okay so I realized entirely after I figured out how I wanted to interpret taako that he looks like a keEBLER ELF

and then a few episodes later Taako goes and bakes macaroons for everyone and now I headcanon this so hard

so this is my official petition. I know justin had taako down as a high elf but can we please please canonically change his race to keebler boy

ooohkay so here’s my kiddo for toarp even though tumblr made the picture gross as usual

Name: Lacy Dodgson

Age: 20

Height: 5'2"

Personality: Lacy’s a pretty timid and fidgety person, who tends to stammer a lot when she speaks, which is why she prefers online contact. Currently she goes to college and is majoring in history with a great focus on the Industrial Revolution through the end of the Gilded Age, something she’s got an enormous passion for and can discuss at great length. This is in part fueled by an enormous fascination with people and their motivations and interactions and how they set things into motion that almost had her going into psychology. Lacy’s very kind for the most part to the point of being something of a doormat, though she has difficulty reaching out to people before she’s comfortable with them (not to say she can’t if she puts her mind to it). 

her blog can be found here!

This is Lucille, my treespiritgirlthing character u 3 u

She’s a sweetie and I’ll be filling out the rest of her profile on my character blog shortly I think!

Her hair changes with the seasons in her home forest, so this is her winter ‘do. In spring, she’s got twigs for hair, and then it’s pulled into a ponytail just as now. Summer and fall, she’s got green and autumnal foliage respectively, and she lets her hair hang down.

I really love Lucille guys