moral support

i'm at divorce court

i guess it’s technically called family court, but the divorce is why i’m here. my ex is here, my lawyer is here, and my friend Moo is here for moral support.

this is really weird. i never saw the inside of a courtroom for my first divorce— it was just signatures and notaries.

aaahhhhh, he just asked me about the kids (my nieces and nephew). i showed him some recent pics. i don’t know how to be with him, so i’m following his lead. he’s being very amiable, so i guess that’s good. easier than rancor.

this is the first time we’ve seen each other since my (former) friend told him about the affair. i didn’t know what to expect.

How the FUCK did an anime from the FUCKING 90s manage to be more fucking progressive than like 90 percent of the anime produced today

In EVANGELION you had:

-super competent female SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS who were not treated as moral support or just cheerleaders they did actual fucking science

-they knew what the fuck they were doing and yes they had sex and had sexual desires but fuck, man, it was treated as a part of being HUMAN.

-the anime mom who DIES for character development, LMAO, swerve bitch, she’s the most iconic image of evangelion and she’s badass as hell

-ALSO? Her husband took her fucking name. Ikari is HER name

-weird alien who doesn’t seem to care about gender. falls in love with shinji. it’s reciprocated. fuck you, it was the NINETIES. God BLESS evangelion.

-Asuka Langley was a fucking teenage girl who acted like one. So was Shinji. These kids are traumatized and anxious as fuck cuz the entire world is relying on them. Y'all bash em both but fuck you, you would piss yourself in an Eva suit, get at me.

-did I mention Ritsuko is the head scientist and Misato is the director of the iconic Eva projects?

-Like seriously, no one talks about this, but Ritsuko is a mechanic, a computer programmer, and an extremely complex, interesting character with a unique view of life and relationship with her own parents.



why the fuck

Does anime fail so hard nowadays, Christ, what was going on in the nineties…

  • matthew santoro was in an abusive relationship with his girlfriend
  • jared padalecki was diagnosed with clinical depression
  • martin luther king jr. was accused of plagiarism as a student and grew up in a racist and discriminatory society
  • gordon ramsey had an abusive childhood
  • dj qualls (’garth’ from supernatural’) was a cancer survivor at 14
  • when he was five, dylan mcdermott was kicked out of his home by his mother’s boyfriend
  • rose mcgowan grew up forced into a cult lifestyle
  • beethoven’s father was so obsessed with his son’s success that he abused him throughout his childhood
  • abraham lincoln’s mother died when he was nine
  • robert downey junior was given his first film role by his father when he was 5. he was given his first marijuana when he was 6, also by his father
  • mackenzie philips was sexually assaulted 
  • madonna was raped
  • charlie chaplin grew up in poverty
  • pamela anderson was molested by her babysitter
  • oprah winfrey was beaten as a child

our role models aren’t perfect, and neither were their lives, but they still turned out incredible. if things arent great for you right now, you’ll be okay. if they made it through, so can you.


 babyhyun’s spii~ning habit  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

happy birthday to the lovely daihun!  ♡


rusame during ww1 gets me because alfred would know exactly what it’s like to go through a civil war and feel oneself being torn apart from within after his own recent experience. 

ivan’s very identity and essence splintering as he takes bloody blows from the eastern front and feels his people die by the thousands–from war, from starvation, from rebellion, from assassination. in the end, it’s all he can do to accept a little moral support and comfort from his friend.

(i’m not crying who says i’m crying there’s just something in my eye)



After coming across this prompt@pemprika and I couldn’t stop thinking about it; hence the birth of this comic. It was just too good an opportunity to pass up! MUCH LOVE TO THE benevolent and beautiful Sharon who patiently and willingly put up with my nitpicking and constant expanding of the canvas (blame drawpile for making it so easy to expand)!! This was our first comic collab and it turned out to be super fun A+++ thank the holy au prompt for that god bless 

also quoting sharon:

more comix to com in the future cuz fun af

I won’t shut my mouth. Not this time.
A drunk human being is still a human being.
Alcohol did, and does not make me less a person.
Nothing, NOTHING can justify abuse. Nothing, never.
Who cares about me when this kind of thing happens everyday, right? Well that’s the problem. When, and how did abuse become commonplace?
We’re in 2017.
And this happens.
But we have the power to stop it. We have to teach our boys, and girls, that respect is the first thing that should occur in everybody’s mind.
For the future generations and for ourselves.
It was me today but it could be you tomorrow. Think about it.

If Harry ever starts doing album promo, I hope he does super weird stuff. Like he shows up on an episode of House Hunters or Master Chef Junior.


Happy Birthday, George Washington: Born on February 22th,1732 in  Westmoreland County, Virginia

I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is always the best policy.

Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports.

The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the republican model of government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.

Since a lot of our followers are lgbtq+ people and some might be seriously effected. I’m not even American and I feel effected.  Here’s a few important numbers:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: Text START to 741-741

The Trevor Project (LBGT+): 1-866-488-7386

Please know that love will always win. And the power of a country always lies in its people, not those that govern it. Don’t give up. Fight to keep your rights and for a better tomorrow.