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Samurai Jack Premier

Absolutely outstanding. I loved all the information we were given in this episode with minimal dialogue and exposition:

The most powerful of the daughters of Aku has a latent weakness. Both Aku and Jack have been absent from the public eye for an unknown amount of time. Aku doesn’t know Jack has lost his sword. And Jack’s growing apathy for the wellbeing of the innocent is tearing his moral sensibilities, and mind, apart.

Calling it now:


…Is what Jack is afraid of becoming.

He can’t return to the past. He can’t defeat Aku in the future. He can’t age. And he doesn’t want to die. Barring eternal flight and struggle against an immortal, all powerful enemy, he fears his only option may be to stop fighting against Aku and join his evil ranks.

This final season is going to be exhilarating. 

Episode 2 Update

Just further confirmation for me.

On the right we have the old Jack, the one who would have rather died before ever joining Aku or giving up his ideals (literally.) And on the left, we have what Jack has become over the years. Rejecting his past self, and opting for survival at any cost:

Outstanding imagery that what he must become, what he previously ran from and feared, is now showing him the path to survival:

And then we have him realizing what that will ultimately cost him:

H.M.S KAISOO > Iceberg ahead!

Attention all Kaisoo shippers and quite frankly, all other sensible, moral and kind humans out there. I have sat by and not said anything for a while now but I can’t bite my tongue any longer. It seems Inarichi is being bullied by a bunch of people on here and I can’t stand bullying! She is a beloved writer of our fandom and yet some of you are turning your back on her because she posted something positive – I really can’t even begin to describe how hurt this makes me feel. Now, I know she might be just brushing off these horrible bullies and not letting them get to her (because she is a close friend of mine and she has thick skin for people of such meagre calibre) but I assure you that regardless of how it is affecting her, I WILL NOT and NEVER WILL stand for bullying towards anyone for any reason, ever! I don’t care if you think somebody is the worst person to ever walk this earth, bullying doesn’t solve anything and quite frankly it just makes YOU stoop down to their level. Whether or not you are joining in on this bullying or not (yes, there are like 200+ people in on this, a fair fight? I think not) if you are witnessing it and not standing up to them, then you might as well be complicit to their actions because to be a bystander doesn’t solve anything and it can leave the victim feeling even more alone and isolated in many cases.

Now, to clear up the definition of bullying/cyberbullying, let me recite to you what I teach the kids at school on a yearly basis.

Bullying is the repeated action of deliberately making someone hurt either physically or emotionally.

Repeated is the key word there. If you say something and offend or hurt someone just once, then you’re probably just human; we have all done that by accident in the past. But to SEEK her out on MULTIPLE social media platforms and REPEATEDLY leave hurtful comments. Well, I think it’s pretty clear that you are nothing but a bully.

Now, bullies will often seek out some kind of moral/righteous excuse for their actions and no matter how founded in truth or delusion these excuses are – it doesn’t EVER make their actions acceptable. Once you actively seek out someone and intentionally hurt them repeatedly, that makes you a bully and nothing will ever change that.

So I am writing this because I know these bullies can’t be reasoned with, but I also believe in standing up for those who need it and for those you care about. Now these people might choose to flood my account with hurtful and childish comments. That’s fine but please know that if you do, you will only be making yourself look stupid in the end. I’ve been tracking and reading all your blogs and comments for a while now and it baffles me how hypocritical some of you can be in the space of just two or three posts. Anyway, let’s not even go into that for fear that this post will be longer than my dissertation but I urge people who are reading this and who ARE decent people to re-blog/like and show all the victims of bullying out there that they are NOT alone and there ARE still nice and good people in this world who are mature regardless of their age, who don’t have to make themselves feel better by trying to knock others down. No, we don’t need to do that because we have self-worth, we have confidence in the fact that we are nice and decent people.

Captain L, signing out! *salute*



JUST A FEW FOLLOWING HARASSMENTS (Just a sample of the amount of hate she recieved since she blocked a lot of them after she replied to these… these are about 10% of the hate she got on tumblr. Not including twitter and other SNS)

I mean, take a look at these people’s blogs if you want to see the extent to which they have taken this bullying. I will leave you with this info and let yourself decide.


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MBTI & Fiction writers (x)
Alan Moore: INTP

“Anarchy is and always has been a romance. It is clearly the best way and the only morally sensible way to run the world.

Everybody should be the master of their own destiny, everybody should be their own leader. This is something that I still believe.

I think that even a cursory look around the world at the moment, particularly at the moment, would reveal that it is about 0.000001% of the world’s population that causes 99.99999% of the world’s problems.

And that tiny percentage, it’s not the Jewish banking conspiracy, it’s not the asylum seekers, it’s not the secret homo conspiracy running Hollywood, it’s not even the scientologists.

