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When you first came up on the walls outside Woodbury… what did you hear?
And Terminus?


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Nickname: Talie i guess is technically a nickname, Nat the Brat from my sisters too

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius 

Height: it says 5′9″ on my drivers licence but probably mor e like 5′8″

Last thing you Googled: the lyrics to a halsey song cause a friend said it reminded her of an ex

Favorite music artist: uhhhhhhh Dessa maybe?

Song stuck in your head: somebody to love by queen

Last movie you watched: in theatres? Wonder Woman. On netflix? some Korean horror movie i watched at 3 am and regret

What are you wearing right now: tee shirt for my school and athletic shorts 

Why did you choose your URL: Ive always loved trickster mythology, but also Tamora Pierce’s books Tricksters Choice and Tricksters Queen, but those were taken, so Tricksterschild it is 

What did your last relationship teach you: lmao dont date someone because you get tricked by society into thinking that you should date someone instead of just banging them on the side

Religious or spiritual: umm, well both my parents are ministers but i havent willingly set foot in a church in a decade

Favorite color: green or blue

Lucky number:  8

Average hours of sleep: lmao anywhere from 3 to 12 insomnia and anxiety are amazing

(Lesser Known) Favorite Character: im gonna have to say karigan from the green riders book series, cause love them but they dont seem to be very well known

How many blankets do you sleep with: so many, so so sooo many, like i have 3 rn in the middle of summer because i live to swaddle myself

Dream job: uhhhhhhhhhh. im so fucked. probs a sound designer or writer for podcasts, maybe law school, realistically who tf knows

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athcnvs  asked:

??, "", ✘, ♀, %

Send “⁇” for a DRUNK text.

( TEXT → ATHENA ): ur suhc a meme 
( TEXT → ATHENA ): nd like mor e of oen than me

Send “” for a text that WASN’T SENT.

( MESSAGE NOT DELIVERED → ATHENA ): sometimes i wonder what life would be like if it was anyone else i had started talking to. like, why did you have to be graham’s best friend? why not someone else, someone who isn’t a python and never will be? how come it seems that graham somehow has a grip on every other person in my life? i’ve been his best friend, i know how easy it is to love that idiot, but god he ruins everything. he ruins everyone. he ruined me and he’ll ruin you too because that’s just how graham is and i’m tired of having everything ruined. 
( TEXT → ATHENA ): hey look at this meme i found lmao

Send “✘” for a HATEFUL text.

( TEXT → ATHENA ): i will never forgive you for this. there are so many hurtful things a person can say and do in this world, athena, but this is too far. i don’t even want to look at you again. i was completely vulnerable i….i sent u my favorite pepe and u can’t even respond? noted. dont talk to me anymore. 
( TEXT → ATHENA ): and for your information, pepe is a GREAT meme! how dare u say anything differently

Send “♀” for a HEARTBREAKING text.

( TEXT → ATHENA ): i miss him so much, athena
( TEXT → ATHENA ): i just want it to be like old times again, i want to be happy with him and with you and every other person i’ve distanced myself from i just want it all back
( TEXT → ATHENA ): i just want us all to be a big family again

Send “%” for a CURIOUS text.

( TEXT → ATHENA ): so…theoretically speaking…if i went to see the ducks on the golf course….what exactly should i call them?
( TEXT → ATHENA ): i know u and graham named them so i just wanna be respectful