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[M] We Are the Universe // BTS’ J-Hope

[A/N] Get your lint rollers ready because this is some fluffity fluffy smut right here… well, as fluffy as I can manage, anyway. Inspired by heungtanbts with her Namjoon oneshot because we’re all just shooting stars.

Soft footsteps padded to where you were sitting at the kitchen table, cheek resting on the flat of your palm and gaze directed at the night scene beyond the window. A voice cleared its throat. You hummed in acknowledgement, wordlessly inviting your visitor to join you, but it wasn’t until arms draped around your shoulders and a chin rested on top of your head that he spoke.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

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I wish some Final Fantasy Tactics characters would appear in Kingdom Hearts! It’s such an underrated game and I’d love to see Sora or Riku run into Ramza, Delita, Ovelia, or even Orlandu. I feel like Ovelia and Kairi would get along well because of their personalities and Riku could help Delita with his moral struggle as he tried to gain power (he could give him advice about not succumbing to the darkness, etc.).            

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I can't really blame some reviewers for refusing to see Bellarke? Because I think the show works SO hard to reinforce all their negative perceptions of Bellamy. Like no one on the show ever takes issue with Bellamy being to blame for Lincoln's death. We get reminders in every ep of all he did "wrong" in 3A. And while I appreciate that they don't give Bell a pass like they have other characters, it's really not consistent. So all non-fandom people focus on how unworthy he is. It's depressing.

I can. Because the show has Bellamy as a hero. He is a complex, morally gray hero. And yet, it’s still not a hard story to follow. Those reviewers made him a villain instead of a hero struggling with morality because they wanted someone else to be the hero. And if they’re focusing only on his flaws, while ignoring the same flaws in their favorite character, then I can DAMN WELL BLAME A PROFESSIONAL REVIEWER for their bias and spreading misinterpretations because they are bad at their jobs. 

The HELL I can’t blame a reviewer for not reviewing the canon show that is actually on tv. For MAKING UP a show, with a different hero and and the hero as the villain. 

A reviewer is not supposed to be ignorant. The reason why we listen to them is because they’re supposed to know MORE than the general population. 

You think I can’t blame them? Fuck all I can. I know what they’re doing wrong, because I could be doing that job. And they are either stupid or unscrupulous.

Let me say it again.

Yes. It is their fault for being bad at their jobs. 

If you’re reviewing the show, then review the show. If you hate a character so much that you can’t watch him, as A MAIN CHARACTER, then what the fuck are you doing reviewing that show in the first place. Picking a different character to cast as the main? Did you not learn anything from your disastrous fanon reviews of last season? Are you stupid?

Answer: YES. They are stupid.  

You should blame them too. 


Over the past week a strike by cooperative miners in Boliva escalated after the miners seized Deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes at one of their a highway roadblocks.

He was initially held hostage as a bargaining chip, though he was soon executed in revenge after cops killed two strikers by shooting live ammunition at roadblock defenders. His dead body was then tossed off a cliff.

So many WIPs, so little time

I was tagged by both @impala-dreamer​ and @moonlitskinwalker​, my two best buddies!!! (You’re lucky, Miami, I hadn’t typed this up yet!)

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

The Boyking, Chapter 1 (I know, I know… all talk and no action with this one. I’M SORRY *gross sobbing*)

  • This will be a reader insert set in a canon divergent world in which Sam took on the role of Boyking in season two. It will feature Sam as king of hell, moral struggles, hell-ish politics, and a love story smack in the middle of apocalyptic drama.

Butiaintgonnaloveem Baby’s Big 50 Challenge (April 10)

  • Prompt: Groovin’ by The Young Rascals, Dean-centric. I have some ideas, like focusing on Dean’s relationship with Baby ideas

Scarygoodfanfics Sam’s Birthday Challenge (May 2)

  • Prompt: Do you know how much I love you? This one might turn out angsty but I dunno. It is for Sam’s birthday…


  • A Dean x reader aesthetic piece similar to Yellow. I have started this one!! I’m actually going to work on it next. You’re welcome @inmysparetime0

Red (tentative)

  • A Castiel x reader piece similar to Yellow. The color is not fully decided yet (but I’m fairly certain about it)

The Open Road

  • The residential Sam-girls are writing a Dean series! Yes, you heard that right. @impala-dreamer and I have decided to continue one of my pieces and make it into a series. Fasten your seat belts, because you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Choose You Twice (another one I’ve talked about forever…. But I’m serious, I really am working on it!!)