It is leaders. What we need is an administration at most, we don’t need people to boss us about.”

Forbidden Fruit: Jaebum AU 

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

He breathes in a breath of fresh air as he wonders down the quiet street, late night in the usually bustling Seoul. It felt good to just be okay, not stressed, and not overworked, just okay. His father finally let him have the vacation he had be longing for, for the last a hundred years. And no, a hundred years isn’t some exaggeration, he had really been begging for the past hundred and 5 years to be exact. He had been running hell for that long, dealing with punishments, living with the scum that once roamed earth. In a way he was sort responsible for them, he was known as the famous ‘devil’. But he didn’t look like the twisted images they portrayed in the movies or books, he didn’t have horns, he didn’t have claws. He was handsome, seductive, the embodiment of temptation.

Suddenly, his stomach made a growling noise and cramped with pain. He had never felt such a feeling before. He looked around to find a surface to sit on, hoping it would subside his pain, and his eyes landed on a poster reading ‘hot noodles and meat meal set, half price’. The image of the noodles lit up. He wipes his mouth drool spills from it. He was hungry. Except for the need to feed off of pain and strife, he had never been hungry before. Even though he would’ve liked to ignore the feeling, he couldn’t, it was consuming his thoughts. He gets up on his feed and walks to the eatery.

“안녕하세요! (Hello) How may I help you?” A friendly looking middle age woman greets him.

“Food. Give me food.” He demands, aggressively. He feels his power seep into his fingertips and pour into his eyes. One snap of his fingers and total damnation.

The waitress cowers in fear. He then comes to the realisation that total damnation equalled hunger. Being nice and calm would equal food, a lot of food. He takes a deep breath, the smell of food tingles his senses.

“Please, I would like some food please.” He says, standing back, forcing a smile.

The waitress indicates that he should follow her. She leads him to a table in the corner of the restaurant.

“What can I get you?” She asks.

He points to several items on the menu, ramyun, lamb skewers, samgyupsal and more. His mouth waters the more he looked at the menu.

It wasn’t long until his food came and he scoffed it down, chopsticks working in full effect, only taking breaks to breathe. He knew people were watching him, he heard the whispers, he guessed it was unacceptable for one man to eat that much. Then the meal came to an end and he was ready to go and find somewhere to lie down. It was all too much, being human wasn’t easy, if you weren’t hungry, you were tired, if you weren’t hot, you were cold. He picks up his jacket and walks towards the door. He was stopped by an elderly woman.

“Where are you going? You have to pay!” She raises her voice.

“Pay?” He scoffs, he didn’t understand the concept of money.

“Yes pay.” She says, blocking the door.

“Get out of my way, you stupid woman before I show you who I really am.” He threatens, once again feeling the power surge around his body.

Before he could release the power, a hand touches his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Ajumma, I’ll pay.” You say, you had a hard day and you didn’t really want to be dealing with the police when they would have to be called. Plus, it was a good deed, the guy obviously was starving, and a bonus was that he was hot. Like really good looking.

The Ajumma backed away and you handed some cash. He must’ve eaten a lot, the bill came up to a lot of money. You bow and walk out, giving small smile to the stranger.

Why did you do that? Did you worship Satan? Which wasn’t him, but a distant cousin. Maybe you knew who he was, you wanted to serve an angel, a dark one of that. He wonders. He jogs out after you.

“YA! You!” He shouts, stopping you in your tracks.

“Hey.” You say, ogling up at him. It skin seem to glow in the dark of night.

He steps closer to you and makes eye contact. A warm feeling travels through his body, as if he was being embraced. He felt connected to you and didn’t know why. He felt a strong need to be close to you, to be around you. He had never felt such warmth, only the heat from the flames in hell, he only the flicker of flames, he hadn’t none true light until he looked in your eyes.

“Hello!” You wave your hand in his face, he looked spaced out.

“Why did you do that?” He questions.

“What? Help you?”

“Yeah. Do you know who I am?” He grabs your arm.

You shake his hand from your arm.

“Who are you?” You ask, crossing your arms.

He looked shocked, as if you should know who he was.

“The devil.” He says.

You smile, he must be joking. When you see that he wasn’t smiling, you stopped.

“Are you serious?” You question.

“Yes, why would I lie?”

You were genuinely concerned for him.

“Do you have anywhere to stay?” You ask.

“Did you hear what I said?” He raises his voice.

“Yes, I’m choosing to ignore it. I read online that you shouldn’t take notice of delusions. It only makes worse.”” You say.

“I’m being serious!” He exclaims.

You slowly nod and place your hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay. Now, do you have anywhere to stay?” You ask him, trying to sound friendly.

