While working in Healdsburg Ca. at Creative Kitchens and Remodeling in 2006. The shops foreman, Ron George had his 20th anniversry.  20yrs ago he wrote this peom to wife and so I suggested that we engrave in to one of the cabinet doors in his house.

This was fun, I added a romantic style font. Then traced in CAD his initials, added a heart, and engraved the design using a MorbidelliCNC Router.

Top 10 ugliest motorcycles in history – part 1

Top 10 ugliest motorcycles in history – part 1

Sometimes bike manufacturers just get it all wrong. Now, we collected the worst of the worst, the really ugly motorcycles in the history of two-wheelers. Nobody said designing a motorcycle was easy, but don’t break the basic principles and go for sharp and muscular. Unfortunately, many designers break these rules and that’s the reason why choosing the ugliest motorcycles of all time is not easy…

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To summarise what happened this weekend at Donington: 

  • I met Gianni Morbidelli, Tom Schoffler, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Johnny Herbert and Tom Onslow-Cole. (Who all recognised me at the end of the weekend and smiled at me lots)
  • I photographer Liuzzi, Morbidelli and Herbert on the podium.
  • I got asked by Caterham’s Championship Coordinator and Motorsport Manager for some of my photographs.
  • Stood on the grid before the two Superstars International races and closed Tom Onslow-Cole and Johnny Herbert’s doors before the races. 
  • Got some amazing photographs.