morbid creations

acquisitive-adventurers  asked:


☘ : Does your muse believe in luck? How about fate?

- “I was lucky enough for Mister Ren to be interested in my candies.. Lucky enough Reylain let me back inside the estate because now i have a place to make my products. Can’t do everything in my dollhouse now can I. Fate, no I don’t believe in it.”

☕ : Does your muse prefer coffee or tea?

-”Unless either of those are spiked with blood then none.”

εїз : How does your muse feel about bugs and insects?

- “I love em especially when I send them with certain gifts.. They are very symbolic most of them. Others I use for wicked personal reasons. They are like my mini coworkers in my morbid creations.”

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Although Jeffrey Dahmer never harmed any living animals when he was a youngster, he often reveled in the fact that his neighbours would squirm and recoil in horror at his morbid creations. On one occasion, he found a dead dog and decided to decapitate it. He then impaled the lifeless head onto a rusty stake behind his house, so that the neighbours would see. As he heard the mortified screams, the would-be serial killer collapsed in a fit of giggles at what he had done.