Infiltration of Silvermoon - The Calm Before the Storm (Part III)

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Sarinna, exasperated with the events taking place, turned back to the map. “Continue, Aman’thil.”

Aman'thil rubbed the back of his head, trying to mask the dull ache that had begun to form. He didn’t interject between Teriaan and the King, but he gave Teriaan an appreciative nod when the man commended him. He bowed deeply as the King walked away, raising himself back up when Sarinna had spoken.

He placed a hand on the map but his eyes were level with Mora, making his distrust of her evident. He waited until Mora had left before he faced the map and removed his palm, revealing a certain part of the Bazaar. “Here…,” he said, pointing to a more specific point, “is where the guards are most vulnerable. This is considered a ‘rest’ point where they can slouch, remove the heaviness of weaponry, and take a moment to cool themselves off from the fountain - this is an optimal strike point.”

He then gestured to the Row. “Guards are fewer here and that makes things easier for what I have in mind.” He pressed a finger to the middle of the Court and on Farstriders Square. “Ratz will find quick kills here and here. They only need to take one out before more come quickly. Then, they retreat…fast enough to keep out of reach, but slow enough to draw them in… and then bottleneck them here…” He pointed to an alleyway between two buildings, it looked narrow. “There are several instances of nooks and crannies to hide in. When the guards are bottlenecked in…” He didn’t need to finish his words, the gesture across his neck was clear.

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