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You were evading Pinkerton agents and this handsome guy saw you and you’re worried he would rat you out.

The agent shown him a picture of you and to your surprise he shook his head as he made eye contact with you.

When the agents were gone he approached you and introduced himself.

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“Hi. I’m Sebastian Moran, and you owe me one.”

“Thanks. I’m [Y/N]. What do you propose?”

“Your last name. And dinner.”

“That would mean I owe you two things.”

“Dinner, then. Your last name will come up eventually.”

~present day~

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SM: [Y/N], we’ve known each other for a long time and we’ve dated for almost two years. I think it’s time you tell me your last name. Smith? Park? Iverson? Tsang? Watson?

[Y/N]: Nope. That’ll teach you to make better choices next time.

So, I have been having so many Michael Fassbender/Sebastian/MorMor feels. I had them before, but they increased by about ten million today. But have you seen Fassbender??? Like really?
Look at 

this asshole

he looks like he could fuck you up in one second

and then you want him to 

then his stupid sad and emotional face







and then, to make it worse, he has this stupid crooked smile

So done with this little shit. Avoid at all costs.

Sherlock Chatroom (Moriarty x Reader)

Sherlock Holmes has started a chat.

Sebastian Moran has joined the chat.

Hey Sherl- Sebastian

Colonel Moran-Sherlock

Jim Moriarty the Death Kitten has joined the chat.



LOL sorry Jimmy- Sebastian

John Watson has joined the chat.

Greg Lestrade has joined the chat.

(Y/N) Holmes has joined the chat.

Hello, sister mine- Sherlock

You have a sister?- Jim

Actually we’re cousins- (Y/N)

Seb, info on the newest Holmes, please- Jim

Hi, Death Kitten- John

STFU, Watson- Jim

Sebastian has sent Jim a private message.

Is the Death Kitten the bomber from the Great Game?- Greg


Hey, doesn’t that make your initials J.I.M.?- Sherlock

Yeah. Hey Sherly, Seb just sent me a pic of your sister, she’s hot- Jim

Uh, thanks?- (Y/N)

*sticks knife into Death Kitten* don’t even think about it- Sherlock

Yeah don’t she’s mine- Greg



Lestrade your name is Greg?-Sherlock

I’m not yours Greg. BTW Jim how the hell did you get to my house so soon?- (Y/N)

I have my ways-Jim

Sebastian has logged off.


Why do you care, Sherl?- (Y/N)

Because if you get married I’ll be related to a criminal- Sherlock

Sherlock mind your own business- John

*snogging (Y/N)’s face off*-Jim


He’s not kissing me he just said that to annoy you guys- (Y/N)


Sadly, it is-Jim

You wanna get coffee?- (Y/N)

Yeah, sure. BYE SHERLY- Jim


Jim has logged off.

(Y/N) has logged off.

AN_ Yeah, I know, not praiseworthy. But still, my first attempt at a chatroom thingy.

Puppy Love

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader (Platonic / Friendship)
Word count: 574
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @dont-hate-relate-pls ) Okay, I’m not much of a requester person since I write too, but I want to challenge you to write the CUTEST and MOST FLUFFIEST platonic Rob x Reader! I don’t mind in what way you’ll write, but only if it’s okay with you, of course…
Authors Note: I took you to be literal and wrote a very FLUFFY fic.  And the Billy I refer to in this is Billy Moran, although I’m assuming everyone would figure that out.

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Johniarty Fanfiction Rec

All fanfiction here is completely consensual Johniarty. They do not all end happily, but they feature Jim and John being with each other without any of the commonly associated factors of this ship, such as Stockholm syndrome or rape. None of these break up John and Jim in favour for another relationship. Remember to check the tags on each fic for warnings.

Organized from shortest to longest (because that’s how I like opening fanfiction recs :P)

Mark My Skin (Make It Permanent) - Jim hates covering Sebastian’s appointments. He runs the parlor, but he doesn’t enjoy getting his hands dirty. Until one of Sebastian’s old army buddies comes in for a touch up, that is.

Write Truth On These Scars (Cause They’re Only Lies) - The first time they meet, John has perfect skin and a flawless smile. The next time, there’s scars over his entire body and closed lips.

