moraine mountain


Autumn in Banff National Park. Seems like almost enough said.


natgeotrave lVideo by @tobyharriman // It’s hard not to keep visiting this area, it just blows me away with each time I come. The way the weather moves through this valley helps make it feel special every time. No matter how much suffering and complaining I do from carrying too much gear up to these huts, the reward is always worth it. Incredible views, but one of my favorite parts is the amazing people I get to meet in these remote places!

Keeping My Mind in Beautiful Places

Myself in the midst of Moraine Lake in Canada

I am sorry for the lack of posts, I have been chronically ill for the last 3 weeks. hopefully the doctors will figure out what’s going on soon. Until then I will let my dreams take me to blue alpine lakes in the mountains.

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