morbid creations

There are definite similarities between Law and Robin’s stories, so I thought I’d have some fun drawing comparisons.

They have the same careers as their dead parents:

Both had mentor figures that cared for them (who are also dead…):

And got taken away by that mentor for their own safety:

Both saw people they cared about killed:

Both got told to live on because there is hope in the future:

Both saw their entire homes destroyed, including everyone they had ever known:

They have very justified reasons for hating the world government:

Both were rejected by the world for things out of their control:

They both grew up to be enigmatic allies to Luffy, good people despite everything:

And they both try to stop Luffy from saving them later:

So, can they be best friends now?

Although Jeffrey Dahmer never harmed any living animals when he was a youngster, he often reveled in the fact that his neighbours would squirm and recoil in horror at his morbid creations. On one occasion, he found a dead dog and decided to decapitate it. He then impaled the lifeless head onto a rusty stake behind his house, so that the neighbours would see. As he heard the mortified screams, the would-be serial killer collapsed in a fit of giggles at what he had done.