morby art


And then Rigby proceeded to vomit all over Mordecai’s bed, and his bathroom, and on him as well. So Mordecai couldn’t make it to his morning class because he had to do a quick laundry run. That’s the last time Mordecai threw an impromptu dorm party as well.

Ask and you shall receive. Also college AU incorporation because why not? Ahaha, thank you for the message!! Q q Q

A good friend rec’d Poppy O’Possum by @morbi to me yesterday when I was feeling down and I binged the entire thing and adored it. Full of lively, likable characters in a fantastical world; I couldn’t put it down.

I drew my favorite character from the comic, Friedrich. I absolutely adore Poppy, but Friedrich puts up with so much. Someone help this marsupial. Also check out Poppy if you haven’t, it’s great!