moral patch

Patches I’m handing out at SHOT Show 2017. If you’re on the floor or at the range look for me with my EveryDayCivilian hat and patches on my bag.

Say hi, ask for a patch!

If I have some leftover I will have some for sale after this week.

submitted by Taylor Harris

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Less than a month until The Force Awakens is in theaters! Some of my Boba Fett/Mandalorian gear is on display.

T-shirt is by Warrior Culture Gear
Sig P320 and Winkler Knives Spike with custom cerakote by HillBillyUrban223
Tacticalsht Patches

submitted by Greg Neal

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The general equipment I carry on me while working as an EMT. Not pictured: Motorola Portable Radio.

“Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned,” patch from Violent Little Machine Shop.

Pictures with Glock 42 380ACP, and Andre De Villiers’ Pathfinder with purple anodized hardware.

Stay tuned for more from everydaycivilian, & pointandshootmediaworks.

submitted by Nite Wolf

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What I carry around my person. You guys inspire me, hopefully I can inspire you…

EDC for Easter Sunday:

Colion Noir #ThePewPewLife Hat
Hinderer XM-18 Bowie Knife
Elzetta Alpha Flashlight
Spyderco USN Hawkbill Ladybug
ADV Tactical Tac Mini Butcher
RCFiber Carbon Fiber Pen
TRex Arms Sidecar Holster with Glock 26 Gen 4 and Spare Mag with Taran Tactical Innovations
Spare Mag in KYTEX Shooting Gear Holster
Elzetta Alpha Flashlight
Joshua Johnson Art Dead Pool Patch and The Division Patch by Honey Badger Defense Co.
MilspecMonkey Hoodie


Bounty Hunter Patch Collection from itstactical arrived today!

sigsauerinc P320 Carry 9mm
Winkler Knives II Spike
Custom Cerakote finishes by HillBilly223
Custom holsters by Franks’ Custom Holsters