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Why do you think that as Robert lay dying that he called Aerys a better king? Do you think Ned ever thought that Robert was a good king? I remember at the Hand Tourney that Ned was silent when Robert tried to call himself a better king than Aerys?

Guilt. Well deserved guilt.

“More than once, I have dreamed of giving up the crown. […] You know what stops me? The thought of Joffrey on the throne, with Cersei standing behind him, whispering in his ear. My son. How could I have made a son like that, Ned?”


“It would not trouble me if the boy was wild, Ned. You don’t know him as I do.”

- Eddard VII, AGoT

Robert knows how terrible Joffrey is and how devastating Joffrey’s rule will be. What has he done to prevent this coming about? He’s kept breathing and stayed in Westeros. That doesn’t exactly deserve a gold star for effort.

I think Ned once thought that Robert had it in him to be a good king. I don’t think this was such a huge misread of character and ability as it might appear during AGoT. We see repeatedly that Robert knows the difference between right and wrong, and between the basics of good rule and ill rule for that matter - and unfortunately, just about every time Robert demonstrates that he knows the difference, we see him pick wrong through laziness, selfishness, or cowardice.

While Ned also knew that Robert had his flaws (they weren’t fighting about nothing at the end of the Rebellion), Ned only realised during AGoT itself that the moral cowardice and selfish wroth Robert displayed over Rhaenys and Aegon Targaryen’s corpses was not a one-off, but had become a lifelong habit.

“Do it yourself, then, Robert,” [Ned] said, voice cold and sharp as steel. “At least have the courage to do it yourself.”

Robert looked at Ned with flat, dead eyes and left without a word, his footsteps heavy as lead.

- Eddard III, AGoT

“All justice flows from the king,” [Ned] told [Catelyn]. “When I know the truth, I must go to Robert.” And pray he is the man I think he is, not the man I fear he has become.

- Eddard IV, AGoT

The rage was gone from [Robert] now; in his eyes Ned saw something sad and scared. “I should not have hit [Cersei]. That was not…that was not kingly.”

- Eddard X, AGoT

Ned was silent when Robert tried to call himself a good king. Robert proposed the compromise of calling him better than Aerys, which they could both agree upon. Several chapters later, Robert’s dying and he’s done nothing to even try to fix the problems he knew full well the kingdom was facing.

It’s a different type of moral responsibility to Aerys II, passive rather than active. Robert failed the kingdom over a period of years, knowing full well how and why he was failing the kingdom, having the power and ability to change course, and not doing so. Well he should feel guilty.

Liberal feminists on the burqini ban (rightly so): The burqini ban is bad! A woman should be allowed to cover herself as much as she wants or reveal as much as she wants! Forcibly making someone remove their clothing in public is sexual harassment!

Liberal feminists on enforced hijab on female chess competitors in Iran: *crickets* Uh… when in Rome do as the Romans do… it’s just showing respect for their culture… Uh… Islam is a beautiful religion?

can you all do me a favour and PLEASE stop celebrating your favourite rich politician for acting in a way that conforms with basic ethics?

I understand how low our standards have been driven and I understand how that happened, but when you guys are joyfully shouting
you’re ignoring and obscuring the HARM these women have done in favour of celebrating the bare minimum they’re doing at their jobs. I get it! no one else is doing th bare minimum and we’re grateful.

but Hillary Clinton supported and enacted murderous policies, is racist, used slave labour in the arkansas governor’s mansion, blahblahblah.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg: low-key racist, thinks Black people needa stop protesting, was friends with Antonin Scalia. Explain to me how you can value human lives and respect the lives of the people in your charge while being buds with someone who DOES NOT value any lives but those of straight cis white people. Explain!

and Today’s Fave Kamala Harris has done some great stuff but her record on sex work, that heated nexus of reproductive politics, immigration/border policies, minimum wage, affordable housing, labour protections (and the lack thereof), healthcare, &c–

is abysmal. she supports and enforces laws that get vulnerable and marginalised people RAPED AND KILLED.

when i see you celebrating her, it’s hard to remember that you’re celebrating her for the basic stands she’s taking in a time of extreme cowardice and moral bankruptcy.
to me it feels like you’re writing us all off because it feels nice to celebrate the bare minimum.

