Self-Distributing Your Film? Sell It as a Fully-Featured Android or Apple iOS App with MoPix (NoFilmSchool)

…a new company called MoPix is creating a way for anyone to sell their films by turning them into fully-featured Android or iOS apps.

…which could cost filmmakers anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on how complicated the app is.

That’s actually not that bad of a deal, considering that’s how much it would cost you to have 1000-5000 DVDs replicated.

Given the advent of mobile computing, releasing a film as an app could very well become the distribution method of the future. Right now caps on app size limit the full potential of app-based distribution, but the benefits could very well outweigh the costs.

But I’m not sold completely, I’d much rather have something like iBooks Author, where I could go and ‘create’ a DVD-like app, but I doubt that will be coming anytime soon.

Here’s a YouTube walkthrough of one of MoPix’s apps.

And you can read more about MoPix on their website.

500 Startups Alum MoPix Launches To Help Indie Filmmakers Distribute Movies Direct To Consumers

#SuryaRay #Surya Being an independent filmmaker is a tough business. Hundreds of indie movies are made each year, but only a few will find distribution. While the Internet is providing a bigger opportunity for filmmakers to market films themselves, most don’t have the tools or resources to get their content online or to distribute direct to fans. Well, MoPix is here to help. MoPix, which was founded in 2011, has officially launched to help indie filmmakers distribute their movies to consumers, with easy-to-create iOS and Android apps, as well as sales through its own Roku store. It’s also struck a deal with CDBaby, which will give it access to more than 3,000 films that can be converted and sold as independent apps. @suryaray

I have no idea why I didn’t post this MONTHS ago.

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