He looks at you strangely, he didn’t know why you were helping him. He was a stranger. You couldn’t figure out why you were helping him either, you felt some sort of connection and bond, as if you’d known him your whole life.

“No I don’t. I just got here.” He answers, picking your hand up by your sleeve off his shoulder and dropping it down.

“Seoul?” You ask.

“No. Earth.” He corrects you.

Normally you wouldn’t invite a complete stranger with obvious mental issues into your home, but your moral compass and sensibility weren’t working.

“I have a spare room, you can stay with me until you get on your feet.”

He wasn’t in a place to decline, he needed a place to stay.

“Okay. T-thank you.” He chokes out, manners weren’t really something that came easily.

It was a lot in one day. He used to be able to feel other emotions, until his father banished him from the Holy Kingdom. He dared to demand freedom and individuality, he was an angel, not a slave. And the way in which he worked to get his freedom, resulted in sin after sin. The ultimate betrayal. So his father kicked him down to hell, and in that fall he lost all feeling, all happiness, and all peace.

You walked him back to your apartment, making small talk on the way.

“So… what is your actual name? Sure you say it’s the devil.  But I need to refer to you as something more normal… No offence.” You ask, looking ahead, to avoid his gaze.

He didn’t have a ‘normal’ name. What could he tell you? Lucifer? Beelzebub? He was in Korea, he spoke Korean and he looked Korean. He needed a Korean name. What’s that name he heard earlier that day? Jaehyun? Jaewon?


Hey guys, I wanted to try something new, tell me what you think of it. Should I continue?

‘Whatever the temporal or legal implications of your beliefs are, you must accept responsibility for them here and now, as well as upon the spiritual, moral, and intellectual levels. Be aware that the actions of a single magician can reflect upon everyone of Our Arte, and if you haven’t the honour or the moral sensibilities to cope with the implications of your beliefs then you are not a magician of any sort, you are a coward. As such, you are thus unworthy of any claim to be a True Pagan.’
~ Andrew D. Chumbley.
The Question of Sacrifice, Opuscula Magica, Vol. 1

Goebbels on Prudes

“Every revolution has its mistakes, ours too. That is not in itself bad, since they mostly disappear on their won or with time. The important thing is that those in charge keep their eyes open, and do not remain silent when they ought to speak out of fear of the public. Obviously a historic revolution of vast extent brings a mass of nonsense to light along with it’s enormous benefits.

It becomes dangerous only when the nonsense is left to grow. Thus hemming in and strangling the healthy, organic development of the revolution.

It is time today to expose some of this nonsense that has accompanied the National Socialist revolution to the full light of day and to examine it without pity.

That is even more necessary since otherwise some of this nonsense over time may gradually corrupt the style and nature of our revolution, leaving ot posterity an image of our nature and goals that in no way corresponds to National Socialist convictions and views.

Certainly there is a need for public regulation of the great moral foundations of our national life. However, some nonsense is also spreading that attempts to reach beyond to establish a code for the purely personal conduct of individuals.

That leads eventually to a moralism that is everything other than National Socialist.

Peculiar people who’s life is either behind them, or have no right to have one ahead of them, preach moralism in the name of our revolution. This moralism has nothing in common with true morality, they proclaim ethical laws that might be appropriate for a nunnery but are entirely out of place in a modern cultural state.

An example: In a major German city, an advertising poster for a soap company showed off a fresh, attractive girl holding the soap package in her hands. A moral knight who unfortunately had the right to determine the fate of this poster forbade it’s distribution on the ground that it offended the moral sensibilities of the population. Since the woman was holding the soap in a place that ‘for moral reasons cannot be described more precisely’

What is moral about this? The person announcing the ban, who presumes that other people share his dirty fantasies, or the German people and the National Socialist movement that are rightly upset and in opposition to such a ridiculous action?

Investigating the matter, we find that this wonderful citizen discovered his attraction to National Socialism three months after we took power. However, that did not stop him from issuing the ban in the name of National Socialism.

Things have gone so far that this company of moralists does not stop at the borders of private life. They would love to establish purity committees in cities and the countryside that would keep an eye on Muller and Schulze’s love and marriage life. It is true that they do not want to go as far as to ban kissing altogether, as in the familiar operetta, since it is too popular a past time. If it were up to them, however, they would turn Germany into a wasteland of muttering and complaining, where spying, denunciation and extortion are the order of the day.

These same moralists often turn to government offices with the request to ban films, plays, operas etc since the dancers, singers, starts etc apparently represent a grave danger to public decency. If we gave into their demands, we should see only old ladies and men on stage. The theaters would be empty, since the public generally does not attend them to see the same people they see in church and retirement homes.

