moral struggle

Chloe Hollings (Widowmaker’s va) posted on twitter recently that she was back in the studio to record new lines.

We know Widowmaker still feels “something” over the death of Gerárd, and some of her voicelines imply that she regrets killing him.

Blizzard releases info about Efi, a genius 11yo robotics inventor, traveling for the first time.

Calling it now: Widowmaker is sent on a mission to kill Efi, but fails due to an emotional and moral internal struggle.

Edit: “when I was a little girl…I had a fear of spiders. I was told that they had no emotions… That their hearts never beat…” “But today, I know the truth. Spiders can feel fear. …and still feel love.”

Finn was kidnapped as a toddler (at least), and raised as a child soldier to be dispensable by a fascist organization. Even though he was top of his class and respected by his superiors for his skills he was treated as an outsider by his teammates. He struggle with morality and what was right and risked his life to leave the same organization who spent more than 20 years trying to brainwash him into a weapon. And even though he was rightfully afraid of them he still chose to pick a weapon against the first order and risk his life for his first true friend. 

AKA. stop saying finn is too good and boring because it is hard to write him as complex when the source material disproves that at every corner.

finn is an actual proven canon child abuse victim, you know the same trope people love to push on certain white villains because people think it makes them interesting to explore. yet finn’s actual canon trauma…eh.  he’s a ray of sunshine so let’s not write about him.  

[M] We Are the Universe // BTS’ J-Hope

[A/N] Get your lint rollers ready because this is some fluffity fluffy smut right here… well, as fluffy as I can manage, anyway. Inspired by heungtanbts with her Namjoon oneshot because we’re all just shooting stars.

Soft footsteps padded to where you were sitting at the kitchen table, cheek resting on the flat of your palm and gaze directed at the night scene beyond the window. A voice cleared its throat. You hummed in acknowledgement, wordlessly inviting your visitor to join you, but it wasn’t until arms draped around your shoulders and a chin rested on top of your head that he spoke.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

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Wells Lives

I  miss Wells.

Who would Wells have been if he’d survived? We always think of him as so perfect, but I guaranteed that, if faced with the death and destruction of the ground for much longer, he would not have remained so pure.

How would he have changed, living under the constant threat of the ground? How would he have dealt with the loss and burden of making decisions on the ground? 

Would he have maintained his idealism? Would he have been broken by the pain? Would he have won through or been destroyed?

What do you think would have become of Wells if he had survived until season 4. This has always troubled me. I couldn’t see it. And fanfiction always portrays him as so perfect. He couldn’t possibly have remained perfect. He would have gone through the same horrific struggles and moral defeats as Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, Finn, Marcus, Thelonious, Abby, Jasper, Monty. He would have gone dark like all of them. 

lessons learned from love is a devil: a queer character can suddenly choose to be hetero, we have no morals, we struggle with controlling ourselves in the face of temptation, pan people flit from person to person without respecting them, queer characters (sorry straightish) are inherently bad and untrustworthy – if you tempt them with something they will easily fold. 

we are not villains.  

miles edgeworth and riku are two of the most blatantly gay men ive seen in recent video games and theyre both emotionally fraught silver haired rivals to a bright-eyed bi childhood friend who are also constantly struggling with moral direction

what does it mean

I wish some Final Fantasy Tactics characters would appear in Kingdom Hearts! It’s such an underrated game and I’d love to see Sora or Riku run into Ramza, Delita, Ovelia, or even Orlandu. I feel like Ovelia and Kairi would get along well because of their personalities and Riku could help Delita with his moral struggle as he tried to gain power (he could give him advice about not succumbing to the darkness, etc.).            

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite Shakespeare character? If you say Iago, I'm afraid we might have something in common.

Probably Brutus from Julius Caesar. I find his moral struggle endlessly fascinating, although Marc Antony is the kind of speaker and manipulator of the masses that I strive to be. 

“His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him that nature would stand up and say to all the world, ‘this was a man.’” –what people will say about me when i die

This is a The 100 Positive Blog

You guys. I am not an anti blog. Please do not send me asks about how this character or that character is the worst ever. Don’t send me asks about how the writers are horrible. Or you hate this person or whoever. Even if I just questioned the morality of that character, I’m not saying they’re bad. I’m looking into questions of morality, character development, struggle, redemption, and how the characters learn to do the right thing… which this show is about. It really is about redemption. For the characters, for humanity, for the world. 

I am absolutely critical of the characters and the story, but “critical” does not necessarily mean “negative.” When I talk about a character flaw, it is not to say someone is bad character. Character flaws make them more interesting. They make BETTER characters, more realistic.

And I’m going to talk about ALL the characters as they make their hard choices and sometimes make the wrong choice and all the lessons they are learning. Because one thing about this show is that none of the heroes get to rest on their laurels. They all have to go through the ringer and not everyone comes out whole the other side. 

