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"please stay" kagehina (with maybe teary hinata?)


The first time Hinata asks Kageyama to stay is on a Monday.

“Nice receive Hinata!” Tanaka yelled and cackled as Hinata got hit in the head with a ball for the umpteenth time that day. Honestly, the smile that the spiker wore was starting to fade by now, the dull ache in his head making him scowl.

Minutes later Daichi blew the whistle and the team dispersed. Hinata dragged his feet all the way to the locker rooms and sat down, letting his head hang between his knees in defeat. It just wasn’t his day. 

Sugawara came up to him a few minutes later looking extremely apologetic. Quietly he told Hinata it was his turn to clean up the court. Hinata nodded, smiling a bit as to not make Suga feel as bad. Sighing he got up as the others started showering and went to clean the court.

It was 20 minutes later when he went into the locker rooms, almost everyone gone already. Kageyama was there drying his hair and Daichi was hanging back waiting for Suga to put his clothes on.

Daichi and Suga left a few minutes later and now it was only Hinata and Kageyama, the setter pulling on his pants as Hinata stripped down to shower.

“Are you leaving right away?” Hinata asked, wrapping a towel around his waist, wincing as he accidentally touched a bruise forming on his hip bone.

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