Save us from these hypocritical creatures who have no genuine strong conception of life, who in reality preach no honest morality. They are generally life’s losers, protesting life itself. Life’s eternal laws will hardly make way for them, at most, they will hide behind a screen of contemptible hypocrisy and dishonest prudery.

They think that no German woman should go out alone, sit alone in a restaurant, she should not go out with a boy or even an SA man without a chaperone for a Sunday afternoon. She should not smoke, should not drink, should not have to wash up and make herself pretty, in short she should do everything to keep the evil interest of a man away from her. This is how midget moralists think the German woman should behave! And woe to the poor girl that has the misfortune to transgress against one of those laws. Of course, no German woman would have bobbed hair, because only Jewesses and other contemptible creatures do that.

Have these moral trumpeters any idea how they slander and demoralize millions of German women with their preaching, women who bravely and honestly do their duty in life and on the job, who are good companions to their men and sacrificing mothers for their children?

Don’t they realize that they embarras National Socialism throughout the world, that they are thirty years too late or that one must take them out to task them because they are beginning to be annoying? There are good and bad women, decent and less decent women, some with bobbed hair, others without. Whether or not they powder their noses is not a sign of their inner worth, and if they occasionally smoke a cigarette at home or on the street, they do not need to feel rejected or cast out.

In any event, these moralists should not sit in judgement over women, whether they are enemies or even if like all the real men they wish women happiness, relaxation and domestic peace, though their stuffy superiority would keep women from it.

They think it is not National Socialist to enjoy life, but rather one should only look at the dark side of human existence. Pessimism and suspicion are the best teachers in our earthly vale of sorrows. A true National Socialist has no cause to protect these miserable creatures. Primitiveness and absolute rejection of pleasure are the only character values to these people. If one has a clean and dirty collar, one puts on the dirty one to give evidence of his hatred of bourgeoisie values.

Are we living in a pietistic state, or a life-affirming National Socialist one?

No one can suspect us of wanting to live lives of ostentation or luxury. The Fuhrer and many of his close comrades neither smoke, nor drink nor enjoy sumptuous living. However, those who want to rob a nation of sixty million of every pleasure and all traces of optimism are contemptible, aside from the fact that their foolish desires would drive countless people into misery.

Every banned activity makes more people unemployed. If no one can drive a car, the factories will shut down, if no one wears a good suit, the looms and tailors will have nothing more to do, if nobody attends the theater, hundreds of thousands of stage employees will depend on public existence.

To take joy and pleasure from a people means to make it unfit for it’s struggle for it’s daily bread.

He who does, sins against our reconstruction efforts and embarrasses the National Socialist state before the world.

THe result would be a dreary impoverishment of our public life. This we will not accept.

We do not want to abolish pleasure, but rather to let as many as possible to share in it. This is why we encourage people to attend the theater, this is why we give workers the opportunity to dress well for festive occasions. This is the reason behind Kraft durch Freude. That is why we shake off the agents of a prudish hypocrisy, why we do not allow decent-hard working people who have every reason to need relief from their labors, who need to reaffirm life, to recover from weakness, cares, and burdens of everyday, to have their necessary pleasures ruined by the eternal chicanery of these pedants. 

More morality, but less moralism!

How to properly criticize religions such as Judaism: 

Monotheistic religions’ autoimmune disease takes two primary forms, God Intoxication (or God-induced indifference) and God Manipulation (or God-sanctioned indifference). For the God-Intoxicated person, the awareness of living in the presence of the one transcendent God demands an all-consuming attention that can exhaust one’s ability to see the needs of other human beings. This religious personality is defined by strict nonindifference to God. The more we walk with God, the less room we have to be aware of the human condition in general, and consequently, our moral sensibilities become attenuated. 


I characterize God Manipulation as an expression of religion’s autoimmune disease because its effect is not merely to blind me to my moral responsibilities to others: ultimately, it blinds me also to myself and the person I have become. … Once we can no longer see who we have become, we have lost the ability to self-correct, to say I have sinned, and to repent. These are those who have lost their moral compass completely.

(from Rabbi Donniel Hartman’s Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself)

How NOT to criticize religions such as Judaism: 

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: jm so sorry about this idk im really not happy with this chapter but i hope it’s somehow okay also shit happens in vienna cool goodbye 




ryan: dan it’s been 4 days

ryan: how long are you planning to keep this ignoring thing up?

ryan: daaann

ryan: daninator

On the bright side, it’s the most response Dan’s ever managed to get out of Ryan for about three months, although the hypocrisy and borderline fondness of his words make him want to retch.

No. He tells himself. He’s managed four days. He can’t crack now.

