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Hello! Um, if it's too much to ask can I get some Harrison imagine where maybe during parents day the readers parents didn't come cuz the same reason as Max but when they see Harrison sad that his parents are so scared of him they try to cheer them up and it's just like rlly cute??

I’m sorry, this one isn’t my best work. I don’t know why, but it seemed impossible to get any words down for it, no matter if I knew what I wanted to say. Regardless, I still hope you like it, and if you’d like me to try again, I wouldn’t mind!

Triggers: Cursing

When Y/N’s parents had first said they were going to be sent off to camp, they were slightly excited about the prospect. Their parents had never really shown any attention to their interests, so with the aspect of going to Cooking Camp, it was a sign that they were actually trying to be involved.

However, as Y/N looked into Camp Campbell to try and find out more about it, with just one simple search online, they could immediately tell the whole thing was a sham. There wasn’t a single reliable piece of advertising regarding the camp.

It just proved their parents were simply trying to shuck off the responsibility of watching them over the summer for the cheapest was possible.


Y/N had spent the first week of camp mostly moping. While they really appreciated David and his positive attitude, the place was less than preferable. The promised culinary equipment was nothing more than play cooking set, and the thought of sleeping in a tent all summer already had Y/N’s back hurting.

However, it was hard to keep a pessimistic viewpoint when the people at the camp were just so entertaining and welcoming.

Y/N’s first friend had been Max, seeing as how almost the second they had step foot in the camp, he was trying to get them to run away. They’d be a liar if they said they didn’t try and leave with him.

The plot wasn’t very full proof anyway, seeing as how it was majorly based on calling a Taxi out, and the moment the driver arrived and requested the confirmation of a parent or guardian, David had instantly been on the pair lecturing the two about the dangers of getting into a car with a stranger.

Since that point, Max and Y/N had been pretty close, but that didn’t mean Y/N didn’t hang out with the other campers.

It seemed as if the camp was a breeding ground for the quirkiest of people.

Y/N had attended more than one of Preston’s plays and even helped write one of them. They helped Nerris sew a new cape after they ripped the first one on accident. They had even connected with Nurf after the boy had forgotten he was lactose intolerant once more and they reminded him to help him avoid taking part in an ice-cream eating contest.

The person they had definitely become the closest with had to be that of the magical boy Harrison.

After his first magic show, they were thrilled by his whimsy, and Harrison agreed to take Y/N on as an apprentice.

Though, the two hardly ever got anything done. Unlike Nikki, Y/N didn’t wanna be taught how to do tricks though, they merely enjoyed watching Harrison do what he did best.


Y/N laughed slightly at the antics of their “family”. They’d been lumped together as a family at the hands of Mr.Campbell as the man tried to keep his camp running.

Of course, Y/N’s parents hadn’t come. They didn’t doubt that they’d been contacted, but they probably never even read the letter containing the information about Parents Day.

So, now Max, Y/N, David, and Gwen were all supposed to be a family. Max had found the day less intolerable knowing that someone as nice as Y/N was having to deal with the same shitty situation as him, and agreed to play nice.

As of current, the two “siblings” were showing their parents how their cooking skills had improved since camp had started. Mr.Campbell sweating under the watchful eye of Ered’s fathers to ensure that everything went right.

“And this is where we get to cook every day,” Y/N said with a dramatic flourish, hands spreading out across the little station as they refrained from laughing. Max rolling his eyes and joining in with a repressed smile, picked up a slightly bent spatula. “Oh, yeah, it’s the most high level of culinary challenge we’ve ever faced.”

Y/N let a laugh out at this, the two not entirely taking their facade seriously. Before Y/N could continue, they were cut off by Harrison’s parents gaining David’s attention.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt you and your kids, but hy does it seem like my son hasn’t improved at all? We sent him here to get help. Have you figured out what’s wrong with him?” Harrison’s father spoke in an almost apologetic tone, surprise lacing both David’s and Y/N’s features.

“I’m sorry? Harrison is a pretty fine kid, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him.” David tried to smooth out the situation, smiling as he praised one of his campers.

“Nothing wrong?! You’ve gotta agree, he’s unnatural!” The man was cut off by his wife’s slightly hysterical cut in of, “He made his brother disappear!”

David attempted to calm the pair, but Y/N could only focus on Harrison’s dejected look. It was as if his parents didn’t even realize he was there, talking about the boy as if he were more of an object than a person.

With that, Y/N perked up as an idea hit them, quickly moving to tug Harrison over beside them. “C’mon! We need you to light the fire so we can get started!” They spoke enthusiastically, brushing past his parents as he sputtered. “Since your parents didn’t bother showing up, you can hang out with us!”

