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but guys I don’t think we talk enough about some of the shenanigans Tadashi, Hiro, GoGo, Honey, Fred, and Wasabi would’ve gotten into before the fire. just imagine this for a sec

  • playing soccer outside SFIT together, Hiro and GoGo are team captains
  • cramming onto the crowded cable cars together in order to get around San Fransokyo
  • going to the movies but everyone wants to see something different and Fred ends up smuggling in tons of candy, stealing everyone’s 3D glasses on the way out
  • Honey takes them all to the mall and they have to follow her around all her girly stores
  • nerf gun fights inside SFIT   until Callaghan gets ticked
  • Cass recruiting them all to work at the café for a day and it’s utter chaos
  • Hiro staying at the nerd lab helping the gang pull all-nighters
  • Wasabi taking them all to the library and constantly trying to keep Hiro and Fred quiet
  • GoGo and Tadashi trying to teach them all how to ride a moped
  • just getting into all sorts of trouble as a wacky group of friends

Yeah, there’s been spoiler talk and all kinds of excitement in fandom today but you know what? I’m not gonna do what you all expect me to do.  

Instead, I’ll sit my elitist, condescending ass over here, sip my margarita, enjoy the view from my seat on the train and wait for Wednesday. 


We’re in SOUTH CAROLINA RIGHT NOW. We were in Miami though riding mopeds, eating at nice restaurants and diner restaurants, doing all this while still handling business you feel me. HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS TODAY AND THEN TOMORROW YOU CAN RIDE MOPEDS hah you know

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 167)

1. Will Smith used to memorise the entire script for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, and used to mouth along with other people’s lines during the shoot.

2. A horse-fly has a top speed of 90 mph. To a person 5'11’’ tall, this equals 4054.4 mph.

3. The Flyby Anomaly: when spacecraft do Earth-flybys at certain angles, they experience a small but sudden velocity increase, which is still unexplained. One of the proposed explanations is the existence of a ring of dark matter around Earth.

4. Manta ray tourism can bring in $1 million during the lifetime of a single manta ray, while a dead manta ray is worth $500. Realising this, Indonesia banned fishing and export of mantas. Today, Indonesia is the largest manta sanctuary in the world.

5. in 1975 a 17 year old boy was killed while riding his moped. He was killed exactly a year after his 17 year old brother was killed while…

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lazy day moped ride

heyo so if anyone ever happened to forget that i really love the front bottoms, i would firstly like to remind y'all that i love those dudes

but secondly, do y'all remember the Looking Like You Just Woke Up music video? the old one on vimeo, where brian is riding around on a moped on half the screen for a majority of the time?
i happen to live in the town he rides that moped around on, super close to the streets seen in the video, and ever since i first saw that vid, i’ve been toying w the idea of going out & taking pics of those places now, & putting them side by side w stills from the video – idk does that sound like a cool thing ?? would anyone be interested in that ???

Today I am 28

I turn 28 today.

I was 6  when It first happened.

A much older man we men on holiday became friends with us.

He invited us to his farm, we collected eggs and ate foreign food and then he stroked my leg.. it felt strange not right somehow.

Soon that week there was the odd peck on the cheek and cuddles.‘mum said how nice he was and how grandfather like’

We visited again around six months later again months after that… pecks on the cheek became clinging to him on a moped ride he bought us cakes and sorbet and after he would take me to the toilet and he’d watch.

The next family holiday would come and it brought more kisses and more touches, he would take me to see his friends, I was a little blonde doll on his lap and he would give me bananas and show me nude photos of women

He’d take me to a little deserted caravan and touch me in ways I didn’t understand while kissing me ,his breath on my neck made me feel sick. He talked to me in french and I wondered if he knew what NO meant.I didn’t like it and I didn’t understand. Mum said how nice he was and when we were home we wrote letters just waiting for the next holiday… the thought made my insides hurt.

By the time I was 9 I practiced writing letters to my mum… he touches me…. he shows me horrible things…. he makes me do strange things that make me cry.

one night I psyched myself up and I told her… she sent me to my room- I vomited she called her friend and asked her “how could this happen to me” afraid people would blame her,‘how did she not know it was happening.

Its been 21years…

I am bullimic, I suffer severe depressive episodes, my marriage brokedown, i have therapy every week and have still not spoken of this, I’ve self harmed and I’ve degraded myself with men.

I still have his photograph. .. I still can’t say his name out loud… I still blame myself.

I look at my 7year old and I see me and I see what he did to me. 

One of my favorite hobbies is watching two straight white guys try to ride a moped together. The dude in back usually tries to create as much distance as possible and grabs the back of the seat. Bro. BRO. ITS A MOPED AND NEITHER OF YOU ARE FUCKING WEARING HELMETS PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND YOUR BRO AND ENJOY YHE FREE RIDE