99 Problems - When John is doing his weekly trip to Tesco, he gets an unexpected shopping buddy in the form of he world’s only Consulting Criminal.

The Hangover - A trip to Las Vegas combined with a lot of alcohol? Yes, even the brightest minds will fall. Nothing beats the morning after the party. The hangover.

Come About - Pirate life seemed to suit John, and serving under Captain Moriarty had its boons.

Knight, Burning Knight - "Bloody hell, Watson,“ Moran rasps. "What are you doing here?" "Strangely enough, that was what I wanted to ask you too,” John replies wryly, stretching his left arm out cautiously and taking a closer look at the other man. “Punctured lung?" Kidnapped during a case, John rescues himself and comes across an injured Sebastian Moran. Afterwards, Jim Moriarty changes his mind and decides that one John Watson isn’t as boring as he first seemed.

What Gets The Blood Going - After being shot, John Watson is honourably discharged and forced to return to London. Upon his return, he finds that he is missing something in his life: the excitement. He decides to take a buddy’s advice and become a blood donor for vampires in hopes that it will help. When he is rejected because of the shrapnel in his shoulder, which "taints” his blood, he decides to just make the best of the night. He isn’t expecting for any vampire to take an interest in him. Especially not one as interesting as Jim Moriarty.

Five Steps To Freedom - After being bitten in Maiwand, Afghanistan, John Watson is honourably discharged after presenting as an Omega. He is sent to the Centre, a location that keeps Omegas in order to properly pair them with a compatible Alpha through a five step process. For John, this place has become a prison. However, that is soon to all change for John when an Alpha finally decides to go through the process with him.

Miles Of Stars - The author has no summary, and while I could try to describe this fic, there frankly is no right way to put what it is in any other words than what has been written. Just trust me and read it.

Never Again - Jim knew in that moment that there was something more to his neighbors’ relationship. That maybe his limp had nothing to do with an old war wound and everything to do with something a lot fresher. A lot more domestic. AU

Toxicology - "The boxes were damn heavy, and John was tired of hauling them down the rickety flight of stairs to the street. The living room was dead silent when he passed by, but then, what did he expect?“ Sherlock breaks John’s heart. Moriarty is there to pick up the pieces and introduce John to the London criminal underground.

Dr And Mr Moriarty - John is Jim Moriarty’s husband… …and he is a perfectly ordinary bloke. Criminal activities don’t touch their relationship. Absolutely. They have an ordinary relationship and marriage. They are both happy - for a given value of happy, between a secret criminal mastermind and an ex-Army surgeon. Right? Sherlock Holmes is confused. Dr Moriarty is a psychopath, who’s happily married to Jim Watson. From the outside looking in, Dr Moriarty is the most interesting, most beguiling entity to grace him. They should be playing their great game… and Dr Moriarty shouldn’t be tied down to someone as plebian as Jim from IT… right?

Fully Operational - Customizable androids usually take twelve months to create. Jim Moriarty was willing to pay for his customized android to be fast tracked to merely eight months. Upon awakening, John Watson can tell something’s not quite right with his owner, but he doesn’t know exactly what or how to find out.

On The Orbits Of Asteroids - Watson has a secret from his past that he’s kept from Holmes, but the past has a tendency to come back and haunt you.

Here Comes The Sun - John Watson, reaped for the 67th Hunger Games, vows to himself and his sister, that he’ll make it back to district eight alive, no distractions allowed. Only problem is, he didn’t count on meeting Sherlock Holmes or Jim Moriarty.

Things That Start With M - John is lost in the monotony of mundane life, visiting Sherlock’s grave every week. Imagine his surprise when he meets someone there… A dark-haired genius who’s supposed to be dead. Oh no, it’s not who you’re thinking. Don’t be OBVIOUS, nothing is as it seems, and madness is like gravity… Like falling down a rabbit hole. Post-Reichenbach AU.


A continuation of yesterday’s wonderland!mormor, requested by pocket-companion and some other bloggers in the tags–how could I refuse?

As if their height difference wasn’t already great enough, Seb of course finishes half of the “eat me” cake before realizing its effects…

Connection Twenty Four

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four.  Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.  Eighteen.  Nineteen.  Twenty.   Twenty One.   Twenty Two. Twenty Three.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 4500

Your name: submit What is this?