“But, Y/N my parents are right ther-” Y/N cut him off by throwing a glare at the two people in question. “I only see two assholes who are making their son feel worthless without caring. They don’t seem to realize that he’s talented and amazing, and they are so absorbed in their own fear they seem to have forgotten that they should love their child no matter what.” As they finished, a satisfied look on their face and shock on Harrison’s, David chastised them for their language.

Harrison was stunned as well, looking down at where Y/N still had his hand in their’s, a blush rising to his face.

“Alright, everyone! Let’s break for lunch!”

The voice of Mr.Campbell broke through the air, and everyone started making their way to the mess hall.

Y/N found themselves being tugged back by Harrison, who was still rooted in place.

“Ah, I’m sorry Harrison, I really should’ve made sure it was alright with you before calling out your parents like that,” Y/N started, assuming the boy was upset about their impulsive actions.

“What?”Harrison started, snapping his gaze to meet their’s and shaking his head rapidly, a large smile on his lips. “No, no, Y/N! I wanted to thank you… That was really amazing. I’ve never dreamt of standing up to my parents like that. I really appreciate what you said.”

Y/N smiled brightly, “I spoke only the truth, Harrison. Someone as great as you deserves to be loved and admired.” With that, they placed a quick kiss on the boy’s cheek and started pulling him towards the mess hall. “Now, c’mon, we’re gonna miss that Cameron guy making a fool of himself!”

With their back turned, they missed the dreamy smile that lit up Harrison’s face as he brushed his fingers over his cheek, his spare hand tightening its hold on their smaller one as he allowed himself to be tugged along behind them.

In that moment, for the first time since he had woken up this morning, he was thankful for it being Parents Day.

A Cure - John Murphy Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of a vague disease, angst

Summary: You hid this secret for a while; you’re dying. This secret affects everything around you, including your relationship with your boyfriend, Johnathon Murphy.

Word Count 1443

“How long?”


“How long?”

“A few months. At most. I could try to prolong it, as much as I can, but… this disease, no one has been able to cure it before, and I have no means of trying to-“

“You don’t have to, Dr. Griffin. I’ll just…” You pursed your lips, trying to force back your tears.

The doctor sadly smiled at you. She placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. “Come to me every Monday, ok? I’ll treat you.”

“Thank you.” You exhaled shakily. You clenched your fists, willing yourself to look stronger than you actually were. “I better go.”

The moment you stepped outside the remains of the Ark, your boyfriend found you. He stood in front of you. “So? How’d it go?”

Your heart dropped right into your stomach. You had to tell him. You opened your mouth to respond, maybe to whisper that you were going to die in a few months. However, once you saw Murphy’s lips set in a straight line, his eyes full of despair, and the scars on his neck, you stopped. Were you really going make it worse for him?

You smiled a little, trying to fake it as much as you can. “Nothing big. Just some old disease, used to be common. Abby thinks that as long as I visit her once a week, I will be fine.”

Murphy sighed, his lips curling into a soft smile. “Good. Don’t want my girlfriend dying on me anytime soon.”

You smiled a little before clasping your hands together. “So, are we going to the shooting range or not?”

Your boyfriend rolled his eyes before taking your hand and walking you to the shooting range. “You need to work on your aim, anyway.”

You moved your intertwined hands so that his arm wrapped around your shoulder. Hearing his last snide remark, you elbowed him in the stomach. “Watch it, Murphy. I know your weak spots.” You laughed, pushing the fatal thoughts of your incurable disease into the back of your brain.

It followed you like a shadow throughout the entire camp. Whenever you thought everything was perfect, when you were stuck in a moment you wished would never pass… it ended. Pain split your head. Your stomach lurched. Your body lost its energy.

Your boyfriend was always there to try and comfort you. At first, it was obvious when you were in pain. You’d maybe lurch forward or scream. Once Murphy was at your side, you’d tell him it was the disease but nothing you couldn’t handle. Soon, you got used to the pain, living with constant reminders you will die. Instead of the screams or cowering, you’d clench your fists or tighten your jaw. Murphy still saw it, but you blamed it on the stress.

He knew you were lying. Murphy could see it. He didn’t know what you were lying about. Lots of things had happened around Camp Jaha. Clarke had left; Camp Jaha was in pieces after the Grounder’s abandonment, and nightmares of every horrid event that had passed plagued everyone’s nightmares. Your boyfriend knew something was wrong. Murphy just didn’t know what it was.

As time went on, Murphy and you grew more distant. Every time he pried into why you were “stressed,” you pushed him away. Since Murphy was too stubborn, all conversations with him turned into an interrogation, which caused you to push him away even further. Tensions rose, and one day, it snapped.

“Do you have to do that?”

You groaned. “What?”

“Tap your fingers constantly.”

You grit your teeth. It was a side effect of the medicine, the anxiousness. “Well, what do you want me to do about it? Cut my fingers off, huh? Would that make you happier?”

