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||Rick is assigned to clean the facilities at the MortyLand theme park. His job gets pretty boring, so sometimes he’ll get a little too drunk and end up hanging out in the broom closet with his mop bucket
I mean– He goes on adventures with his Morty..

Society has romanticized the barista. Making good coffee is an art, but it’s also hard work. We use machines, mop floors, scrub dishes, think fast, and move fast. We are underpaid and work long hours.  Next time you see a photo of a pretty latte, know that the art isn’t the only part of our job.
—  Confession #71

azeroths-makeshift-adventurers  asked:

He seems to only have like two posts about him. What's his story? What's his personality like? The basic stuff.

Buruke is one of the first characters I ever created on tumblr back when I ran under a different alias. It’s nice to know people still remember him! He doesn’t have much story behind him, he never really got developed in that way.

The basics I did have nailed out were that he was 25 years old at the time and an apprentice to a shaman in the earthen ring. He would go on emissary missions to Pandaria to earn his keep with the order helping to research the land since at the time it was different than the continents that were already familiar in Azeroth. 

Buruke couldn’t speak to the land like he could in Kalimdor, Northern Kingdoms etc. and so sought to try and develop a communion with it. In the process, his over-zealousness and devotion to his research ended up opening himself up to be corrupted by the Sha, so he spent a lot of time indisposed and trying to find ways to purge himself. 

By birth Buruke is a Darkspear/ Zandalar mutt, a bastard child with suggested ties to the Zandalar troll tribe in Pandaria/ Isle of thunder. It was meant for a little added flavor and I did have illustrations of his father done but I’d really have to dig to find those.

Personality wise Buruke is a very introspective and contemplative character. He takes pleasures in the most mundane of things enjoying time alone spent in meditation just as much as in the humbling company of friends and loved ones. He is the type of character who would see the light at the end of the tunnel in a dark situation and reflect thoroughly and really invest time into a difficult decision before making one. He is decisive and tranquil minded and most of all very difficult to anger.

Sorry there isn’t much on him, but I’ll be happy to post more up as I think of it!


Bye, Kurama. I love you, and I’m so proud of you, something whispers into his ear, and Kurama smiles even through the wash of grief, finally letting go.

“Bye, Naruto,” he breathes, and opens his eyes.

for @blackkatmagic of Kurama from her fanfic reverse !!!!!

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