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Those Ancient Greeks and their morbid fucking sense of humour.

Wonder Woman redesign. I guess I’m done. This probably isn’t anything that someone haven’t done before, Still, I like it.

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I guess this could be considered part 2 of the Harley Quinn vs Darkseid piece.

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Scorpio find more comfort in trauma, in darkness than that light and airy energy of humour and laughter. Even their own sense of humour is relatively morbid and somewhat from the underworld, finding light in even in the darkest of subjects. They can handle disaster, they can handle sadness, anger, yet love and lightness is something they find extremely confusing. When they find this in another, there is a reason they become possessive and never want to let go. To have to go through the same confusion over and over is something they maybe even fear. A love spell for them is very difficult to break. One of the few things that can is deceit and betrayal. That’s about it.

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So I'm looking for a fic about Dan being in prison for killing his gf and best friend and Phil is one of the head guards (I already checked the criminal phan master list). I know it's still in progress and Dan makes puns a lot in it? That's all I know lol. Thank you!

Once BrokenWorking as a prison guard had never been a hassle for Phil. That is, until Dan Howell confessed to the murder of Marilyn Roseberry and Brendan Snider. With Dan’s charisma and morbid sense of humour, he might just find a way out, but can Phil figure Dan out before it’s too late?

- Tori

Headcanon that Armin has a sense of humour as morbid as Levi’s is scatological, and they bond over the experience of having people stare at them in awkward surprise whenever they try and make a joke.

At least they can make each other laugh.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers SPREAD POSITIVITY :D (YOOOOOOO HELLO THERE :p)

Oh gosh X)

- my sass

- my morbid humour

- my sense of humour in general

- my creativity

- my fanfics

Thank you, love!

Some fans had stated that they preferred Dark Era Dazai from ADA Dazai.

One of the state reasons was because his so charmingly cheerful presence self was just a façade, in other word, no more than just an act.

What made you think that his past self was not just another, different façade, just another, different act? A Persona he wore to reinforce his reputation in the mafia—, which consequently, made him unapproachable by others.

At least, his new ADA Persona did not chase people away from him, and they treated him with no fear despite how quirky and morbid his sense of humour can be sometimes.

(Then again, considering the things they encountered in their job and with Doctor Yosano around, nothing was too morbid or crossing the line…)

Everyone wore a façade, a Persona, a mask, not just in fiction but also reality. Did you truly think that internet gave us freedom to be ourselves? No, we simply wore another Persona; different from the one we lived our life in real life, but the former did not make the latter fake. It was just simply another aspect of ourselves.