“What would make me happier is you stopping that annoying tapping. Honestly, it’s so fucking repetitive.”

“Really? I wonder how that feels.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Ha! You,” you pointed your finger at him and stood up, causing your chair to slam against the tent, “you repeatedly interrogate me every day as if I am some sort of criminal!”

“Criminal?” Murphy walked up to you, staring you down. “Y/n, you were sent here because you were a criminal!”

“Yeah! You were sent here, too.”

“Well, at least I tell you everything! What have you done, huh, Y/n? Mope around camp like some stranded puppy?!”

“I do more than you!”

“Like what?” He scoffed.

“Not snooping into other’s fucking business!”

“You’re my girlfriend, Y/n! My girlfriend! I need to know if something is bothering you!”

“Oh, and why is that, Johnathon?”

“I care about you! I need to know, ok? But, no matter how much I try, you never let me in! You are more stubborn than me!”

“At least I know when to give someone their own personal space!”

“And what good does that do?”

“It gets better results than your little messed-up plan! What do you expect me to do, John? To gush out all of my feelings and secrets lovingly?” You clasped your hands together mockingly. “Oh, John, I am so sorry about everything. Find it in the bottom of your heart to forgive me?” You rolled your eyes. “Well, that’s never gonna happen, ok?!”

“Then, what is happening between us? You don’t tell me anything! The last personal thing I heard from you were the nightmares of the last Grounder war. That was what? Three months ago? And look at us now. We’re nothing! And, it’s not because of me or my lack of effort, because I have tried, (Y/n). I have. It’s you who hasn’t done anything!”

“It’s not my fault that I’m going to die!”

Silence. Absolute and utter silence.          

Murphy was in utter shock. The rage he had before disappeared, and was replaced by fear and uncertainty. “What do you mean by that?”

You sat down again, tears spilling onto your cheeks. You avoided Murphy’s gaze.

Murphy walked closer to you. “(Y/n), you said the disease was cured.”

“I lied.”

“Your visits with Abby…”

“To get check-ups and medicine. The disease is incurable.” You stared at him through the tears. “I’m sorry. I meant-“

“How long?”


“How long?” he demanded.

You gulped and stared at the floor. “A month and a half.”

“At least?”

“At most.” You bit your lip and stared at the floor.

A resounding crash echoed throughout the tent. You jumped up from your seat and shouted, “Murphy! Stop!”

Your boyfriend had reached for the closest item he could grab and threw it against the floor as hard as he could.

“Murphy, please.” You wrapped your arms around his chest before he could reach anything else. You pressed yourself against his back. “Stop.”

Murphy shut his eyes tightly, preventing his own tears from spilling. His attempts were futile as the tears escaped. He shook his head and moved you so that he could hug you close. His hands grabbed your back, always moving and trying to make sure you were still with him.

Then, he did something you never thought could happen, or was even possible. He started to cry. Tears fell onto your shoulder as he tried to keep his cool. With you in his arms, he couldn’t find it within himself to be mad. Murphy pursed his lips. “It shouldn’t be you.” He rested his chin in the crook of your neck.

You closed your eyes and pulled him closer to you. “It shouldn’t be you, either.”

“I’m not the one dying.”

You stayed silent. Instead, you gently brushed your fingers through his hair. “I’ll be ok.” You sighed. “You’ll be ok, too.”

“We’re going to find a cure.”

“What?” you pulled away from him and grasped his shoulders. “Murphy, that’s crazy. There is no cure.”

“You say so, and Abby, but what if someone, some place has it all?” He grasped your hands. “Jaha, he… he mentioned a place called the City of Light. Sure, it might not exist, but everyone who can make it there… They could have a cure. We could catch up with them.”


“It’s a long-shot, I know. But, we need to cure you.” Murphy caressed your cheek. He pursed his lips. “I am not going to lose you to some stupid disease.”

You instinctively leaned into his touch. Seeing your boyfriend like this made your heart swell. He’d chase some myth just to try to cure you, just to keep you on the Ground. What did you do to deserve such love?

You grinned. “I guess we better pack then.”

Murphy smiled and pecked your lips. “I’m going to find a cure. I promise.”

Heyo everyone! I know, it’s been a while…. I am so sorry for the late post. This was supposed to be up a few hours ago, but my mom got mad at me, my dad got mad at me, and overall, I just got caught up in more drama than I expected. Hopefully, my writing is still good!

Anyway, i hope every single one of you has a great weekend. i will do my best to post another imagine over the weekend, but I can’t promise anything! I hope you can all bare with me. If you can’t that’s fine too. I completely understand! Have a magical weekend!

EDIT: GUUUYYSSS!!!!! I love Part 2 so much!!!!! You should read it! You know, if you want to…..