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Behind many of Japan’s most famous and terrifying urban legends is a malicious spirit of someone who died under usually horrible circumstances and thus the legend of their curse is born. Very little is ever know about who they once were when they were human, where they where born, there childhood, and the events leading to their eventual passing and curse until now!

Coming soon starting this week as part of my ‘New Darkness In The East’ project, the back stories, the human stories of these mysterious and well known urban legends will come to life at

By supporting this project, this week you will gain exclusive access upon posting to the story behind the woman famously known as the malicious spirit Kuchisake-onna Slit-Mouthed Woman as told in a style of storytelling similar to that of Blackhaven Demon Profiles outlining the life, drama, love, wrath, revenge, and everything else behind these urban legends who had all simply started off as human as us.

Backers will also gain access to the backstories behind the last previous ghost entries and future access to the upcoming reimaginings and backstories of other popular Japanese ghosts legends such as Teke Teke, Hanako-san, Aka Manto, KuneKune, and many more that will be coming with this series.

Your support funds my continued work in providing original artwork and stories for hopefully many years to come, thank you to all who have supported in anyway thus far!

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anonymous asked:

Hai I have a little questions for you, have you ever felt that people dislike your art because it's gory/morbid nature? And if you do, how do you deal with it...? Like I draw morbid stuff and it's not like I will stop but it's just makes me sad hearing that a "cute" doodle I put no effort in is better then my usual art, and I really would like to hear an advice from you. Also you inspire me a lot🌹

Aw, thanks :) To answer your question, it doesn’t bother me to think people might dislike my art. You can’t please em all and I wouldn’t want to try to anyway. 

When I was younger it did annoy me a bit to see my cutesy art get more popular than my regular art but I understand that it’s because it had more mass appeal, whereas the morbid stuff is niche. But there are plenty of people who find it interesting and in the end they’ll be your biggest fans. Just do what you wanna do and your fanbase will find you 👍

Let’s have fun. Ninjago requests!

Any of you want to give me ideas on what do draw next? Send me suggestions via Questions or Comments on my profile.

Rules (I know we all hate this…)

Only three choices will be chosen depending on if I get any requests. If I do get any, only the best ones I think will get picked.

No OCs at all! 

Make sure what you send me is APPROPRIATE. I don’t care to draw anything morbid right now…

No yaoi or yuri. (Greenflame etc.) (because I don’t like stuff like that)

 Ninjago canon ships ONLY! (Jaya, Pixane, Kailor etc.)

Once your request is done, you may use it any way you like but credit ok? :)

Have fun. I’ll check in tomorrow!  


oh I almost forgot. Lloyd, say bye

Lloyd: bye guys.stay happy everyone! Ninja goooo!

the prom never bothered me anyway
tools: pencil (sketch), pen. 

I tested my imagination and I wanted to do something with a skull. I had my skull Kalle as model for this drawing - good boy. First I thought of a person drowning in skulls, then I thought of Death from Sandman-series but instead it became a woman in my own fashion style. Big eyes is my fav. style so fuck realism. I hated that I made the skull too small or else I had the perfect story; a woman left alone on her prom night - which she expected but agreed on attending because she was bored. She hears a voice from some high dude and succeed digging up a skeleton. This skeleton was a teen in her high school once and his soul is stuck in the skull because he regrets never attending to his prom (because he was murdered) so he could make out with his friend and complain about stuff. The skull tells the goth girl to kiss him and so she does - because she has seen a lot weirder stuff in movies - and the skull turns into a naked hippie dude. The blushing goth girl gives him clothes and experience a weird adventure with the hippie - like Princess and the Frog ….but weirder.