He distracts himself by visiting the neglected group chat, and to his surprise Ryan’s chatting perfectly fine to their other friends as opposed to going into hiding until Dan expects another inquisitive message from Max about his whereabouts. He can’t tell if he’s relieved or not by this.

jake: lads

jake: can we all meet up soon

jake: i miss u

Dan’s heart leaps into his throat, coming to the realisation he’d willingly throw himself into the Sun if it meant never having to face Ryan ever again

dan: if it’s before friday then yea

jake: why

max: our old dancing buddy’s off to the other side of the globe that’s why

dan: it’s austria not new zealand

max: smh aren’t they right next to eachother anyway

dan: omg by austria I don’t mean a typo of australia

dan: I mean austriA as in that country near germany

ross: geography wizard as well as a dancing queen

ross: they should pay you double

dan: thanks

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Her general annoyingness aside, Janice was one of the few characters on Friends that had her shit together.

Her cynical, but honest, speech to Rachel about what it meant to be a single mother was one of the few moments of straight talk that show ever gave you.

Not to mention when Chandler (lies) and suggests they carry on an affair, despite being married to other people, she’s absolutely disgusted and morally outraged…and sensibly decides she has to get away from him, forever.     

He lifted his head from the pillow he was clutching and then realized what he was doing: searching the air for a trace of the smell of coffee.

It had happened a few times in the last several weeks, Magnus stumbling out into the kitchen toward the rich scent of coffee, pulling on a robe from his wide and varied selection, and finding Alec there. Magnus had bought a coffeemaker because Alec had consistently seemed mildly distressed by Magnus’s magicking-slash-slightly-stealing cups of coffee and tea from The Mudd Truck. The machine was extra bother, but Magnus was glad he had bought it. Alec had to know the coffeemaker was for him and his delicate moral sensibilities, and Alec seemed to feel a sense of comfort around the machine that he felt about nothing else, making coffee without asking if he could, bringing Magnus a cup when he was working. Everywhere else in Magnus’s loft Alec was still careful, touching things as if he had no right to them, as if he were a guest.

And of course he was a guest. It was only that Magnus had an irrational desire for Alec to feel at home in his loft, as if that would mean something, as if that would give Magnus a claim on Alec or indicate that Alec wanted a claim on him. Magnus supposed that was it. He badly wanted Alec to want to be here, and to be happy when he was here.

He could not kidnap the Lightwoods’ eldest born and keep him as a decoration about the house, however. Alec had fallen asleep twice—on the sofa, not the bed. Once after a long slow night of kissing; and once when Alec had come over for a brief coffee, clearly exhausted after a long day of demon-hunting, and he had slid into unconsciousness almost instantly. Magnus had also taken to leaving his front door open, since nobody was going to rob the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and Alec would sometimes come by in the early mornings.

Every time Alec had dropped by—or in the mornings after Alec had fallen asleep there—Magnus had woken to the sounds and smells of Alec’s making him coffee, even though Alec knew that Magnus could magic coffee out of the air. Alec had done it only a few times, had been there for only a handful of mornings. It was not something Magnus should be getting used to.

—  The Bane Chronicles, What to Buy the Shadowhunters who has Everything

I have a feeling people have climbed ralph on a pedestal, like he’s either too much of a justice knight, or too much of an intelligent sarcastic bright-spot, or the best student-president-jock, or if his faults are acknowledged, it’s only the interesting faults like his assholeness, which is not even much, but more of a childish brattiness; it’s beyond me how people overlook how ralph is an airhead and quite idiotic many times in the book, how he doesn’t exactly have good leading skills, which is why he needs piggy to help him most of the time, how he is insecure and chews on his nails because he has anxiety, how he also has moods and quite many as he throws fits every time jack is concerned, how he is really oblivious of many things and not that observant, how he has almost zero experience in anything really - like jack ‘the dumbass’  proved he had knowledge of geography and biology and physics, while ralph didn’t show any hint of previous knowledge in anything really;

ralph is a quite alright character on the moral side, he’s somewhat sensible, but even that he learns to be from piggy in the first place; and the jock part is beyond me; he just mentioned how he played rugby once and hit himself while doing it. he evolves into a better person by the end of the book, but he’s definitely not that smart, or that skilled in anything really, and especially not to the point where the fandom makes him to be this perfect human being with a touch of an interesting asshole - which he isn’t in the first place, he’s just a little brat who learns not to be that immature after all

anonymous asked:

Are there any differences between INFP who is matured and has expanded their growth with INFP who is still figuring out their ways?

Yes, there are differences between matured INFP and one that is still learning their ways. As an INFP grows and matures, certain cognitive functions are developed. Here’s a broken down version of how this website Personalityjunkie explains it. 

Phase I (Childhood)

- INFP’s are characterized by the development and use of their dominant function, Introverted Feeling (Fi) 

- They are typically highly idealistic and quick to judge (even if keeping most of their opinions to themselves).