I can’t promise that I will always be positive or I won’t get angry at characters, writers, other fans, plot twists, antis, journalists or whoever, but I’m trying not to spread hate, so I won’t post your anti ask. Anti means being against someone. The show, the characters, the writers. It’s not just about being a CLer or not shipping Bellarke.  I can discuss character flaws and disappointments, I’m not going to act as a loudspeaker for character or writer or show hate.


Over the past week a strike by cooperative miners in Boliva escalated after the miners seized Deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes at one of their a highway roadblocks.

He was initially held hostage as a bargaining chip, though he was soon executed in revenge after cops killed two strikers by shooting live ammunition at roadblock defenders. His dead body was then tossed off a cliff.

i need beta readers!

hi guys! i’m ridiculously close to finishing my novel. it’s taken me six years and i’ve gotten to the point where i can no longer separate myself from my work enough to look at it objectively. i’d like to self-publish (cause ain’t nobody got time for publishers) and really need beta readers to help me smooth out inconsistencies, point out mistakes, and give me general feedback!

what’s the book?

  • it’s a superhero story! three college-aged guys with real superpowers scam the world by setting up fake rescues so they can get rich and famous… and then everything blows up in their faces because of course it does. 
    • featuring… cool powers! fun celebrity antics! three goofy dorks! superheroes with both parents and loving families! 80′s slang! a cute as heck first date! tons of angst! action! time skips! questioning morality! struggling with an eating disorder! dealing with depression! school shootings! broken and repaired father/son relationships!
  • it’s 11 chapters (ranging from 7 pages to 27 pages each, and that’s normal print book-size pages, not microsoft word document pages)
  • between each chapter are several 1 page or less magazine articles, newspaper articles, mini-interviews, and letters! 

basically, it’s an easy read about self-acceptance, realizing self-worth, and finding a balance between responsibility and fun, and guilt and redemption/forgiveness. it’s also about teens on fire, obnoxious interviewers, and several adorable little kids. hopefully @ghostguest can vouch for me about it being entertaining and decently written! 

message me if you can help!

i want a cassian andor movie - a rogue one prequel, if you will.

just. cassian’s journey in the alliance. cassian losing his family at a young age and becoming a lonely fighter for a cause he’s not even sure he understands but this he knows: they took his family away. and he knows someone gives him a gun and gives him permission. cassian, alone in the rebellion, without any friends, just one mission after another, almost losing his way, almost losing something to believe in.

cassian, finding an IMPERIAL DROID, something he’s supposed to hate, supposed to kill, something that belongs to the enemy, and turning it into something to care about. cassian, literally making himself a friend. his only friend.

cassian, struggling with morality. there’s blood on his hands, more lives than he could count, and for what? a cause he’s losing his grips on. he sees the people he kills in his dreams. he feels more tired in the morning than he does at night. sometimes, he thinks, if k2so wasn’t with him, he couldn’t go on. which is kind of ironic if you think about it.

cassian, deep in the darkness before rogue one - before something like hope starts to rise up inside of him. because stealing the death star plans didn’t give hope just to the rebellion - it gave cassian hope as well, that what he was doing was the right thing.

i just really want a cassian andor movie.


Over the past couple weeks a strike by cooperative miners in Boliva escalated after the miners seized Deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes at one of their a highway roadblocks.

He was initially held hostage, though he was soon beaten to death and tossed off a cliff after cops shot dead two miners in a clash.

Repression of the strike has escalated dramatically in recent days, with hundreds of miners reportedly arrested.

Bellamy isn’t my favorite character; Clarke is. But I will go to my fucking grave defending Bellamy. Why? Because for some reason, when Clarke makes a mistake, it’s seen as a “moral struggle” or “her trying to do the right thing” or yall just excuse the action because of her “good intentions”….but when Bellamy does, it’s because he’s the devil. Get the hell outta here with that shit. 

Look I’m not sure if I can articulate this correctly. But the way that most female characters are written….frustrates me.

It always seems to me like female characters are always written with certain constraints placed upon them? That there are specific character tropes which don’t need to be gendered and yet they are only ever occupied by male characters?

Or maybe these characters exist but they’re never main characters. They’re always the spunky side girls whose stories ride backseat to a male main’s.

Why don’t we get any stories about women who are angry, who have complex motivations, who are morally grey, who struggle, who are “tortured” (and not in the sense that the writers fetishistically beat the shit out of her), women who are mean but become soft around the people they love, girls who have flaws that aren’t just “being passive aggressive”, I could literally go on and on about this

Idk. All I’m trying to say is…consider basically any action movie. Consider any iconic male superhero. Consider the fact that even tho these types of things might have “badass” female characters, the stories are never about them specifically

I’m starting to think now that the ring might be a misdirect. Say wish!Robin finds it in old Robin’s stuff, he has a moral quandary either he tells Regina about it or he pawns it because he’s still a thief. it could be a moral struggle to prove this Robin is not the same Robin and also to give OQ fans some added “closure” that Robin was going to marry her before he died. 

Maybe he does the right thing and it’s what makes him fall for Regina, seeing how much an alternate version of himself loved her.