moped chopper


First Thursday

On the first Thursday of each month, well perhaps not January and February, motorcyclists from all over converge on Dulano’s Pizza in Minneapolis.

Pristine custom choppers, bizarre homemade contraptions, super fast sport bikes, antiques, off-road bikes, mopeds, you name it – there’s surely one example there.

I like to find examples of my bike – a Yamaha FJR – and see what farkles other owners have added.

One of my favorite bikes tonight was the homemade moped chopper in that last picture. Behind it is a three-wheeled moped.

Off topic – During my trail run today I got adventuresome and took the path less traveled. Bad idea. I got into some tall weeds. Hoping it was just a small rough patch I forged ahead. Bad idea. The trail was visible, barely, and the weeds scratched my legs, arms, and eventually my neck. Bad idea. Finally that path joined up with the more open trail. All I could think about were TICKS.

During my drive home I stopped for a red light at a very busy intersection. I felt something crawling on my leg. Yep, it was a TICK. I hate those things.

I put my car in park, got out, and frantically brushed at it before it could sink its fangs into me and latch on.

Of course that’s when the light turned green.

There I am, swatting my shorts like I’m fire and ten cars are wondering what idiot is holding up the line. I’m sure they would have all understood because it was a TICK!