- INFP’s have yet to grasp the bigger picture of reality (Ne)

- Moral sensibilities have yet to be opened by the use and development of their Ne.

Phase II (Adolescences - 30’s)

- Dominant Fi reaches a certain threshold of strength and dominance

- INFPs’ inferior function, Extraverted Thinking (Te), enters the picture and begins to play a more influential role. 

- They have a tendency to do more experimentation. 

- Their auxiliary function, Extraverted Intuition (Ne) is also being developed 

- INFPs explore new ideas and open up some of their Fi judgments. 

- They might realize that some of their earlier judgments were premature, too black-and-white  

- INFP’s are compelled to embark on a journey of discovering their own truth, including obtaining a clearer understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Phase III (30 +)

- INFP’s experience a greater balance between their Fi and Te as well as their other functions

- They come to experience a heightened sense of peace, wholeness, and satisfaction.

Anarchy is and always has been a romance. It is clearly the best way and the only morally sensible way to run the world. That everybody should be the master of their own destiny, that everybody should be their own leader.
—  Alan Moore
I am sick of people trying to paint the Spring Valley Assault as “ambiguous” or “controversial.” No, it wasn’t. It was 100% wrong, terrifying and a total abuse of power by a mad, unqualified cop with a hideous track record who decided a helpless little girl was his way to his daily macho power trip.

So, fuck off Raven Symone, Ted Nugent, Don Lemon and Glenn Beck and all you other cash-hungry, brainwashed ghouls. 

If you want to be sick, sordid, soulless nutjobs, at least have the decency to do it private or discreetly, like Hannibal Lecter or Amy Dunne.  

Don’t go on TV and force the rest of the world to live with your corrupt and, frankly, vomit-inducing depravity.  

Cut us smart, moral, sensible-thinking people a break, for once.

anonymous asked:

If I find a homeless person, and tell them I'll give them $50 if they crawl around in the street eating dog food that I've tossed down, and they take me up on it to, say, be able to feed their kid, was this a good thing? (Purposefully hyperbolic.)

That is a terrible analogy for hiring people in poor countries because it conflates a bunch of things. If someone does this, we can reasonably conclude that they like humiliating people who they have power over. We think humiliating people who you have power over is bad, so we do (and should) condemn people for doing it for fun. 

Hiring someone in a country where the median wage is $1/day, and paying them $1/day, does not suggest a secret delight in humiliating people. 

Let’s take away that confounder. You offer a homeless person who hangs out on your street fifty dollars to hang out outside your store for a week, because you’ve been having a problem with robbery. You are paying this homeless person wildly less than minimum wage. He takes you up on it. Was this a good thing?

I think that yes, it was. 

So our reaction to the first case is entirely “if you enjoy humiliating people for fun you’re a bad person - we as a society want to condemn humiliating people for fun.” It is not an argument against anything other than humiliating people for fun. 

But, you know, even in that case, I think I am not the person who gets to decide whether this was a good thing. I think the only person who gets to decide whether this was a good person is the homeless person affected. I think it is self centered and condescending for me to decide for him how he feels about it. 

I ask him. Maybe he says “hell yes! that asshole paid me $50 for five minutes of work, that’s more than lawyers make, and he strutted off like he’d done something clever. I love taking money from terrible people.” In that case I think, yes, it was a good thing.

Maybe he says “eh, it was unpleasant, but it wasn’t nearly as dehumanizing as working a day as a dishwasher at McDonalds for the money, and that’s what I was doing before I got fired; unless you’re gonna ban dishwashing at McDonald’s it’d be dumb to ban this.”

Maybe he says “no, I felt horribly exploited and I wish it were illegal to ask people to do that.” In that case I believe him, because he is the one having this experience and he is the one who knows the tradeoffs he is facing and he is the one whose experience matters, not my moral sensibilities which are arrived at from a place of total ignorance about his life. 

So anyone who wants to announce that workers in poor countries are being horribly exploited by unethical companies, and who has never actually spoken to a worker in a poor country, should do that.

(I’ve also seen this conversation play out with sex work. People who aren’t sex workers go ‘but sex work is so obviously dehumanizing that it is clearly coercive and unethical to hire you and your clients are terrible people!’ and sex workers often go ‘…eh, sometimes sex work is dehumanizing but so are other kinds of work and please don’t prosecute our clients it doesn’t help, like, at all’ and people go ‘but it’s so terribly wrong you’re being exploited!’ Witnessing this is part of what convinced me that telling classes of workers they are being exploited without asking them is bad activism.)

