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Griffith Park is a large urban park located in Los Angeles, and is the home to a world-renowned observatory, a popular zoo, and also the infamous “Hollywood” sign. It’s also said to be the most haunted park in the world, having been the scene of a number of paranormal events. Probably the most well known ghost which lurks in this park is that of Don Antonio Feliz, the original owner of the land. Legend says that his niece, Dona Petranilla, became extremely broke after not inheriting any money from her uncle following his death. It’s said that she placed a curse on this plot of land which was said to follow each successive owner. Allegedly the ghosts of both Don and Dona aren’t peaceful, either, and on one occasion, Don’s spirit chased a group of men, horseback. Some of the other ghastly figures which appear at night are that of a cryptozoological black-eyed creature  and also a young girl who was left to die in the park by her parents. It’s said that she can be seen walking around aimlessly, as if lost. Another is of the failed actress, Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign in 1932. Another hotspot for paranormal activity is the picnic bench, as seen above. On 31 October, 1976, Rand Garrett and Nancy Jeanson were crushed to death by a falling tree as they enjoyed a romantic picnic at this bench. As you can see, the tree which killed them still remains. Allegedly workers refused to remove the tree because they heard disembodied whispers, moans and cries, which spooked them out so much they left the park, never to return. 

The Perron Family

In 1971, the Perron family moved into their new home in rural Burrillville, Rhode Island, a sweeping farmhouse built in the 18th century. It was to be the start of a new life for the Perrons and their five young daughters; and it was, but not in the way they expected. After only a few nights in the house, Carolyn Perron, the mother, awoke to the specter of an old woman hung by the neck from her bedroom ceiling. Over the next few weeks, strange sounds emanated from the crawlspaces and cellar of the house, doors would open themselves and slam shut, food would sweat blood.

With the help of paranormal investigators, the Perrons discovered that a witch practicing in the 18th century had supposedly sacrificed her own child to Satan, opened the house to the devil, and then hung herself. The Perrons came to believe that the witch’s ghost—as well as a myriad of demons and the ghosts of further suicides on the property—were haunting them. One of the daughters, Andrea Perron, now in her fifties, still maintains that the story is completely true, and that her mother even became possessed at one point. She says, “The only time I was truly terrified in that house was the night I thought I saw my mother die. She spoke in a voice we had never heard before, and a power not of this world threw her 20 feet into another room.”

The Perron story is the inspiration for the film The Conjuring, but the film doesn’t tell the whole story—after Mrs. Perron was possessed, the family stayed in the house for about nine more years, and just sort of “learned to live” with the spirits.

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Does Tony know the truth? I mean as a kid, he would, surely. I mean he must know then right? “you’re not my dad” “that didn’t work for Tony… ” Hehehe I laughed too much either way, honestly. Of course Bucky is just in his own little world, completely oblivious. All he cares about is raising his son right, however big he is. And his best friend. Howard’s best friend… O.o Thanks for giving us a glimpse into their story! :D

Because this is a dark comedy, Tony 100% knows Bucky is not Howard, and he knows this because Bucky said, “Love you, son” to him shortly after he started pretending to be Howard. 

And of course at first Tony freaked out and spent several weeks trying to figure who Bucky is/put a stop to Bucky’s machinations without revealing what he knows to Bucky. After all, Bucky is somehow connected to the disappearance/death of his parents. Bucky is a dangerous man, so Tony can’t risk tipping Bucky off to what he knows.

That doesn’t men Tony can’t make Bucky’s life hell though.

And thus leads to the months that Bucky refers to as Tony’s teenage rebellious phase (even though Tony is 21). 

However as time goes by, Tony realizes something: Fake Howard is a 1000x better than real Howard. Fake Howard cares about Tony and takes care of him. He offers Tony help when he looks like he needs it, and also listens to Tony’s ideas for Stark Industries. He’s encouraging and makes time for Tony. The only better father figure Tony has ever had is Jarvis.

So after a while Tony just stops looking into it. He doesn’t blindly trust Fake Howard; he does have JARVIS monitoring Fake Howard heavily, and making sure he isn’t stealing from the company or doing anything that could harm anyone. However, Tony has stopped “rebelling” and adopted Fake Howard as his dad. 

You know what I really like about A Series of Unfortunate Events? Yeah, it’s this grim and morbid story that gives kids a new perspective on the world besides fairy tales and action shows where everybody gets a happy ending. But the Baudelaire kids know they don’t have a good outcome ahead of them. Throughout every book in the entire series we’re reminded of how miserable and disheartening it is, and that it’s perfectly okay to “look away.”

But the kids can’t look away. They’re in the thick of it. And do they let that misery consume them? No. They accept the circumstances and try to make the best of it, even though they won’t be happy. And that’s so important! Realizing that even if you don’t have a reward in sight that you can still find motivation. That even if you can’t be “happy” you can thrive off of moments of happiness. That it’s possible to keep going in a world where there are no happy endings.

It’s one thing to tell kids that the world sucks. It’s another thing to say, yeah it sucks but there is just as much good in the world as there is bad.


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Black Shuck is a large, spectral dog in British folklore - especially in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Devon - in areas steeped in supernatural and witchcraft lore. Sightings of Black Shuck continue in contemporary times. His appearance is often taken to be a death omen.

The name ‘Black Shuck’ may have come from a local word, ‘sucky’ meaning ‘shaggy’. Some believe that Black Shuck’s name derives from an Anglo-Saxon term scucca or sceocca, meaning 'demon’ or 'satan’. Other names are Old Shuck, the Galleytrot, the Shug Monkey, the Hateful Thing, the Churchyard Beast or the Hellbeast, Swooning Shadow and the Black Dog of Torrington.

Black Shuck is described as an all-black creature about the size of a calf. He has large eyes that glow yellow, red or green as if on fire. Sometimes he is one eyed like a cyclops. Often, he is headless, yet his eyes - where his eyes should be - glow in the dark. He may wear a collar of chains that rattle as he moves.

Pictured above are the church doors in Blythburgh, Suffolk. The most infamous sighting of Black Shuck occurred in this church, where the majority of the town were congregated, in August, 1577. There was a great storm raging of the Suffolk coast, and with a clap of thunder the doors burst open and Black Shuck entered the church, running through the congregation, killing a man and a boy. As Black Shuck left he reportedly left the scorch marks seen on the church door above, where they remain to this day.


MrCreepyPasta recently narrated a couple of my short, stand-alone stories, one on his channel and one on mine. Here’s “From the Sky”, a dark and ambiguous tale being frequently misinterpreted in the comments. :P


- Lux <3

Scary Friday the 13th Story!

Sorry for not writing for so long. I’ve been really busy with work and stuff, but I thought I would tell you what happened to me on Friday, the 13th. 

So, it was after hours and I was working on cremations. No big deal. But the day had been weird at work. Things being moved, footsteps being imprinted in dust, voices being heard, etc. Well, I was  cleaning out one of the retorts and after-hours, workers use a big heavy duty light that is kind of like a lamp, I guess? Anyways I was standing there filling out paper work when there was a disturbance in the lamp. I looked behind me. No one there. So I go on with my business and go into the cooler. I had set up the next body for removal to put it in the retort. Now this particular decadent was a woman who was staring straight up into the ceiling. But when I got in there, her face was turned and STARING AT ME. That shit scared me so fucking bad I kind of jolted. I turned around to kind of calm myself down and heard someone laughing. I thought it might have been a co-worker. No one was there. Finally I just hurried and did my work and left. Ghosts do exist and if you don’t think so… Become a mortician and work in a mortuary after hours. You’ll change your mind.