alright disney,,,,,,if yall are really going on some ‘live action remake of all our old cartoon movies spree’ then listen up,,,,,atlantis. do you hear me?atlantis the lost empire (2001). diverse cast. strong plot. good moral lessons that kids will understand. everything. no more cinderella no more snow white no more sleeping blondie. a t l a n t i s

svtfoe is so much more the ships, ships are alright but so many people are forgetting svtfoe is also a show about:

- a deeper story about prejudice against monsters

-mystery and magic

-cute and fun characters and getting to see all their dynamics/how they interact with each other

-some very morals/lesson for kids to learn

-and a lot of creative overlooked concepts

-a generally an awesomely animated show with wicked/action fight scenes !!!

It’s just a wacky fun action-packed magical girl show that should be enjoyed as a whole!!! not just hyperfocused the romance aspect. We don’t often get a show like this, a show that does such a good job at teaching us how to have fun!

I listened to a great Buddhist sermon on TV just now:

once upon a time, there was a father whose son was always getting angry at the smallest things. he just couldn’t control his anger.

one day, the father said to his son, “every time you get angry, hammer a nail into the wall.”

the son was confused, but did as he had been told. several times a day, whenever he got angry, he took a hammer and hit a nail into the wall. soon, his arms were aching and he had gotten thoroughly tired of hammering all those nails.

he saw how ugly the wall had become with all those random nails, and painstakingly removed them all.

his father came and watched him, then pointed out all the holes in the wall that needed to be fixed.

he said something along the lines of, “son, it took you only a few minutes to hammer those nails into the wall, didn’t it? but look how long it is taking you to remove them. and even if you patch up all these holes now, the wall will never look the same.”

i think you all realise what the moral of the story is: anger harms only the one who gets angry…and the damage of angry words, once spoken, can never be undone.

Bard: It’s not stealing if it’s for good.

Paladin: Okay, before we move on, this is a rare chance to get a moral lesson. Yes, this is stealing. But the world is not black and white. There is grey and this is one of those grey area -

Druid (Interrupting): I’m with Bard, we’re stealing the baby.

Danny is meant to be a savior or something, as he rallies against un-kicked heads and big business alike. But his quest as the chosen one never feels like anything more than your college roommate’s two-week quest to try Tai Chi each morning, especially when he’s paired with Colleen Wing, the owner of a martial arts dojo with actual experience. He shows up in New York, shoeless with an “I traveled abroad this summer and it CHANGED MY LIFE” outfit, and immediately remarks about how he used to skateboard in a skyscraper. You’re so fucking cool, Danny. And did you immediately go to the one dojo in New York City and school the expert female owner in both martial arts techniques and “finding your inner strength”?

Of course you did, because if something exists, whether it’s morality lessons or punching, Danny Rand has got to be the best at it. He’s the ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy for everyone who’s ever talked for an hour to a stranger about finding their zen and then gotten angry when that stranger refused to sign up for Tae Kwon Do lessons. He’s lacks any character traits, but if you have a character trait, Danny Rand could still probably one-up you on it. He’s the guy who tries to fuck a girl after her massage session and claims that it was all about “healing.”