  • A soulmate Cas x reader double AU. Starts out in our world, ends up in the endverse with Castiel having no knowledge of the reader. The reader will have to convince Castiel of their history, prove herself to be an ally of Camp Chitaqua, and help put Lucifer back in the cage.

BONUS (ideas that I have notes jotted down for, but nothing else)

  1. A very reader-centric series where the reader has to save Sam. I’m flipping the script. Set after season 3-ish when Dean is gone.
  2. A Dean series playing with dream vs. reality. Somehow you’re separated from Dean. Don’t know the monster yet, or the plot, but the idea is out there…

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I think you are great at answering rude anons, Jordan! Also, you mentioned feeling about spidey the same way some people feel about religion and can very much relate to that (that's true about Wade too). I think Peter is at his best when he stumbles, when he struggles with morality and to find the right path and when he triumphs, not only over the villain, but over himself, in the end. it cleanses my soul.


… relegating The Good to the government, and making it a matter of public policy, we transformed it from an earnest and personal moral struggle into a glib cultural symbolism. And as a mere symbolism, The Good became a brittle and thoughtless thing: Americans could navigate around any guilt over the past simply by acquiescing to governmental interventions–the War on Poverty, school busing, lenient welfare policies, affirmative action, and so on. This is how the American Left labored to win back moral authority and legitimacy after the 1960s–by allowing support for public policy to stand in as evidence of an evolution in private conscience. 

So the actual purpose of The good became absolution for the American people and the government, and not actual reform for minorities. The appeal of affirmative action was not the uplift of blacks and women, but the fact that support for such a policy was a shield against charges of racism and sexism. Virtually all of these “good” reforms failed and mired us in all manner of unintended consequences. But their failures were beside the point. These polices were expressions of America’s regret over its bigotries and sins. They weren’t policies so much as apologias.

A corruption that came out of the 1960s was to reduce The Good to little more than apology for the past. Yet there was an irony: as apologies, these policies of The Good were effective in restoring a degree of moral legitimacy to what had been a clearly racist American democracy, this despite the fact that they caused much harm and achieved very little good.
—  Shelby Steele, Shame: How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country(2015) pp.128-129

i need beta readers!

hi guys! i’m ridiculously close to finishing my novel. it’s taken me six years and i’ve gotten to the point where i can no longer separate myself from my work enough to look at it objectively. i’d like to self-publish (cause ain’t nobody got time for publishers) and really need beta readers to help me smooth out inconsistencies, point out mistakes, and give me general feedback!

what’s the book?

  • it’s a superhero story! three college-aged guys with real superpowers scam the world by setting up fake rescues so they can get rich and famous… and then everything blows up in their faces because of course it does. 
    • featuring… cool powers! fun celebrity antics! three goofy dorks! superheroes with both parents and loving families! 80′s slang! a cute as heck first date! tons of angst! action! time skips! questioning morality! struggling with an eating disorder! dealing with depression! school shootings! broken and repaired father/son relationships!
  • it’s 11 chapters (ranging from 7 pages to 27 pages each, and that’s normal print book-size pages, not microsoft word document pages)
  • between each chapter are several 1 page or less magazine articles, newspaper articles, mini-interviews, and letters! 

basically, it’s an easy read about self-acceptance, realizing self-worth, and finding a balance between responsibility and fun, and guilt and redemption/forgiveness. it’s also about teens on fire, obnoxious interviewers, and several adorable little kids. hopefully @ghostguest can vouch for me about it being entertaining and decently written! 

message me if you can help!

Bellamy isn’t my favorite character; Clarke is. But I will go to my fucking grave defending Bellamy. Why? Because for some reason, when Clarke makes a mistake, it’s seen as a “moral struggle” or “her trying to do the right thing” or yall just excuse the action because of her “good intentions”….but when Bellamy does, it’s because he’s the devil. Get the hell outta here with that shit. 