You were sitting in front of the third building on Vic’s list and quickly losing to Will’s boredom. It didn’t help that you had been stuck in the car all day. Planes were interesting but sitting in a car was apparently where Will drew the line. You were planning on taking Will back to the safe house when Vic finally spotted some movement.

“I’ve got something. We need a closer look. What do you think Will? You want to stretch your legs?”

“Yes!” Will hollered but you glared at Vic.

“He can’t go near…”

Vic turned around with a grin and a quirked brow, “do you honestly believe I’d ever put him in harm’s way?”


“There’s a coffee shop up there and you or I can take him in there while the other sits on that bench out front. Perfect view without drawing attention.” She pulled on her jacket with a wink at Taylor, “see you at the meet point, super fan.” Then she slipped out the passenger door with Will following right behind slinging on his backpack.

You jumped out of the car and ran around to catch up with them strolling up the sidewalk. You stopped in front of the coffee shop getting an odd flashback to Germany. It was nothing like that small shop yet the feeling wouldn’t dissipate. Vic walked inside with Will and you figured you were taking the first bench warming.

You sat down and lifted your phone. It was a common enough occurrence, someone reading or playing something on a phone that it was actually terrifying how easy it was to open your camera and zoom in on the building across the street. There was more than enough movement but no one that really stood out.

Twenty minutes later, Vic and Will walked out and Vic played up the friendly banter of an old friend. You glanced at your phone as you stood and something caught your eye. A woman with dark brown hair pulled back in a severe bun had stopped at the gate in front of the building and you could swear she was looking at you. You turned to get a better look and that tingling at the base of your skull stood those little hairs on end. The woman flashed recognition and smiled, she knew you but you had no idea who she was. You hit the small shutter button a couple times hoping you got a good shot before she turned and walked off. You glanced down and noticed in the last picture what you hadn’t in real time, Moran was standing right behind her.

“We need to go.” You tapped a few buttons and sent the picture to Vic’s phone. “This woman saw me, she knows me and I have no clue who she is.”

Vic pulled out her phone, “okay, give me a second.” You felt exposed and wanted to move immediately but you knew Vic had a handle on this much better than you did. “Got her.”

“What?” You turned and looked at her phone. She had a facial recognition program open with not only the picture but a keyword filter of Moran. This app wasn’t something that just everyone could get but you wanted it now.

“Elizabeth Moran, Sebastian’s little sister. A Chemist and talented hacker apparently. It’s weird, I didn’t know he had a sister. I’ll try to follow her, you get to the meet point and Taylor will take you back to the safe house. I’ll see if I can track where she’s going then check in with Mycroft.” You nodded as she jogged off then you took Will’s hand and turned back the way you came.

You strolled along the sidewalk looking just like the rest of the people taking in the shops on either side of the street but all you saw was that woman’s face. The way she had looked at you, the surprise and yet… happy. You couldn’t understand it and it was… haunting. You didn’t mean to but you were distracted and if it wasn’t for that creepy crawly feeling up your spine and the tingling at the base of your skull yet again, you might have missed him. Someone was watching you.

The first street sign you came across was only a block away from your meet point and then you spotted Taylor’s cab at the next corner. Something wasn’t right. Taylor specifically said he would not be parked but idling and he’d pull around the corner once he spotted you, but the cab wasn’t even running. You followed your instincts that Taylor was not an option and stopped by the first store front with a clean window. You caught the man who blended in without a single thing to make him memorable in the reflection while searching for something in your bag. He paused instead of closing in on you or continuing his path.

“Will, remember what I told you about the sun and moon?”

He glanced around with a subtlety that was almost an art form before looking up at you, “so high we can all see it?”

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and if you don't want to delve into the twin prompt, then please do a mormor version of the cute after surgery video (idk if you've seen it? If you haven't then I can provide said video because it is worth watching)

Jim always looks too pale with his eyes closed. It makes him look younger, vulnerable, sick - which in turn makes you feel deeply unsettlingly worried.

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I read a book, yo! Have you read any Caitlin Moran yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Moran’s latest collection of London Times essays, Moranifesto, is brilliant. She’s a former music journalist who loves pop culture, and she’s wickedly funny. But as a vocal feminist, she’s also not afraid to tackle some of the larger political issues of the day. And she’s delightfully British. What’s not to love about that?