How Iron Fist Killed Marvel’s Winning Streak

The types as movie characters/plot
  • ESFP: The fun and outgoing main character that gets warped into a dramatic quest to fight off bad guys and save their best friend
  • ENFP: The hopelessly romantic princess with the over protective parents. Ends up running away in order to follow her dreams which disguising as a peasant.
  • ESTP: The hero that gets to finally show off their amazing skills from years of combat training. They save the town from destruction (and get the girl/boy)
  • ENTP: The asshole type character that tries hard to be disliked, but for some reason, you can't not like them. They end up learning some kind of moral lesson about love
  • ESFJ: The backbone of a family under the apocalypse. They are second-in-command and can be very vicious when their loved ones are hurt. Was probably a doctor as well.
  • ENFJ: The main character that sacrifices themselves too easily for their friends. They end up somehow not dying due to one of their friends pushing them out of the way. ENFJ lives on to be a ruler of some kind.
  • ESTJ: The lawyer character which has to help their best friend cover up some deep dark shit they did. Using wits and skilful people skills, they help their friend escape the law
  • ENTJ: A heart-wrenching story about an underprivileged child and their journey on to becoming a CEO of a huge modern company. Probably a documentary or biography
  • ISFP: A character that everyone thinks is dissociated from society, but ends up being the only one who can soften up the coldest character in the movie. They undergo a heart-warming friendship filled with metaphors and a tragic end.
  • INFP: The main character that discovers they have incredible super powers. Spends the whole movie getting away from the government and saving their friends.
  • ISTP: Probably that character that loses their family or friends during a disaster. Goes on an epic journey to be reunited with them again
  • INTP: Part of a space crew on a futuristic mission to explore the galaxy. The film focuses on realistic problems that a colonising ship would have and showcases the brilliant minds of engineers
  • ISFJ: A heart-warming romantic comedy about two tragic lovers. But there's some kind of twist like a supernatural occurrence separated them or something
  • INFJ: Some kind of fantasy journey with dragons and weird monsters. Ends up being some kind of psychological thriller with a cliff hanger.
  • ISTJ: A character that underwent some tragic event. Used this event to better themselves for mankind. Leads a double life as a successful person and a vigilante (Basically Batman.)
  • INTJ: That main character that everyone suspects is the murderer in a horror movie. Becomes the last one alive. Is actually the killer and at the end narrates how they succeeded. Ends on a cliff hangar hinting that they got rid of all evidence except for one.

3dspacejesus  asked:

[Prompt]: A fantasy world is so used to human children arriving to go on quests and learn moral lessons that they've set up a whole bureaucracy to deal with it.


“Trudy C-”

“Is that a nickname?  I need your full name.”

“…Gertrude Chau.”

“Favorite mythical creature?”


“…do you have a second favorite?”


“I can get you mermaids.  What were you doing before you - how did you say you got here?”

“I looked under my bed for monsters and fell.”

Scribble scribble.  “Before that, what were you doing?”

“We just moved and -”

“Hang on -”  Papers rustle.  “Which of the following best describes your attitude: excitement about your new opportunities, apprehension about your new school or neighborhood, resentment at loss of old friends and familiar settings, or other?”

“….what does resentment mean?”

“It means you’re mad that they were taken away.”

“That one.”

“Okay.  And, fingerprints here in case you take longer on your quest than you’re supposed to and we need to do a locator spell; and would you like a dagger, magic wand, animal companion, or bow and arrows?”

“I only get one?”

“You can combine the animal companion with another option if you fill out form 37-J -”

“I’ll just take the magic wand.”

“There’s a bin of them by the door; take one and then recite this fairy-summoning chant to call a guide fairy and be led to your destination.”  Stamp, check, peeling of carbon paper.  “This is your copy.  Next!”

Attention, spoilers below!

You know what’s the greatest thing about Thirteen Reasons Why?
It’s that everyone, every single character, is totally, completely human. They’re all 100% realistic and three dimensional. They’ve all got both virtues and vices, strenghts and weaknesses. They’re all also deeply flawed and damaged.
Obviously they’re not all the same… In fact, everyone has their own very distinct personality (and they always, always act on character).
But what I think the show is trying to say is that nothing is either black or white.
It’s one big fucking gray area and we’re all in it. The people who made small mistakes that ended up in tragic outcomes and the people who knew that what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway.
Because yes, Hannah was an amazing, funny, clever, beautiful girl who did not deserve anything she got. But yes, she also did have a flair for the dramatic.
And yes, Bryce Walker is a rapist and I hope he gets the sentence he deserves and more. But - and here you might not agree with me - Justin also told us he was always generous with him and his other friends.
This obviously is not to say that Hannah being a bit of a drama queen excuses the people who hurt her. And also is obviously not to say that Bryce being there for his mates excuses him for commiting one of the worst crimes possibile.
This is just to say that whoever wrote this show, whoever wrote this characters, knows exactly what they’re doing. Way too often TV and cinema (but also books, comics, video games ect…) tell stories in which people are either entirely good or entirely bad. And, I know, they do it because we like to read and watch stories in which we can identify with the good main characters. And it’s okay.
But it’s also not realistic. Those people are not realistic. In real life people fuck things up. Hopefully not as bad as they did in Thirteen Reasons Why, but still, it happens. People make mistakes and people kill themselves. It’s tragic, but it’s real.
To sum up, what I’m trying to say here is: it’s okay to watch shows in which the characters always choose what is right instead of what is easy. It’s okay to identify with those characters and it’s okay to “use” those shows as an escape from reality.
But sometimes you have to watch shows like Thirteen Reasons Why. Not because they tell you what is going to happen, but because they tell you what COULD happen. Anyone could be the next Hannah and anyone could be the reason why they decide to kill themselves. Shows like this remind us that actions have consequences. So, next time, think before you act and try to fix what you can still fix, before is too late.
Because, before Hannah proved them wrong, everyone on the tapes thought they were the good character.

