The Love of the Shadows:

Mona was walking down a dark and lonely street as she thought about how she could use a big strong man to help her through the night, when all of a sudden he strode up on his glorious canine steed. His eyes were like glorious pools of yellow moonlight, his pants baggy and hiding everything and his shirt framing his skinny features so lustily. She gazed into his unfathomable depths as he opens those lips to speak. “Wanna come and take a ride with me?” She took his hand and climbed upon his glorious steed as he whispered sensually into her ear. “I’m gonna rock your world, see~?” They then rode off into the night, Mona swooning as her short lover later then indeed rocked her world and it was glorious.


There was once a dirty little green man. He was the kind of man that hardly ever let things go. Now that doesn’t have to always be such a bad trait, he wouldn’t have gathered all of his legitimate skills he used in illegitimate ways without that endearing personality trait of his. The target of the now was Wakeport to this very day.

Four weeks to be exact. After the equally dirty bros left him alone to be a badass against that total tank of a secret security guard slash gardener, he was left with honorable injuries, more than any ninji could even ask for.

“Psh. Six weeks?” The doctor had told him. “Boo! Boo! Half o’ that is all I’ll stand for!” The icon of this story exclaimed to no one or to us? “All I need jus’ one arm. Huh!” He was healed of a sprang ankle, but his arm was still broken and in recovery.

Such things doesn’t stop Popple, as already stated by the legendary man himself. He has learned (himself, not from sources) that the owner of that kooky house of rarity gone by the name of Pi'illoper. He was also a beanish—his specialty to swipe from. Stealing beans blind was something so spoken of he was a thing on the internet; true story.

And he was going to BREATHE immortality into the depths of his aging legend. He already began to scale the building—in broad daylight like a professional with one arm and two perfectly good legs made for scaling and brick block kicking, see? Something he’s certain he’ll have to impressive attempt again later. Anyway, it was all going good (see), all until he saw a ‘dame’ walking by with the prophetic insight of this second floor window.

Shadow thieves only ever had less than five seconds to pick between things to steal. Within those five seconds, not only did they have to choose what to steal, but THE CHALLENGE behind it. Legendary Popple always done things the utmost hardest way and always reaped the highest quality valuables.

He drops from the reaches of the window and down on his not so perfectly good leg.

“Yeeee-eeeoowch!!” He hollers out through his massive jaw that housed the most beautiful chompers.

To his excellently planned strategy, the dame whose orange hair cascaded to the longest hes seen hair fall. Youthful (but not too youthful) blue eyes that were so wide and full of life and energy. He nearly forgot the lighting bolt surging up and down from the tip of his foot to his hip.

“Wowie! You just fell outta no where, mister!” Voice outta the heavens he fell from. “You alright? Is your teeny lil leg okay?”

“Ey, ey, ey, ey. This leg been through a lot in Wakeport dese past few weeks. A'ight? Can’t a cuite like ya give dis wonderful hard workin’ guy some slack?” The word 'bro’ is forever tainted by the beardos.

“Whoa y'speak really faster, mister!” She then giggles afterward, “okay I can 'giva ya some slack’.” She places a hand on the side of her face, a little rosy and pleased to be called cute. “Thanks for the compliment…but are you sure you’re alright? Don’t you need help?”

Hearts are much harder to steal.

“Well, if ya insist, angel, then I’m all for being helped by an upstandin’ citizen like yous!”

“Hahaha, you’re funny. What’s your name?” She asked. Just as she finished speaking, she scooped him up carefully into her hold. “I’m Mona, what’s your name, funny man?”

“Can I jus’ stay as funny man to and for ya?” Because with the way she’s still laughing at him, he might as well be known as another alias; The funny man.

A story this good can only be told through several chapters.


(CURSE YOU, BEEBS. But ahhh I need to observe Popple more as well as Mona eff. I took a chunk out and saved it for  chapter 2. Gimme all the crit cause I’m highly unfamiliar with the voice of Pops and Mona.)

rileymcdaniels said: honestly the mopster is easily one of my favorite characters of all time. what a good doge

This reminds me, you know what no one has asked for?

a concise list of all the names Ben has called Mopsey.