mora made it a year

Hi everyone! I’ve had this blog for mora than a year and a half and I’ve never made a follow forever and it’s christmas and so I thought it was time to make the first one. I’m so happy to have met so many new wonderful people and I’m thankful for all your support. With your support I created sideblog @swedishroyals that I now co-own with Dorci and became member of @hrhprincesssofia next to Mary. I hope I hadn’t left anyone out so please don’t be sad if your blog isn’t listed. If you want to see all the amazing blogs I follow you can check out my blogroll here.

My faves:

I’ll follow Mary (@willandkatefan) forever, this beautiful royal blogger that I enjoy talking to and with whom I share another tumblr account.

Therese (@princessjosiephine) and Anna (@queens-in-a-castle), thank you both so much for your translations. It’s also always wonderful to have conversations with you (even though I hadn’t talked to both of you in a while).

Lastly I give my biggest love to amazing @flowerwreaththings. Dorci, you are absolutely beautiful. You’re amazing person, always supporting and it’s wonderful talking to you. You have absolutely no idea how much you mean to me! I love seeing you on my dash. Stay as beautiful as you already are.


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“Sounds like a fairytale,”

Thanks for sticking around!

As today is this page’s birthday, I felt like I really needed to thank you guys for sticking around, to thank, not only all the new fans, but also every single one of you already in the fandom for helping this page become what it is today, liking and reblogging fairly shitty, amateur content, motivating me to keep going and continue trying to do better.
Now, one year later, the page has really exceeded my hopes for it. It’s become way bigger than I thought it would, reaching expectations that, starting off, felt surreal, with 3,6k+ followers, which I think is crazy, and having become the source of joy and self-fulfillment that I always intended it to be, as well as a place where fans can enjoy silly gifs of our beautiful man, Richard. 
And in the end, this page has always been about and for him, too, to appreciate him as an incredible actor and also a wonderful human being. So, to thank him for being who he is, and you for letting me appreciate him through the only creative way I can manage, today I’m gonna be posting gifs of various of his roles every half an hour, from 2pm to 2am (Greek Timeline). So, I hope you enjoy this little celebration. Have fun with our precious lizard boy!