Got a nice e-mail the other day from blog follower and fellow Vivier design, builder/sailor, Paul, from Essex. He had just completed building a Morbic 12 when he came upon my blog, and he says it helped fill the building void left after completing his boat. Anyone who has built a boat will know all about the void!!! His Morbic is called Boo Babu - his two year old son’s translation of ‘Blue Boat’! Paul sails Boo Babu with his partner Niamh on the River Blackwater. As you can see from the pictures, it is a perfect cruising ground for a sail and oar boat. I asked Paul could I post his pictures as it might serve as a rallying call to anyone who has been dithering about building a boat. Well it’s a new year, so go buy those plans. If you have those, go buy some plywood and get cutting!! And take your time. And enjoy it!

devil-born asked:

I love your style of art. It's quite enjoyable to admire with a feeling of a goofy sort of darkness. It just seems so fun with a kind of morbic sense and I love it all to bits. ♥ I hope some day my art could be on par woth yours.

yells thank you so much ;; v ;; ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