Without help from the men – even against the will of the men – the women rallied under the socialist banner. Under this banner they will struggle for their emancipation, for recognition of their rights as equal human beings. Just as the worker is subjugated by the capitalist, so woman is subjugated by man. And she will remain subjugated as long as she is not economically independent. The essence of the traditional bourgeois family is that the husband is supposed to be the provider and thus the boss of the family. The wife is his private servant in the family and his subordinate. But as a result of the transformation of the relations of production, woman is now economically independent, so both spouses now face each other as equals. This equality is the basis of the new ethical relation of man and woman in the family. The great struggle in which vast masses of people are challenging vast financial interests requires that men and women together dedicate all of their strength and moral power to this struggle. Only together with women – not by excluding them, and certainly not against them – can the working people win this struggle!
—  Clara Zetkin

Over the past couple weeks a strike by cooperative miners in Boliva escalated after the miners seized Deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes at one of their a highway roadblocks.

He was initially held hostage, though he was soon beaten to death and tossed off a cliff after cops shot dead two miners in a clash.

Repression of the strike has escalated dramatically in recent days, with hundreds of miners reportedly arrested.

Headcanon that Jade Harley is a giant fucking Animorphs fan. She loves the cover art. She loves the moral struggles. She loves the characters. In another universe she named her grandson after Animorphs leader Jake Berenson. She owns every single book. Jade Harley just really fucking loves Animorphs okay


I’m particularly intrigued by Sarah Lance’s journey. She’s clearly badass, but she’s also got a code. You can see her moral struggle, and that’s a model for Snart, because he’s got his own code. He’s got his own struggle. So I think he’s focused on her for a variety of reasons. [x]

give me more mythology + supernatural plots. give me urban witches and werewolves. demons and possessions and struggling with morality. stuffy vampires with an unusual affection for human life and the humans they allow into their lives. gods that dabble in humanity, attempting to fit in at college and comprehend the aspect of “being human.” an entire frat dedicated to the supernatural, to those inhuman that once lurked in the night, but have stepped forth into man’s gaze. give me anything other than mundane day-to-day life. 

New Momswap Ideas (I really gotta doodle these)

- Jasper is more like Pearl than Garnet. Suffers from a serious lack of confidence in her own conscience now that Rose isn’t there to be her moral compass. Struggles to understand what Rose’s hidden inner strength was if it wasn’t just muscles and fighting. Tries to be more like her and fails, not realizing that she has to do the right thing in HER own way. Jasper wrestles with Lion for fun and lets Steven use her like a jungle gym. She has the most confidence in Steven and supports him whenever he tries something new, but is perhaps too encouraging and doesn’t consider the dangers properly.

- Lapis is the very reluctant leader, but isn’t always so reliable. She sometimes gets frustrated with Peridot and Jasper and leaves for days, in which case Jasper usually steps up to the plate, causes trouble of some sort, and necessitates Lapis’ return to put things back in order. Lapis feels affection and friendship for the group, but also subconsciously resents them for her choice to defend them instead of Homeworld, and feels trapped by the sense of duty she has to care for them. She loved Rose dearly and was grateful to her for healing her gem during the war but is angry and hurt that Rose decided to have Steven and left them all to fend for themselves. Lapis uses her powers over the ocean to sense threats coming to Beach City and will sometimes send water clones out to patrol. She is devoted to Steven and gentle with him, but is somewhat indifferent to others and has no regard whatsoever for humans: OR the damage that the Crystal Gems cause fighting corrupted gems.

- Peridot is constantly fiddling with Earth technology to try and improve it. She’s never experienced Homeworld level tech but is a born genius for creation and manages some very useful things. She is the most reliable when it comes to care for Steven; having researched human children and their (DISGUSTING at times, UGH) habits. Because of how comparatively fragile human babies are, however, she has a major problem with anything that might harm him. (Remember your first aid kit, Steven! STEVEN NO THAT’S TOO HIGH! Steven don’t pet that cat, you’ll get parasites!) Peridot is the one to face Garnet in the swapped episode “Jailbreak.” Steven first learns that she uses limb enhancers when Garnet poofs Peridot on the beach. He then discovers her parts on the ship and brings them back to her in a situation similar to Ruby and Sapphire reuniting. Peridot sings about how even if you aren’t strong you can be smart instead.