Austen Anon

So, here are some thoughts from someone who loves the show and did her dissertation on Austen:


Right, Sense & Sensibility scholar here, back again. Watched the ep… quite…. ? I don’t think the writers understand Sense and Sensibility. Their connections are basic and drivel. It’s like they only watched the ET version and slept through the first half… and then the second half. I understand it’s meant to be a broad understanding, but even the broad analysis involving the characters is just… rotten. And I say this not on the side of any ship other than my other than my beloved Austen.

Okay, last rant from Austen/S&S/English scholar here, I do love this show and I think it’s great but they had such an opportunity to make the parallels to the story count. Regardless, I will give it benefit of the doubt. I’d say for broad viewers, they have left both romances at a 50/50, which poses both girls as 50/50. By the end of the episode, Riley and Maya have given Lucas their sense and sensibility evenly. Riley acknowledges to Charlie she needs more than sense, Maya acknowledges to Lucas she needs more than sensibility (by agreeing to be nicer to him). So this, as I said before in one of my Austen-filled rants, leaves it up to Lucas. How does he view the girls? Because ultimately it is his perspective that will reveal and display the true emotions of the girls towards him, nothing has been shown from his thoughts or perspective… which, if we’re going back to S&S, is a complete combination of Edward and Brandon. Both men are actually driven by sense.

People don’t realize this. Edward protects his heart because he is bound by duty to Lucy and fears he never had a chance with Elinor at all (again, Riley can’t be Elinor here, Lucas assumed them together SO much he felt he didn’t even need to ask her to a dance). Brandon shields his advances towards Marianne because he believes her happy- no matter how much he hates Willoughby. Both men have a LOT in common and actually help each other through the girls without ever actually meeting. And I genuinely believe Lucas has becomes a merging of both men.

And like Edward and Brandon- they remain COMPLETELY silent about their feelings. Both are so frustratingly driven to put the emotions of the women around them first, that it literally takes Edwards fiancé to MARRY HIS BROTHER and Willoughby the GET ENGAGED TO SOMEONE ELSE for them to take steps towards these girls WITH their consent (ugh, Austen, keeper of my soul). They tiptoe.

So if Lucas is both Brandon and Edward (which he HAS to be) then to look at this objectively, from a NON-ship standpoint and really just from my lit studies in plot etc., the writers have tipped Rucas and Lucaya to be 50/50… and I’ll admit, even with the slight skewing of perhaps one of the greatest pieces of literature ever (my bias), they’ve done it quite cleverly. In my honest objective opinion, regarding the plot itself, it is 50/50 between the two ‘ships.’ My subjective opinion? …50/50.

I can’t separate my studies. I do HOPE for Lucaya…

(6/6) (sorry i filled up my asks for the hour lol) here’s what it said plus a little bit more because I have more room here… 

“Come, come; this is all an effusion of immediate want of spirits, Edward. You are in a melancholy humour, and fancy that any one unlike yourself must be happy. But remember that the pain of parting from friends will be felt by everybody at times, whatever be their education or state. Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience – or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope. …”

Mrs. Dashwood to Edward, Chapter 19. He is openly discussing with the family during his visit about his confusion and sadness towards his forced duty-driven life. That his mother, his sister, and mostly society has expectations of him that he does not know if he wants to fulfill or if he even can. 

Versus Brandon who disregarded his duty when he was young and fell in love with Eliza, (and this is a whole tragic love story we won’t get into it). Brandon encourages Marianne’s passion, (cough girl meets Creativity) because he knows what it is like to have it stifled and removed from oneself. 

To be clear, Lucas isn’t entirely Edward or Brandon. He’s a combination of different parts. And this is assuming that the writers even get the male parallels possibly right. Which brings me to… (if they even parallel this correctly if they’re still on it)…  the whole point of the story–


Last thing- (promise) Sense and Sensibility is not an exciting heart pounding romance, like Pride and Prejudice seems to be to a lot of people. What’s curious about it, and what people don’t realize as it only exists in the backstories- is this is a novel entirely based on second loves, second romances, second attachments. 

-Mr Dashwood? Marianne and Elinor’s father, Mrs. Dashwood’s husband? Was married once before Mrs. Dashwood. She was his second marriage after his first wife dies, he genuinely fell in love again with her and they married. 

-Marianne ends up with her second love, Colonel Brandon. And Marianne, as we know, is his second love as well, after Eliza. 

-Willoughby marries a second romance, but not his second love, Marianne was his only? We don’t really know, he has a habit of impregnating girls. But we know he genuinely loved her and that he does not end up with her. Probably a testament to his bad-boy behaviour. 

-Lucy Steele even gets married to her ‘second love’ if you can call Robert that. 

