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Take me back to the night we met
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do;
Haunted by the ghost of you
Take me back to the night we met

Late Jashi Week thing. I didn’t want to post it because I thought it was too minimalist but I decided to put it up anyway. I also missed Morbid Monday so I figured hey! Why not kill 2 birds y'know?


Jashi Week Day 1: Morbid Monday 

Past Fears 

Even in times of peace, both Ashi and Jack would occasionally have night terrors. Jack’s would be about either Aku or his inner demon, while Ashi’s night terrors would be about either her mother or even about Jack attacking her in her Aku form. Jack would wake up to her crying and pull her into an tight embrace, reminding her that he still loves her and would never want to hurt her. 

Hello everyone! We’ve been planning this for a few weeks now, and finally have the blog/prompts/etc put together enough to announce it! :D

So, we’re happy to announce that #JashiWeek is a-go! From August 7-13th, we’ll be celebrating Jack and Ashi’s beautiful, power couple romance ❤️


August 7th - Morbid Monday
(sad themes? dark themes? go crazy!)
August 8th - Timeless Tuesday
(explore alternate endings and universes)
August 9th - Wardrobe Wednesday
(dress the pair to the nines in any outfit or costume)
August 10th - Thursday Toast
(in commemoration of the show’s first airing, depict Jack and Ashi celebrating a special event or occasion)  
August 11th - Feudal Friday
(Ashi back in Jack’s timeline)
August 12th - Saving Saturday 
(placing emphasis on the hope that saved each other)
August 13th - Soundtrack Sunday
(incorporating a fitting song or lyrics to the pairing)


*All entries and fan-content must be focused on the Jack/Ashi pairing, and should be tagged #jashiweek. (So we can find them!)

*Mature and/or sensitive content should be appropriately tagged with warnings. No exceptions.

*Entries need not be completed on the exact date of each prompt, they can be posted late. It is also not required of anyone to finish all the prompts of the week.

*All fan-content is welcomed (fanart, fanfiction, playlists, gifsets, etc.), but plagiarizing and/or reposting the works of others is prohibited. They must also not have been posted prior.

*Be kind and have fun! Don’t be a jerk. :)
Unforgettable, a samurai jack fanfic | FanFiction


I’ve seen so many amazing works of art for this tag and it’s making me giddy. 

It’s also making me very, very sad. Morbid Mondays, goddamn you.

So here! Have a lemon. It’s 1000% trash. Enjoy!

Just in time for my Monster/Morbid Monday! :)

So I generally don’t care for humanization/gijinka of non-human characters, but I so desperately want to cosplay from Five Nights at Freddy’s, and want to do it with STYLE, bruh. So here’s my spin on it! I doubt people will make the connection. lol

I might not follow the design exactly (and my body type is SOOO not like that), but for the most part it will be like this. Also, this may be the first time I’ll be half exposing my boobs…man, I’m scurred.
Melting glaciers in northern Italy reveal corpses of WW1 soldiers - Telegraph

In the decades that followed the armistice, the world warmed up and the glaciers began to retreat, revealing the debris of the White War. The material that, beginning in the 1990s, began to flood out of the mountains was remarkably well preserved. It included a love letter, addressed to Maria and never sent, and an ode to a louse, ‘friend of my long days’, scribbled on a page of an Austrian soldier’s diary.

External image

Italian troops in the trenches, with Captain Berni in the foreground. From the book ‘Il Capitano Sepolto nei Ghiacci’ Photo: © Alpinia, Bormio

The bodies, when they came, were often mummified. The two soldiers interred last September were blond, blue-eyed Austrians aged 17 and 18 years old, who died on the Presena glacier and were buried by their comrades, top-to-toe, in a crevasse. Both had bulletholes in their skulls. One still had a spoon tucked into his puttees — common practice among soldiers who travelled from trench to trench and ate out of communal pots. When Franco Nicolis of the Archaeological Heritage Office in the provincial capital, Trento, saw them, he says, his first thought was for their mothers. ‘They feel contemporary. They come out of the ice just as they went in,’ he says. In all likelihood the soldiers’ mothers never discovered their sons’ fate.

One of the oddities of the White War was that both the Alpini and the Kaiserschützen recruited local men who knew the mountains, which meant that they often knew each other too. Sometimes family loyalties were split. ‘There are many stories of people hearing the voice of a brother or a cousin in the thick of battle,’ Nicolis says.
For both sides the worst enemy was the weather, which killed more men than the fighting. At those altitudes, the temperature could fall to -30C, and the ‘white death’ — death by avalanche — claimed thousands of lives.

Just an excerpt from the  engrossing tale of the White War’s forgotten casualties…