… Except for Jeff. Jeff was 100% pure.

Also, sorry, I wasn’t planning to turn this into a morality lesson. It just happened.

The 10th House - Our Public Image

The 10th House sits at the very top of our chart and symbolizes our own public image. It is quite common for people to not relate to the sign on the 10th House cusp or the planets that live there. This is because we must grow into the 10th house, it does not come natural to us and it is not unusual for us to detest the qualities of the sign or planets in the 10th House in our younger years. This house shows us how we are perceived in the eye of the public but not so much in our private lives. 

Signs in the 10th House ~

Aries in the 10th House: These people tend to appear to be very passionate about everything that they do. They can sometimes seems a little hyper or overexcited but this comes across in a childlike charm. Other people might see them to be quick to anger even if this isn’t the case. 

Taurus in the 10th House: They tend to appear very calm and level headed. People see them as patient and caring but are also aware that they aren’t pushovers. They appear strong and durable but can also be seen to be quite stubborn and unyielding. 

Gemini in the 10th House: These people may seem to others that they are always “go, go, go” and rarely every slow down! They might seem shallow and “quippy” and unfortunately often have the reputation of a gossip. They seem to be very cunning and mischievous which just adds to their sprite-like charm.

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Legend of Space Australia

Any culture, from primitive to civilised has legends and mythology. So it’s not out of the realms of possibility to imagine aliens having a mythology telling of ancient deities, world creation, or super-beings who did extraordinary things to impress or frighten the previously mentioned gods. 

But what about urban-legends? As the name implies it was something that evolved in urban areas (the more “civilised” areas) So doesn’t belong to a large portion of humanity. 

What if aliens don’t have an equivalent of an urban-legend? They may get the ideas of stories and fiction and when they hear about things like Slenderman, Polybius, the Japanese Split-Mouth Woman, or even the old popping candy and cola makes your insides explode. 
They ask “Are these stories? a fiction to teach some moral lesson, or entertain in some way” 
But there’s always those people who are like, “NO, they’re true! I knew a guy, who knew a guy that this happened to!” 
And the aliens are just like “WTF! is earth even real?!!” No wonder humans are so tough if they have to survive all this!

Not everyone believes in the threefold law...

For example I don’t. So, please, friends, buddies, amigos…

Stop. Sending. Me. Messages. About. It.

I went through a LOT of fucked up shit and let me tell you: my abusers never got punished. My father, a good man that also was abused as a child, got cancer and died a slow painful death. Funny how the threefold laws only seem to apply to witches that try to fight back, uh?

When I’m punched, I will punch back, and I will curse when I have to. Sometimes my magic is glitter and bay leaves, but sometimes it’s gutter water and nails. It’s still my magic. It’s the same thing.

I respect people who don’t curse. It’s your right and I will NEVER question it. We’re different and we all have rules we abide by. I trust your intellect and I trust you to make the choice that’s best for you. It might not be the one I would have made but I’m not in your shoes so I have no right to criticize you.

I just demand the same respect.

I’m a grown ass adult, not a child one must scold and school. So to those wiccans that are sending me PMs and/or commenting on my post about cursing:

You can stuff your morality lessons right where the sun doesn’t shine along with your condescending attitude.

So I just Saw Wonder Woman

And it was the perfect marriage of my two favorite genres, the superhero movie and the war movie. So I’m going to nerd out for a minute.

- Diana kicks so much ass in this movie, she is unquestionably the star and her fight scenes are so cool. Just beautifully choreographed and stunning.

