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plateadosoul  asked:

So I'm trying to paint my nails, any tips since you're a great self manicurist?

Sorry I’m only now getting to this, I wanted to craft a really good answer for you! Ok!

  1. Take. your. time. Don’t rush, because no matter how good you get, rushing it never turns out well.
  2. Sit in a cooler environment - I find that if it’s too warm, the polish applies weird, and there’s a higher chance of getting lots of air bubbles.
  3. Roll the bottles of color in your hands, don’t shake - shaking creates more air bubbles, whereas rolling just loosens up the polish and helps it go on more smoothly.
  4. Try to use the least amount of strokes as you can - 3 strokes is pretty average, some colors might need 4, others 2, depending on the brush too, but try to stick to around 3.
  5. No more than 3 coats of polish, because if it needs 4+ coats, it’s clearly not meant to be opaque (I mean there are a few exceptions, but VERY few).
  6. Avoid covering the entire nail - what I mean is, you don’t want to get it on your skin, and you should leave a sliver of bare nail all the way around - trust me, it makes it look 500% better, plus it won’t chip as easily.
  7. Go over your nails with nail polish remover to dry them before yu paint them - when nails are too wet or moist, they expand, and then as they dry they obviously shrink, adn that’s how you get peeling & splitting. The drier your nails are, the less they have to shrink, the less they’ll split!

I hope that helps, I realize it’s kinda long, but I wanted to give a very thorough response! :)