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starting a punk / hxc / metal / emo / screamo station at the college i'm going to. rly want to think of a name but all i can think of is "Funeral Sounds". will u sue me or be mad if i use Funeral Sounds as the name of my radio station?

i wont sue u but ill be kinda bugged about it i think. tbh i think it’s a great name and i’m scared of someone using it and then suing me for it bc no copyright and then everything will be lost and ill want death. also wouldn’t want anyone to think “oh this station must be associated w that label” even though i’m sure it’ll be great / we might have similar tastes, just for clarity’s sake. idk. i’d prefer not i guess? let’s brainstorm some names together:

moratorium noises
crematory creaks
dead people making vibrations
black hole sun

i’m bad at this srry. idk how i came up w this name. ask again, this is a #hottake, maybe ill have changed my mind in 5 minutes.

jadesabre301 replied to your post “[[MOR] jadesabre301 replied to your photo “Lookie what I finished at…”


jadesabre301 replied to your post “[[MOR] jadesabre301 replied to your photo “Lookie what I finished at…”

okay NO YOU I HAVE ONLY HEARD SUCH AWESOME THINGS ABOUT YOU ALL OVER THE PLACE i just had a follow moratorium going on because of DA:I and now I’m trying to find all the people I was going to follow AND I WAS SO PLEASED TO REMEMBER TO FOLLOW YOU


Ummm…wow. Thank you! I mean…ah hah hah “all over the place” oh myyy @__@


PS: You are also tres fabulous!


The Consumer Energy Alliance is highlighting some of the people who have been affected from the Gulf of Mexico moratorium. For more check out,


DIAURA 「モラトリアム (Moratorium)」 MV (Full HD)
Japan Exhibits Weapons for First Time since Lifting of Ban

For the first time since Tokyo has been permitted to export arms, Japanese military technology is being presented at the Eurosatory 2014 international exhibition, NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, reported.

Ten Japanese companies have placed their exhibits in a 250 square meter area, displaying an armored vehicle, a helicopter and a parachute, among other defense industry products.

In April, the government effectively waived the ban on arms exports. Now there are only three circumstances under which Japanese companies are prohibited from selling weapons abroad: when the countries purchasing the arms are involved in international conflicts; when the buyer presents a threat to Japan’s security; or when the weapons are being used for purposes other than those specified in the contract, such as the transfer to third parties. Under these conditions the Japanese manufacturers are allowed to export weapons and actively participate in international arms development.

The Eurosatory 2014 international military exhibition opened in Paris on June 16 and runs until June 20. It is considered one of the largest exhibitions with 1,500 companies from 57 countries, including Russia, presenting their weaponry.
Norway whale catch reaches highest number since 1993

Fishermen in Norway have caught 729 whales this year, the highest number since it resumed the controversial practice in defiance of international pressure, industry sources said on Monday.

“The season is more or less finished and it’s been very good,” said Svein Ove Haugland, deputy director of the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organisation.

The eventual figure may increase slightly before the season’s end but is already the highest since 1993, when Norway resumed whaling despite a worldwide moratorium, which Oslo officially rejected.

In 2013, Norway caught 590 rorqual whales, far higher than the previous year.

The yield for 2014 remains far below the country’s annual quota of 1,286 whales.

“There’s a bottleneck in the market and the distribution. We must rebuild demand for whale meat, subject to tough competition from meat (from land animals) and fish,” Haugland said.

Urgh :(

words I've learned this summer...

I’ve learned the meanings to several different words this summer. Some pertain to the veterinary field, others do not. I will list some along with their definitions now, but will also be making more than one post due to the number of words on the list haha.

-moratorium: noun; a temporary prohibition of an activity (commonly used in legal context).

-aplomb: noun; self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.

-hirsute: adjective; hairy.

June 24th, 2013, 12:03am, NZT.

It’s my birthday. Traditionally, I have All of the Mixed Feels about my birthday. But then… I’ve been having All of the Mixed Feels all of the time, lately!

Tiny Fists of Rage and hypervigilance in the wake of me and my partner both being physically threatened directly outside of our home (in two separate, unrelated incidents, by rapey aggro strangers) this winter. I’ve been trying not to talk about that much or even think about it. But PTSDerp strikes deep. That, and a deficiency of sunlight and warmth, and an ever-growing sense of isolation here in Wellington, physically cut off from all of my closest loved ones for months on end, save Bunny. Time is passing faster, always faster. Five years, I’ve been down here, trying to make substantial creative headway. Trying to make various complicated situations work for me. Frankly, in spite of the successes I’ve enjoyed, I keep hitting the rails.

Ever-mounting anxiety about ongoing Kickstarter fulfillment delays isn’t helping. (I take full responsibility for all of the circumstances causing said delays, of course. I know it’ll pass eventually. It’s all getting done. Just a bit overwhelmed at the moment.) Neither is the panicky frustration I wrangle with concerning my ongoing physical health issues. Then there’s the guilt: why can’t you just figure out a way to happy and grateful for all that you have, you silly bitch?

Then, underneath all of that, a grief. A hard, heavy, cleaving weight in my chest, like a hatchet that’s been buried to the hilt in my heart for so long, I don’t even remember when, let alone how it got there. Grief that has neither name nor reason, and yet, more often than not, feels more familiar to me than my own name and whatever core, instinctual reasons keep me longing to try, and fight, and love.  Grief that I can and will continue to live with, but sometimes it’s exhausting. (I know, I know. Somebody call the WAAAAHHHHMBULANCE.)

I’ve been trying to ignore All of the Mixed Feels. Largely by puffing myself up like so. Spending more time than usual going into outraged social justicey mode. Because, better to fight, right? Better that, always, than to quietly crawl away to a dark corner and just… check out. But while being constantly snarkified and up-in-arms is undoubtedly preferable to lapsing major-depressive and crawling under the porch, neither states are optimal, or sustainable! 

So. No more hollering and leaning into the void. Gonna take some time off social networking for a while. Time to take a break and just… I dunno, have a kiki by myself, with myself, AFK.

Considering how alone I often feel in this provincial little windsock of a country down at the bottom of the world, it’s a bit like choosing to sit down in an open field to watch a tornado forming in the clouds directly above my head. But weirdly, that is exactly what I need right now. I’ve figured out that much, and for once, I’m calm.

Because I’m me, I can’t not attempt to explain to anyone who’s reading and maybe gives a crap. Can’t help but try to connect, even when I’m in the midst of disconnecting. So… friends, I really hope I’m not sounding TOO overly dramaful or long-winded, here. I just want to make it clear that I’m taking a break for a while, and why, and that I <3 you.

I’ll still be diligently hammering away at Kickstarter stuff, and I’ll always be available to correspond via email, but that’s it. No Twitter, no Tumblr, no Instagram, no Pinterest, no message boards, no IM, no Facebook for a wee bit.  Starting now. 

Oh! One exception! Bun set me up a bad-ass new proxy as a birthday present. (Thank you, love.) From time to time, I’ll be breaking my social networking fast to goof around in the Coilhouse room. And I’ll be sure to ping my various feeds whenever I’m there. Hoping lots of my friends will come hang out and play music and shoot the shit.

Buttttt. Dat’s it for a bit.

Not sure how long I’ll be away. Could be I just need a few days to reboot. Could be I need far longer. We shall see. And we’ll meet again some sunny day.

Feeling love and sending love.

Be healed, be well.