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Your sleep was disturbed by the sound of a door closing and the sound of running water, you held your head up to see if it was Sebastian making that noise when you saw someone else in the room.

You were about to yell but you realised it was Moriarty. He gave you a brief smile and a nod as he paced around the room whilst holding a small revolver. Your eyes widen, afraid you had done something wrong and he was here to kill you.

But no, he continued pacing around the room, like he was waiting for Sebastian to walk out of the bathroom. And you were right.

As soon as Sebastian walked out, he pointed his gun at him.

JM: Moran.

SM: Boss.

Sebastian held his hand up and didn’t even dare glance at you.

JM: I remember specifically for you not to get close to [Y/N].

SM: Yes.

JM: And yet here you are.

Mormor Text Prompts

The room is spinning. What the hell did you put in my drink? -SM

Sebastian Moran, I swear to God, if you forgot to unlock these handcuffs again… -JM

There is /blood/ on my new vintage handwoven Aubusson carpet, Sebastian. If you aren’t already half-dead, you can expect to be within the hour. -JM

[IMG attached] Ah, shite. Any chance you could not open that picture I just sent you? -SM

I understand that you’re “macho” and everything, honey, but if you don’t go see a therapist for that PTSD, I am going to personally smother you in your sleep. I haven’t gotten a full night’s rest in months. -JM

I’m bored. Truth or dare? -JM

Look, Boss, there’s something I gotta tell you. You’re going to hate me for this, but I figure it’s better coming out of my mouth than any other way. You know a couple of years back, how we killed Johnson for being a mole? It wasn’t him, it was me. -SM

Darling, if you miss women so much, you know you can always ask me for a threesome. -JM

I think I’m in love with you and it scares the hell out of me. -SM

Sebastian, darling, don’t think that I don’t see you staring at my arse through the scope of your rifle. Get back to work. -JM

Hey, Boss. Can you promise me something? When you’re done with me, I want you to kill me yourself. Close range. I don’t want one of your new snipers trying to pick me off on the street. I want to be special, you know? -SM

Good God. I leave you to yourself for two years, and the flat smells like you chain smoked  a new pack of cigarettes everyday. You’re going to need to fumigate that place before I try to get anywhere near it again. -JM

Oh my fucking God, I finally remembered where I knew you from. You were a stripper. The KitKat Bar, remember? Don’t even try to deny it, that was you. I know it. -SM


Sky Pirate ‘verse Aesthetic: Sherlock Holmes + James Moriarty + Sebastian Moran (Mormorlock)

In a world where the continents float in mid-air and ships fly, populated with fantastic creatures and horrible monsters, Sebastian Moran is the twenty yeared old captain of the ship ‘the Raft’, run away from the Navy and in search of adventures; his fortunate companions are James Moriarty, a lame young mathematician who is seeking beauty in his wanderings around the world, and Sherlock Holmes, a chemist devoted to knowledge who’s after the thrill of life.
The three of them are pursuing an unusual treasure, the Spheres, which contain the secret Lost Knowledge of that ancient world.
Their journey hides unexpected dangers and incredible risks, but it will eventually teach them who they really are and what the purpose of their wandering lives is.