-Edward marries Elinor, his second love after Lucy. Elinor… now she is complex and the only exception to this rule. However, her love is different. She didn’t permit herself to love, to hope. And perhaps it’s because her behaviour, her subdued behaviour IS the moral of Sense and Sensibility (can’t believe you got this wrong, Girl Meets World, as Marianne literally STATES it in the end), Elinor perhaps is rewarded with marrying her first love. 

And for those of you wondering maybe this is a coincidence, no- Chapter 11, between Colonel Brandon and Elinor WHO —-

 —ACTUALLY build a very strong friendship together and are multiple times questioned by others as to why they aren’t together and are at times ARE believed to actually be together because of the convenience of their ages, temperament, closeness, etc.  It is literally ASSUMED THAT THEY ARE (Mrs. Jennings, etc), but their feelings don’t grow more than friendship (it’s because they’re older and wiser, they already know this) -Think about THAT for a second! (I can literally go on for bloody years right now)— but back to the second attachments—

His eyes were fixed on Marianne, and, after a silence of some minutes, he said with a faint smile, “Your sister, I understand, does not approve of second attachments.”

   "No,“ replied Elinor, “her opinions are all romantic.”

   "Or rather, as I believe, she considers them impossible to exist.“

   "I believe she does. But how she contrives it without reflecting on the character of her own father, who had himself two wives, I know not. A few years, however, will settle her opinions on the reasonable basis of common sense and observation; and then they may be more easy to define and to justify than they now are, by anybody but herself.”

A whole episode on Riley feeling self conscious about her parents first love (GM C&T). Makes more sense to feel that equivalent towards first loves than Marianne’s unjustified (and really makes no sense considering her parents) regard towards it. 

Then in this part, they go on to Marianne needing to not be stifled to have her unique opinions remain her own and not be covered by common opinion, which Elinor disagrees with, blah blah blah… 

But THEN, Brandon actually disagrees with Marianne’s thoughts/ belief’s on first loves, but not on her entire passionate way of thinking- 

“Does your sister make no distinction in her objections against a second attachment? or is it equally criminal in everybody? Are those who have been disappointed in their first choice, whether from the inconstancy of its object, or the perverseness of circumstances, to be equally indifferent during the rest of their lives?”

   "Upon my word, I am not acquainted with the minutiae of her principles. I only know that I never yet heard her admit any instance of a second attachment’s being pardonable.“

  “This,“ said he, "cannot hold; but a change, a total change of sentiments – No, no, do not desire it,…" 

If Riley is Elinor (again– what?), and they’re going with the basic route of minimal understanding, Riley could get her first love. But Elinor herself doesn’t even believe in first loves- unlike Riley’s whole world revolving around it. Elinor understands the complexity of life, and barely believes in love itself as a possibility for her life as she’s passed a "certain age” (19) which is like… 49 today.

And if Edward hadn’t been engaged to Lucy for so long, he would have been already married to someone else by the time he met Elinor. Lucy was necessary (plot and otherwise) to keep Edward single for Elinor because by her age at that time, she was ‘a spinster’ and it was nearly impossible for her to find someone. That’s touched upon by the ‘expectations’ his mother and sister have for him and are still confused by his 'singleness’ (they didn’t know he was engaged). For the story to work, he HAD to have a first love in order to possess his second true love. 

So the point of this whole second half ramble, there is no advocacy for first love in the novel at allThe entire point of it is the exact opposite! It not only advocates second love, but it truly is the entire plot basis and pure device and reasoning for anyone that ends up together in the past and present of the novel. Without second love, the novel itself would not exist. 

If Pride and Prejudice suspends the reality of everyday possibility for women like Lizzy Bennet and is the expense for sustaining a deep character study to produce two of the most complex and realistic characters in literature— then Sense and Sensibility suspends the reality the realism of two polar opposite characters who at times border unrealistic common behaviour, coming off as comic-like and entirely humorous, in order to sustain a harshly realistic setting and time and expression of real life and love. 

If Boy Meets World were Pride and Prejudice, then Girl Meets World could be Sense and Sensibility.

(This is Austen anon I hope I’m not too late I forgot to tie the end in!! )

SO- to tie it all up, I think Girl Meets World is about second loves… Farkle to Smackle–> Farkle to Riley. Riley to Lucas –> Riley to Farkle, Maya to Josh –> Maya to Lucas, Lucas to Riley –> Lucas to Maya. Zay to Vanessa –> Zay to ____? I think Lucas did 'love’ Riley first because she was pushed on him first. But again, second attachments…. often our reality. That’s where my objectivity meets my subjectivity :)


Okay… now I’ll really shut up. Sorry for filling your asks love! I really am very sorry. I’m being rather obnoxious and inconvenient. I’m more annoying than I realized until just now. Post what you wish! Or just smash them all into one and tag me as a nuisance lol