📱 TFLN Starters – 11/?? 📱

  • [text]: Shit dude that sort of wholesale destruction can’t just be done at the drop of a hat
  • [text]: I supposed we should both be prepared for the secret service to come visit us after this conversation. Hi NSA.
  • [text]: Is there ever a non-asshole time to play the “I was a child prodigy” card?
  • [text]: She’s a black belt cougar in the 6th degree.
  • [text]: To be honest. I have two poptarts in my jacket pockets. No one knows. I am pro stealth.
  • [text]: Sometimes I think that I have too much self esteem. Then I realize that I’m just really fucking pretty.
  • [text]: If I had a nickel for every time somebody called me a bad person I would have enough money to check into rehab
  • [text]: Hate is such a strong word! I prefer to think you strongly dislike me due to the honest I show towards your routine shortcomings of success in life.
  • [text]: Today I’m judging my level of singleness on a scale of one to eat-a-can-of-frosting. It’s not looking good for me.
  • [text]: So nowhere in the dress code does it forbid me from showing up to City Hall in a gorilla suit to meet the mayor.
  • [text]: i have two emotions: emotionless and blind with rage
  • [text]: I’m sorry I tried to stab you. I just really wanted those mozerella sticks.
  • [text]: pesky things like morals, self-preservation and cowardice are not needed. overkill is nothing but a word. there will be blood.
  • [text]: The only ground rules are no one is allowed to come who will say “no, that’s a bad idea” or “what if we get arrested?”
  • [text]: For some reason, my father is not responding to the 5 texts I sent him that all read “ Dad dad dad dad dad dddaadd dddddaaaaaaaaad dad”.
  • [text]: Bring your kids so they can distract our kids so we can drink in peace.
  • [text]: sorry I called you to cry about the state of the neopets economy
  • [text]: I’m drinking nothing but vodka and coffee for the next 48 hours. For science.
  • [text]: I’m so upset I left my sombrero at the expo center
  • [text]: There’s a guy running dressed as a bunny toward your house.
  • [text]: Some days you ride the struggle bus. Other days, it gets a flat, the AC breaks, and you run over a bunny.
  • [text]: she won’t be coming home tonight because she tried stealing a baby giraffe from the zoo
  • [text]: Knowing there are different types of spiders in different countries and regions makes me never want to travel.
  • [text]: whoever threw up in my shampooo bottle is totally getting defriended on facebook.
I need to know how in the fuck Rumpelstiltskin comes off as the villain for refusing to murder to save the life of his son.

No, really. Snow White refused to murder someone to save her mother’s life, as a child, and her mother said she did the right thing. She was told she was brave. Rumpelstiltskin refuses and he’s cowardly. What in the righteous fuck?

His deal to trade away his second child is seen as a worse act than murdering the magical healer and stealing the potion?! How is dealing for a life you’re never going to create, anyway, worse? Milah *hates* her husband. She despises him. She verbally lashes out at him constantly. I’m imagining there is NO CHANCE of a second child happening in that household.

But, no, murder is a better, more MORAL option, because …. well, because OUAT.

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How is Stannis burning Shireen justified? Trolley problem?

I’m with Davos on this: “What’s one bastard boy/little girl against a kingdom?” “Everything.” I don’t believe sacrificing an innocent, especially a child, can ever truly be justified, though it can be more understandable depending on the circumstances. For instance, if Shireen’s sacrifice transpires as I think it will, being done with the Others swarming through the collapsed Wall, laying siege to Winterfell and the literal end of the world hammering at his door, Stannis’ decision becomes more understandable in the light of him having become a true king who acts to protect his people and save his kingdom.

