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Does anyone think about Rhys‘s little sister?

-Like just think about her.  She was Half-Illyrian as well.  I bet she was just as powerful as Rhys was, and because of this the Illyrian males would be really off put by off, because  she was a female.

-She would have loved her big brother and would always try to follow him or copy him. Wherever Rhys went, she went too. 

-I just cant help but think about how she would have been sooo good for the camps. She would have been the change that the male dominant society needed. 

-She would fight for the females and she would be saved from the wing clipping like her mother was.

-I feel like her and Mor would be really good friends as she got older.  The two of them together?……. capable of sooo much! 

-Rhys and the boys would be out numbered

-She would probably also be part of the “Mor is who I call in when Cassian and Azriel are both dead and the armies have failed.” squad. like shes THAT powerful

-And can you imagine.. protective brother Rhys?!! My heart!


-Of course Rhys would never hold his sister back from a fight, but throughout the whole thing he would be worried and afraid she might not walk off the battle field

-Rhys was the one to take her flying first. She came into his room right before he was about to set off and she wanted to join. He couldn’t say no and she wouldn’t take it for an answer so he taught her how and spent the night flying around his balcony.

-Her sitting around the dinner table with the inner circle as Rhy’s looks on, happy that his family is around him.

-Rhys feels the pang of sadness every day when he thinks of her as an adult. Sitting among them. Part of his inner circle. He often wonders if his mate and her would get along, be good friends. Like Feyre is with Mor. What type of person she would be now.  What her life was like while he was away and UTM and how him being gone for 50 years would hurt her just as much as her begin taken from him too soon. 

-Rhy’s just loved his little sister and really misses his family.  He gets really sad of the anniversary of their deaths becasue he thinks of his mother and sister lives now, and cant help but think about all the memories that he wanted to share with them.

-Sometime when he’s in a room and has something funny to say he turns, expecting to see his sister there, ready to laugh, but of course she’s not, she’s gone.

-When these days happen, he gets really quite and stays in bed all day.  Feyre stays with him and and buries his face in her neck, her chest, holding onto her.

-Can you imagine how his heart must have felt like it was being ripped from his chest when he found his mother and sister dead in that mountain? His sister’s beloved wings gone? Her small body crumpled and stiff. 

I know some of these are unrealistic because of age difference and things (because his sister was much younger when he was already out of war camps) but please be understanding, these are just some purging’s of my heart and headcanons.

Feel free to add if you want! :)

Lay Me Down

AN: This is Mor x Elain smut, and I have absolutely no regrets. NSFW.

SO. I would like to sort of revamp Sin Night. I know I’ll never be as awesome as fuckyeahazriel was, but I really enjoyed it! So. Every Thursday, I will take the headcanons and ideas and fantasies you inbox me and publish them with my thoughts. ON TOP of that, I will take my favorite one or two each week and publish extended fics about them. Like this one. You can send me sinful things ALL WEEK LONG whenever you want, and I will do my best to answer them ALL on Thursdays!!! So get sending, friends! No sin is too dirty <3


Elain couldn’t help but grin as she tucked the beautifully blooming primrose into the woven basket on her arm. Its white petals joined the riot of color in the basket, back-dropped by every shade of spring green she could have imagined. The Night Court looked snowy and cold, but when it was kissed by Spring, when the sun bent to touch its nose to the ground and caress the earth with its fingers…She’d never seen a spring so beautiful in all her life.

Mor had been kind enough to take her to nearby fields of wildflowers, had been kind enough to point out the blooms native to Prythian, the ones native to the Night Court itself. She had never seen so many new species of flowers, had never had such access to their seeds, never been able to study their anatomy. Now, she supposed, she had all the time in the world. She had all the time she wanted to grow as many flowers as she wanted.

She stood and wiped the dirt from her fingers onto the front of her simple, cerulean cotton gown. It was an odd design—far freer and mobile than the designs she was used to in the human world, but she couldn’t say she minded it. She liked feeling the breeze dance on her legs, liked being able to simply undo a few buttons at her breast and tug the whole dress off, the way a man might have. She enjoyed the short, capped sleeves even more. It kept her arms more able to work, to pull up the flowers and put them back in the earth.

“Have you gotten all the flowers you wanted?”

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Line-art done! Now onto colour ;)

I mean, I have serious squad envy right now LOOK HOW COOL THEY ARE. Sarah is insanely talented at designing characters!

I wanted to do an illustration of these characters that wasn’t about their sexual appeal. Don’t get me wrong, I like that part of the story too(!), but I think it’s often forgotten how powerful these characters are - I mean fuck, Amren isn’t even human. That’s just the form she takes!  And I wanted to celebrate that where they weren’t all dressed in skimpy clothing or running around half naked. I wanted them to look and feel like The Night Court, like you wouldn’t want to mess with them.

Anyway, rant over. I hope you guys appreciate why I chose to draw them like this <3

ACOMAF Couples

FEYSAND: Constantly flirting and making out
NESSIAN: Boiling over with romantic tension
MORIEL: Totally in love but completely denying it

And Then There’s AMREN:


A Court of Feels and Pain: The Presentation

How I spend my evenings being Productive. 

I own none of the images used. Nesta and Elain slides may come later. Until then, I apologise, and enjoy.