morbid morty

Just a quick morning warm up doodle of my cleaning crew from that one fightclub prompt fic. C-382 that uniform is not up to proper practice standards. 

The Yellow Dread

Homicidal rubber duck floating in the bath,
Seeking out his victim, planning out his wrath.
Soulless eyes of hatred, squeak of hate and pain.
He goes for his attack now, forever shall he reign.
Slowly he floats towards him, his prey at age of nine.
His anger growing stronger, this is now his time!
He focuses his onslaught, he’ll stab him in the gut!
The boy just picks him up to squeeze water from his butt.
The boy unplugs the drain now, water swirls away.
Foiled this time, rubber duck, but soon you’ll have your day.

Here boy!

My what a strange dog,
I see at my feet,
He’s the oddest pooch
That I ever did meet.

He has no soft fur,
he’s just covered in scales.
And has just the longest,
And strongest of tails.

His legs are all gone,
How’s he supposed to run?
He just lies on the ground
And flicks out his tongue.

Dogs are so hyper,
Bound hither and thither,
This one I fear,
Much prefers to just slither.

He doesn’t play fetch or bark,
And get this:
When I asked him to speak,
All he said was “Hiss”

I bought him a collar,
But it just wouldn’t fit,
He lunged at my throat,
I’m afraid I’ve been bit.

Down boy! Bad dog!
He’s got some fight in him.
Unfortunately it seems,
He also had venom.

My vision grows blurry,
My eyes turn to fog.
As I start to think,
It might not be a dog.

Oh silly me,
I see my mistake,
He wasn’t a puppy!
It was green–