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Okay but how much do you think that Otabek thought about Yuri after that summer camp? Like did he watch his programs through the years and secretly hope for a chance at a friendship? Or do you think he just brushed it off and more or less forgot until they met again at the GPF? Was he surprised at how Yuri had grown up? Like? This is a pressing question for me.

listen bro otabek has been developing his “make-yuri-pilsetsky-my-friend” plan for AGES. you think he jus came up with the eyes of a solider line?? no fam that shit was carefully crafted for max friendship points. u think they jus stumbled upon that beautiful scenery in barcelona?? nOPE that shit was straight outta a top ten buzzfeed list. u think otabek jus happened to have the best skating yr of his career and qualify for the grand prix the SAME yr as yuri’s senior debut???? nO amigo this the most intricate master plan ever

We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as definitive and has as its highest value one’s own ego and one’s own desires.                                                                                                                                                                                         - Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Scott makes his future self facepalm in the afterlife and Viv kicks ass in Champions #1.MU. Seriously, Viv is on the roll in this issue – she takes down two dangerous members of Freelancers, saves a bus full of people and later saves Kamala’s life.

Freelancers themselves are an interesting bunch. They are a diverse team with an interesting combination of personalities – Might seem to be a very confident leader, but to a point. Panic seems strangely bored of everything, probably because she has an insight into people’s fears. Crush is flirty and a bit manipulative and Hotness made me think “That’s how evil Chase Stein would look like” and now I want to see them fight one day. And Cursed Cass seems like one with a nice combination of powers, personality, and approach – she seems to be sad and pessimistic, calming to be unlucky at everything. She also is invulnerable but has nothing more to it, which can be a problem, as past comics have explored with characters like Butterball. How you make yourself useful with such power? Her answer was to go the same path as Mad Stan.

The story is very simple and straightforward – Freelancers are hired to get rid of people protesting against building an oil pipe through national forest by framing them into starting a riot, getting rid of the media and then beating them up (if that sounds like an implausible thing, please check what is happening in America right now) Champions try to stop them but later both teams have to team-up against monsters falling from the sky. While the issue has an extra number of pages, it’s still impressive how dense with events the story is, with very quick and brief setup, followed by action that allows showing some nice characterization as well as cool moments. We had Kamala wrestle a giant monster, for one, the entire scene with the bus was very cool, Sam and Miles got hit by a meteor. It was fun in a very old-school way I really hope mark Waid will keep this good level with Freelancers, once he gets to write them.

this has been keeping me up: okay, so you know Lord of the Flies… right, given that Ralph would be Spongebob and Jack would Squidward, which character would be Patrick