But there’s nothing remotely understandable about the way it plays out on the show, where Shireen is burned to death in an attempt to rescue Stannis’ army from a situation that, Ser Twenty of House Goodmen’s superpowers aside, they’re in almost entirely due to Stannis’ stubbornness and pride, in order to win (in the scheme of things) a petty battle against the Boltons, and on top of that not with the aim of being able to unite the North to fight the Others, but to win the damn Iron Throne. There is so much wrong with this entire setup that while the terrible event itself is horrific, heartbreaking and traumatic to watch, on a narrative level it falls utterly flat.

It’s horribly, horribly contrived from start to finish: at Castle Black, Davos asks Stannis about finding a guard for Selyse and Shireen, to which Stannis responds that they’re coming too, because they’re not going to be safe with an organisation largely composed of murderers and rapists. Yes, Davos knows that, that’s why he was just asking to choose some of their men to guard them. This is simply terrible writing - the showrunners desperately wanted all the Baratheons to come on this hard march south in order to force a premature end to Stannis’ arc, so logic be damned, the fact that he does leave his family at Castle Black in the books be damned.

“We go forward. Only forward.” This is indeed in keeping with Stannis’ do or die approach to taking Winterfell in the books…but the key difference being he hasn’t got his family with him so that if it does end in disaster, he has an heir and her mother to look after her safe in another location, so he can feel he can risk everything to try to save the kingdom. As he tells Justin Massey in TWOW:

The knight hesitated. “Your Grace, if you are dead — “ ” — you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt.”

Don’t even get me started on the whole “I will not be known as The King Who Ran” nonsense being the reason he’s ignoring plainly sensible advice from Davos to keep marching on Winterfell, as part of the show’s framing of Stannis’ entire campaign as “ambition” (god my rage at the depth of his character assassination here is unending). But apparently he’s OK with being known as the King Who Murdered His Daughter, which you would think would be an infinitely worse sobriquet to have. And this is after Stannis appears to accept the possibility of defeat, and is horrified by the idea of burning Shireen, but two episodes later he’s completely reversed his position on both fronts with absolutely nothing to show why. Nothing makes sense.

I also have a massive, massive problem with Stannis sending Davos away on what he knows perfectly well is effectively a wild goose chase to stop him interfering with/talking him out of killing Shireen. This is a truly appalling level of moral cowardice, and while book!Stannis I think does have a tendency to compartmentalise some of his more morally dubious actions to avoid taking full responsibility, this goes well beyond that. In the books, I think they’ll all be in Winterfell when Stannis decides to sacrifice Shireen in an attempt to avert actual Armageddon, so I believe there will be a reckoning between him and Davos both before and after it happens, and a huge amount of conflict and an emotional rift between the two will result. What the show’s done instead is such an awful way to end one of the series’ most compelling relationships - the last ever Stannis/Davos interaction is Stannis basically lying to him and Davos clearly sensing something’s not quite right but not really challenging Stannis on it? It’s a betrayal of both characters, and they deserved a better resolution than this, which thankfully I’m pretty sure GRRM will deliver.

The only thing the writers are likely to have got completely right in this whole horror show is Selyse committing suicide as a result of Shireen’s death - which again will have more of an emotional impact in the books because A) she actually loves her daughter and B) this is how her fanatical devotion to R'hllor and enthusiasm for burning people is going to come back to bite her, and bite her hard. It’s all fun and games until you’re being told the person you love most must now be burned to defeat the Others, and the guilt and horror at what her husband and the priestess who converted her to the god now demanding her child as payment have done will drive her to suicide. But it will be a natural conclusion to what I think is Selyse’s very sad story, not something that comes completely out of nowhere after 3 entire seasons of showing her hating Shireen.

CORNEL WEST: I’m very sad that black America is not waking up in the way in which we should. We’ve got a spiritual rot and a moral cowardice in our neoliberal black political class and our neoliberal black intelligentsia, who don’t want to tell the truth about the underside of the Hillary Clinton campaign. And the underside really has to do with not just the Clinton machine and all of its corruptions and so forth, but, more importantly, the policies, the trade policies, the prison—the mass incarceration regime, the deregulating of the banks and so forth. But Brother Bernie is hitting this head on. It’s difficult for Hillary to somehow act as if she’s such a populist, when she’s been a centrist for so long.