- The sound design on this movie is really good, every time the Wonder Woman theme played I got chills. And there is one moment where the German general touches Dr. Poison’s face implants and it makes the sound that ceramic makes and it was such a small detail but it stuck out to me.

- Steve Trevor is perfect. I have nothing else to say I’m just in love with him.

- The side characters all had very small roles but they were so memorable. Like I got enough of what I wanted from all of them and I really liked them. They all had a moment, the Amazons, Etta, Steve’s squad, but they never took over the movie for me nor were they superfluous.

- Diana deserves to be happy and I love her so much.

On note of some of the War stuff that I loved so so much:

- They use grenades correctly!!!!!!!!!!
• Which is so huge they never do that in moves but when they actually want to use bombs they use bombs and not grenades that just happen to explode fire and not shrapnel.

- The bunkers were so cool and the no mans land scene was amazing!!! It looked so perfect.
• I had moment when they took over a village that this worked perfectly as a war movie, like it fit with say Band of Brothers. The way it was filmed was so fitting.

- I truly believe that this was a war fought with normal people trying their best that just happened to have a superhero dropped into it.

- This movie really understands WW1. Like the way people felt and acted about and in the war. The environment, the weapons, the politics, and, most importantly, the changing understanding of war. It felt like it respected the conflict.

- Which, as much as I love that movie and I do, is something captain America the first avenger didn’t do. It got the comic book part, but not the actual war. It understood the cheesy, obvious aspects of WWII, punching nazis and fighting for good and freedom, but the larger conflict the larger moral lessons and feeling of that war was left unexplored. Which is not something I begrudge. They made a superhero movie for my favorite marvel hero which I loved. But Wonder Woman actually made a war movie. And I love and respect that so much. 

 - CONCLUSION: WONDER WOMAN is so great. It’s spectacular and I love it and I’m gonna see it a thousand more times. It’s the kind of movie I can watch over and over again and if this is DC going forward I want to see more! Go see Wonder Woman!!!

The entire point of Snape’s character is to show that someone socially unpleasant and physically unattractive, someone mean, petty and vindictive can also be brave, self-sacrificing, devoted, brilliant and morally righteous, where it counts the most. That behind all the snark and bitterness there’s a story, that explains where his pain and prickliness comes from. That your caricature villain Death Eater has hidden depth and can be a man who has laid his life to right the wrongs he committed. That’s a moral lesson of revealing his true alliances, for God’s sake. That there’s a line between being dark, twisted, bitter and unfair and being actually evil. And you should not confuse the two. Harry’s greatest power is the power of love and when he names his child after Snape, he shows that Severus Snape, as he was, IS worthy of appreciation, worthy of love. This is a message the books carry.

Every death is a lesson.

I want to push back against this perception that GRRM kills off characters in ASOIAF for shock value. Or that he’s killing off characters willy-nilly to fuck with his audience.

That’s…not accurate.

We may find many of these deaths shocking, but we tend to be shocked because we’re accustomed to seeing characters live or die based on a particular moral framework, and GRRM is using a different moral framework. His moral framework isn’t cynical, or nihilistic. It’s pragmatic.

In particular, GRRM has NOT established a pattern of killing off POV characters for no good reason. Of those POV characters who are significant enough to have a presence on the show, the only ones who’ve died in the books are Ned, Cat, and Jon. That’s it. And Jon hasn’t even stayed dead. (Cat, I’m calling a real death. Everything good about Cat died at the Red Wedding and stayed dead.) Robb Stark was never a POV character. Robert Baratheon, Viserys Targaryen, Jeor Mormont, Tywin Lannister, Rodrik Cassel, Oberyn Martell? Not POV characters. 

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What does that even mean, to say you’re not attracted to trans people.  We have such a wide variety of body shapes, interests, genders and personalities it’s pretty much impossible for you to find us universally unattractive unless you feel some moral disgust at assigned-gender nonconformity.

And no, I don’t say that because I’m trying to trick cis people into banging me.  We need to disperse with that sexualised image of trans people too, but besides that take it from me I’m not interested in you if you’re not interested in me, and if you’re not interested in me BECAUSE of me being trans, then I’m additionally going to want to back far away from you.  Because you’ve clearly got some ISSUES to work through, and I can’t be bothered holding your hand, to make YOUR ISSUES with trans people MY issue to solve.

