morbid dork 2


During the purging of my purse at Quimby’s today, I discovered that only two of three issues I had of ‘Morbid Dork #1 and #2’ were accounted for. 


To whomever bought my comics: Thank you. I’ll be glad to send you a personalized thank you note if you reveal your identity! Quimby dungeon master, Neil Brideau told me that the sale was made 5/18/13. 

And thanks to Quimby’s for continuing to carry self-published comics, zines, and mini-comics!


Check out the cool customized decorated envelopes that come when you buy a copy of ‘MORBID DORK #2’!  Just think- even if you don’t like the comic book, you’ll have this beautifully colored envelope to admire instead! It’s win win for everyone! This premium deal costs $4.50 (shipping and handling included). All you have to do is ask me here on tumblr or at! 

The first envelope is addressed to Dusty James, an even cooler artist whom you should buy art from! Here’s his tumblr page where you can check out his stuff!