic, assault, or exploitative. Shipping is one thing, but trying to argue that there’s nothing wrong in text about what transpires between Sansa and person a, b, or c is a whole other matter entirely. 

Furthermore, I’m really, REALLY getting sick of people seeing Sansa as “learning to manipulate men through her sexuality”. I’ve seen several people ACTUALLY CLAIM that “using her sexuality to influence men” is the “ONLY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT” SHE GOES THROUGH.

She’s a little girl who has gone through a process of rapid sexual abuse and grooming. SHE IS NOT A TEMPTRESS OR SEX KITTEN. NONE OF THE SEXUAL CONTACT SHE’S HAD HAS BEEN CONSENSUAL. SHE IS SEXUALIZED FROM AGE ELEVEN. 

These arguments are the same sort of thing I’ve seen from people who want to claim Lolita is sexy. Lolita is about a girl who gets coerced, imprisoned, and raped by her step-father. 

Sansa’s story is not sexy (at least not thus far), it is the worst type of sexual. It is overwhelmingly traumatic for someone so young. It is purposely an inversion/deconstruction of romance and eroticism. 

…. Also, stop expecting a highly sheltered 11-13 year old to process trauma and abuse like an adult.


“Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa… Sansa is your sister. You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you… and I need both of you, gods help me." He sounded so tired that it made Arya sad. "I don’t hate Sansa,” she told him. “Not truly.”


gif request meme → thrandiul asked: game of thrones + favourite familial relationship
“so if you hate, arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. septa mordane is a good woman, and sansa… sansa is your sister. you may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. you need her, as she needs you…”


There were trials. Of a sort. Lord Rickard demanded trial by combat, and the king granted the request. Stark armored himself as for battle, thinking to duel one of the Kingsguard. Instead they took him to the throne room and suspended him from the rafters while two of Aerys’s pyromancers kindled a blaze beneath him. The king told him that fire was the champion of House Targaryen.

  • Sansa: I'm sorry, do I...?
  • Septa: Sweet child, this is Lord Baelish, the one who will be obsessed with you for five books, will kidnap you, kiss you, and start with you a weird father/daughter relationship that will creepy out the most of the fandom.
  • Sansa: Oh.

Chapter Twenty-Two - Day 21

Overall story summary: Sansa Stark is rich, bored, and desperate for her own Mr. Darcy - an almost disastrous combination that leads her to buy a trip to Austenland - the resort where you get to practically live as if it was 1814 and find your own Austen happily ever after! When she finally gets her much poorer (and about twice as Austen-obsessed) friend Brienne Tarth to agree to go with her, they both find that the land of Jane Austen is not exactly what they expect.

Chapter Summary: Brienne attends the ball.


“I have never been fond of dresses,” Brienne said, “but this dress is-“

“Say no more,” Pia said, her smile growing. “And let us help you in it before you announce it as the most perfect dress of all creation.”

“You need to learn humbleness,” Miss Mordane said to Pia, while helping Brienne step into the blue satin dress.

But she didn’t, Brienne thought, upon seeing the finished version of herself. Pia had made Brienne someone almost pretty, like Catherine Morland. Tears welled up in Brienne’s eyes and she hid her face from the mirror.


She escaped the ballroom after her dance with Mr. Tyrell, simultaneously embarrassed and aggravated at his glowering. He knew she had very little lessons compared to the rest! He shouldn’t be so ill-mannered about it.

The hallway was quiet in a way that felt familiar and safe. It echoed with the din of the party and that calmed Brienne’s nerves. She rested against a marble pillar and closed her eyes, imagining that Mr. Darcy was about to ask her to dance.

When she opened them, Jaime was there instead.

She sang for mercy, for the living and the dead alike, for Bran and Rickon and Robb, for her sister Arya and her bastard brother Jon Snow, away off on the Wall. She sang for her mother and her father, for her grandfather Lord Hoster and her uncle Edmure Tully, for her friend Jeyne Poole, for old drunken King Robert, for Septa Mordane and Ser Dontos and Jory Cassel and Maester Luwin, for all the brave knights and soldiers who would die today, and for the children and the wives who would mourn them, and finally, toward the end, she even sang for Tyrion the Imp and for the Hound. He is no true knight but he saved me all the same, she told the Mother. Save him if you can, and gentle the rage inside him.
—  ACOK, Sansa V

Brandon was on his way to Riverrun when he heard about Lyanna, and went to King’s Landing instead. He rode into the Red Keep with a few companions, shouting for Prince Rhaegar to come out and die. But Rhaegar wasn’t there. Aerys sent his guards to arrest them all for plotting his son’s murder. Aerys accused them of treason and summoned their fathers to court to answer the charge, with the sons as hostages. When they came, he had them murdered. Fathers and sons both.


Nymeria was waiting for her in the guardroom at the base of the stairs. She bounded to her feet as soon as she caught sight of Arya. Arya grinned. The wolf pup loved her, even if no one else did. They went everywhere together, and Nymeria slept in her room, at the foot of her bed. If Mother had not forbidden it, Arya would gladly have taken the wolf with her to needlework. Let Septa Mordane complain about her stitches then.

DIREWOLF WEEK Day 4 → Nymeria (& Arya)