Yes, black voters should know Bernie better! Yes, black voters should know Bernie better! I’m disappointed that African Americans are supporting Hillary.

Moral cowardice requires choice and action. It demands that its adherents repeatedly look away, that they favor the fanciful over the plain, myth over history, the dream over the real. Here is another choice.

Take down the flag. Take it down now.

Put it in a museum. Inscribe beneath it the years 1861-2015. Move forward. Abandon this charlatanism. Drive out this cult of death and chains. Save your lovely souls. Move forward. Do it now.

WATCH: Dr. Cornel West says Ferguson Shows that the Age of Obama Is Over

WATCH: Dr. Cornel West says Ferguson Shows that the Age of Obama Is Over

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Obama’s empty neutrality, moral bankruptcy and political cowardice is now undeniable to even his most loyal cheerleaders and boot-lickers!

— Cornel West (@CornelWest) November 25, 2014

Professor Cornel Westappeared on CNN International this afternoon to give his take on Ferguson, and said right at the outset, “Ferguson signifies the end of the age of Obama. It’s a very sad end. We began…

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Hi, Sarah! Tdl is one of my favorite books and I've been dying to know what motivated the SebJamie ship. Seb always seemed kind of an ick person and Jamie a sweet cinnamon roll, so Ive always wondered what inspired it

Hey there! Thank you for your most kind words. I am always thankful for kind words about my books, and particularly for interest in my LGBT characters.

So, there are two major things that inspired the character of Seb. 

One is: I’m interested in cowards. Joren in Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small books, Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter books, Edmund and Eustace in the Narnia books–none redeemed but the Narnia boys–are all cowards who bully other people. Cowardice inspires people to petty evil, like bullying others, or abandoning others, or lying. And petty evil is the hardest evil for people to forgive: it seems so real. So many people are bullied, or know someone they love who was bullied. Much fewer of us have come into direct contact with murder. (Plus we can… let’s face it… come up with some reasons for murder that seem better than the reasons for bullying, because there are no good reasons for bullying. Um. Don’t murder people, though, guys!)

And yet I love cowards. We are all cowards, sometimes, and so are all the people and all the characters we love. I love thinking about the terrible things fear inspires some people to do, I love thinking about the possible redemption of cowards, because it’s a difficult redemption. (See also: Ash in TLL, who doesn’t bully people, but he does display moral cowardice in Unspoken–he horribly deceives Kami throughout, is an accomplice to Nicola’s murder, and almost murders Angela.)  

Another thing I’m interested in: toxic masculinity! I’ve talked a lot before about how I explored it with Nick, and with Jared in the Lynburn Legacy. Seb is in many ways paralleled with Nick, and that includes in both their relationships with Jamie.

(More after the cut on Seb, Jamie, cowardice, Nick, magicians, and roooomance. Also, this is important so I state it before the cut, it is obviously true that Jamie is indeed a beautiful cinnamon roll.

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Watching Ronald Reagan as a boy, I recall how bold it was for him to declare ‘morning again’ in America. In a country menaced by Communism and burdened by a struggling economy, the audacity of Reagan’s optimism inspired a generation.

Fast-forward to our present leadership and the nature of our dilemma is clear. I watched Paul Ryan speak at Donald Trump’s convention the way a young child watches his father march off to prison. Thousands of Republican figures that loathe Donald Trump, understand the danger he represents, and privately hope he loses, are publicly declaring their support for him. In Illinois our local and state GOP organizations, faced with a choice, have decided on complicity.

Our leaders’ compromise preserves their personal capital at our collective cost. Their refusal to dissent robs all Republicans of moral cover. Evasion and cowardice has prevailed over conscience. We are now, and shall indefinitely remain, the Party of Donald Trump.

—  Chris Ladd, former Republican from Illinois