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Guyito wears a FEU headstrap | View on Flickr

This is Guyito, the official mascot of Philippine Daily Inquirer which I won during a raffle draw of my course organization’s seminar last year. 

This post is dedicated to the incoming UAAP season 74. The first game will be on July 10, 2011 live at Araneta Coliseum. Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) vs Far Eastern University (FEU) are first on the list.

I really can’t wait for the new season to open! July 10, come faster! 


My workplace. Such a mess, isn’t it? Lol! And my photo is grainy! Too bad I had to use a high ISO for this one :| Anyhow, I am still waiting for the announcement from our school. And why is it FEU is always late when it comes to this kind of announcement? Ugh! Whatever, I’ll just continue eating my skyflakes with nutella fillings, yummm! :3

How’s your evening guys? :)

Wing ring from Greenhills Shopping Center at San Juan. 

Today is a love-hate day. I really want to share it to you guys but I can’t. I have some assignments to finish tonight and it is all a major subjects so I need to focus more! * procrastinating once again* Seriously, I can now feel the burden of being a third year college student. Plus the fact that our dismissal is always at 9pm. Ugh! Curse our schedule!! :|  And oh, the weather now a days, they’re making me really lazy to wake up every morning. Hello bed weather! Brr! :p

Anyhow, hello to my new followers. I’ve been gaining a lot now a days. Thank you so much guys! <3

Angry Sun

49 php grande Dark Mocha Frappe from Fozz located at Lerma Street.

The title is self-explanatory especially if you live here in the Philippines. It was a one hot day yesterday. I can’t explain how hot it is that I suddenly miss the rain and its cold breeze of the wind. (I like it whenever it is cold especially when I’m with my boyfriend because he like to hug me all the time, lol) I am still lucky that Fozz is there whenever the sun is striking me. Please don’t ever leave Lerma! :)

More over, since we cannot really handle the heat, we decided to move to the university library to spend our 3 hours break and to have a review for our Financial Statement a.k.a. Financial Accounting quiz.

Stoleeeen! HOMAYGAWD! hahahaha! =)) That’s my honey while playing Harvest  Moon on his PSP and that’s me while having some retouch inside the library, lol! :D

Big arm! :(

The library was full of students who are not reading or studying. Then the “Silence Please” suddenly alarmed. Thank goodness, we were not able to hear the worst alarm tone ever! Hahaha! ;p

Okay, so next is going to be my what are my school stuff. Nothing fancy. Just want to share it.

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Pobi Korean Restaurant

Pobi Korean Restaurant.

Our Korean classmate, Jong-Ryoun Park treated us after our Total Quality Management class into a Korean restaurant yesterday. The restaurant is just few steps away from the main university which is located in front of the FEU R. Papa Gym. We didn’t plan to eat here (we just want to eat street foods at the hepa lane, actually!) but he insisted to treat us he said that it’s his “surprise” and “advance” Christmas gift for us. Hahaha :P

I ate a lot of Kimchi and the “sushi”. I almost ate the one with a rice and sunny-side up egg but unfortunately there’s a shrimp on it. The rest, in all honesty, they just taste awful! They even forced me to eat the fish cake with boiled egg and noodles, ugh!!!! Park then told me that it tastes really different from the authentic Korean food.Since this is my first time to eat at a Korean resto, I will not say mean stuff about them because there’s nothing to say despite of the foods that I cannot understand the taste. I am really disappointed with the taste but I am still thankful to Park for doing this. Kamsehamnida! :-)

This post will also serve as an entry about our last school day for the year 2011. I must say that I need to put more effort when it comes to studying next year especially on our DevEnt I aka Feasibility Studies  I class. We screwed up on our preliminary defense and we to have start all over again.*sigh* Anyway, today, my Christmas vacation officially started. I will go home to our province tomorrow. Unfortunately, some of my professors bombarded us with tons of projects to do during our vacation. Magbabakasyon ba talaga kami?!  HAHAHAHA! =)) And to end this post, here are some of our photos taken before and after we eat.


I made a new header for my blog since I got bored with my old text-with-image header. I made something out of *insert-words-here* hahaha! :p Okay so now I am doing the revise on the first part of our Advertising Campaign Plan. I am having a hard time with the industry growth and he’s now my current enemy. I will not sleep, again, just to finish revising it. And because of the unending sleepless nights, pimples started to multiply on my face (please stop it! no more space for new pimples!), I got a cold and I keep on coughing like I’m a barking dog. Anyway, I am still thankful that there will be a two days of vacation next week. I can finally have all the time to finish this campaign plan, other school works and review for our incoming midterm examination (holiday for others, but not for me!)

I’ll stop whining now. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!~

More behind the scenes photos from FEU's 83rd founding anniversary.

Here some photos of Vice Ganda, Kean Cipriano and Ely Buendia that I got, again, from my fellow marketer and tamaraw, Mark.

External image

Hey Mark! More photos of Kean please :)