mordacai and rigby


“Save the universe from yourselves… or you’re fired.”

Mordacai and Rigby have one of the strongest bonds as friends that I’ve ever seen. The great thing about their characters is that despite them being in such weird situations all the time, they always manage to act or sound very much like real people would be like as best friends joking around having fun. One of the reasons I like this movie so much is that it analyses the special bond Mordo and Rigs have with each other, showing how they got to be where they are and what it would take for them to split apart.

This was another one of those videos I had plans for right around when the Regular Show movie came out, but couldn’t finish exactly around that time. Arcade Fire was already in my mind for this show, as The Suburbs is ripe with the struggles of being young in a world where everything seems to be against you. I feel like this is also one of the most professional edits I’ve done, using a lot of different effects from what I usually use.

Please enjoy! And remember, friends stick together until the end.