If someone said they’re not interested in me, that’s fine, being single has treated me just fine my whole life.  If someone said they weren’t interested in me because I was Scottish, I would know they’ve got some weird Scot hate and back off of their weird ass altogether.  It’s for that same reason that if someone rejected me on a note of “I don’t date the transgenders”, I’m not going to tug back against them - it is so unlikely I would even confront them on it, I would just quietly back off.

Everyone wants to paint a picture of trans people as irrational, loud people interrupting the discourse with our demands for basic respect but the harsh truth is, most of us know to pick our battles and would prefer to quietly back off our association with a transphobe until they learn better and apologise.  What we’re fighting for is survival, after all.  So if we do fight transphobia we’re often doing it for the good of the community as a whole.  If I say “Well, that’s a silly preference and I think you should go reflect on that,” I am NOT trying to moralise them into FUCKING me - I don’t want them to touch me, look at me, or remember I exist quite frankly.  I’m not thinking about just myself - I’m thinking about the other trans people they’ll meet, or the other cis people they associate with which form cis society and affects other trans people.  I don’t want them to fuck trans people, that isn’t my idea of equality, besides which we have WORDS for people who are transphobic but still fuck trans people because they’re very real.

No, let’s extract ourselves from that patriarchal, sex-with-me-as-sexual-liberation-for-others praxis that cis people find themselves fixated upon.  Attraction and acceptance are not the same thing, but if you have a rule about a huge, indescribably diverse people not being attractive to you while you’re otherwise sexually open, I can’t imagine you’re accepting of them.  Same for if you weren’t attracted to someone of a particular race, or fat people, or people of a lower class or different nation or whatever other prejudice you might have.

And trust me, I don’t give moral lessons to cis people so I can hang out with them.  It’d take me months just to make one person worthy of my presence if I did, for me to feel safe expressing myself around them, for them to be a friend who I can let see me on my off-days.  No, I give lessons to cis people because there is harm that cisnormative society does that only trans people feel and that cis people could address with the SMALLEST of efforts.  Just taking an interest makes it go so much faster, just being willing to learn and look up stuff yourself, or maybe say sorry when you hurt someone’s feelings every now and then.  Shocker, I know.

If you as a rule wouldn’t date trans people, I DO NOT WANT you to date trans people, and I certainly don’t want your attention.  You’ve got far deeper issues that YOU should deal with, and should NOT make them OUR issue to deal with.
We need more Aboriginal superheroes, so I created Cleverman for my son
Groundbreaking Australian series Cleverman weaves ancient Aboriginal stories into a post-apocalyptic world. For creator Ryan Griffen it was not an easy journey – but it was an important one

My son’s mother and I are both light-skinned Aboriginal people who strongly embrace our Aboriginality. Why does the colour of our skin matter to this story? Because growing up, I constantly had to fight for my Aboriginality. I was presented with casual racism on a regular basis. I remember being handed a plastic cup while everyone was given glasses, in the home of someone I thought was my friend. Later that night, I walked out of that house as the other kids spouted hate of “petrol-sniffing” Aboriginal people.

Whenever I would tell people that I was Aboriginal, they questioned it immediately: “What percentage are you?” or, “Yeah, but you’re one of the good ones”. Others would flat out deny my claim of my heritage until they saw my father, and then those questions were laid to rest. But for my son, he won’t get that opportunity; people will look at me, and still ask him the same questions.

I wanted to create an Aboriginal superhero that he could connect with, no matter what others said. I wanted a character that would empower him to stand and fight when presented with racism. Just like the old dreaming stories, Cleverman would be able to teach moral lessons; not only for my son, not just for Aboriginal people, but for many more out there as well.

Thanks to the growing Australian film and television industry, and the rise of Aboriginal storytelling within it, we are now in a position to step up to the global stage and show what the oldest culture in the world has to offer. This is so close to my heart. On Cleverman, we worked hard to get Aboriginal people in as many roles as possible, and this shines very brightly on screen. Showing the world all these stories in a modern format is one of the greatest gifts Cleverman has to offer.