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I just watched sneak peek scene for tonight’s (Monday) Timeless (9c/10e, NBC - please watch!!!), took a screencap of Eliot (Misha) and immediately knew I had to do a screencap of Dean from 7x12 “Time After Time”, because HOLY MOTHER OF ARMS

Also…I’m a sucker for 30’s/40’s period clothing.

Somebody come mop me up off the floor…

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 4)

(Sorry, everyone! I know I usually post something by now, but it’s been a rough morning! Have some adorable, Ego domestic life!)

It’s lunchtime, and some of the Egos are already gathered in the kitchen in search of sustenance when Mark walks in. To say they all stop what they’re doing to stare is a bit of an understatement. Silver actually drops his freshly baked pie, and Bim pours milk until his glass is overflowing in his hand.

The Host steps in behind Mark and sighs. “Not again, Silver.”

The superhero Ego finally stops gaping at Mark and looks down at his ruined pie. “Oh, I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.” He leaves to get the mop and bucket.

Bim finally stops pouring milk and looks down at the soiled cuff of his suit before sighing and setting the glass aside. “You didn’t bring Amy with you, did you?”

Mark shakes his head a little. “Sorry.”

Wilford, head stuck in the refrigerator, stands suddenly. There’s a muffled bang when his head hits the inside of the fridge before Wilford spins around. “Who ate the last of my lasagna?”

“You ate it yesterday, Will. Remember? No one else would touch your food.” Bim pulls a box of Poptarts down from the pantry and starts nibbling on one while he sips his milk. “I’m afraid we don’t have much in the way of food.”

“It’s fine,” Host says, pulling Wilford away from the refrigerator by his suspenders. “I’ll make something.”

This has quite the effect on the other Egos, Mark notices. Bim’s eyes go wide. “Are you going to make enough for everybody?”

Host shrugs. “Sure, I don’t see why not.” The Host gestures towards Bim. “Get the skillet. I don’t know where it is anymore.” Bim runs to find the skillet. Usually they have to hide if from Wilford after he watches “Tangled,” so it’s most likely in Google’s office. “And you,” Host gestures to Wilford, “get me a big bowl, some milk, two eggs, and the cinnamon. I swear if you try to snort it again, I’ll let Red incinerate you.”

Wilford starts rustling around for the necessary ingredients, and Mark stands back as Silver reappears with a spatula to scrape up the pie and the mop. “I’ll take that,” Host says, plucking the spatula from Silver’s hand, “Please, don’t use my spatula to scrape food off the floor.”

Host narrates softly as he searches for something and then smiles triumphantly when he finds a loaf of bread. “How do you feel about French toast?” he directs the question towards Mark.

“It’s… good?” Mark answers, not meaning for it to come out as a question.

“Good,” Host says. Wilford hands him the bowl full of ingredients, and Host begins carefully mixing them together. Bim sets the skillet on the oven and turns up the heat. Without even asking what he turned it on, Host reaches over and turns the eye down a bit. “Bim burns everything,” he explains to Mark before he can even ask.

Silver finally gets the remains of the pie cleaned up before Wilford can start eating it off the floor. “Can I be of any assistance, Host?”

Host starts soaking the pieces of bread in the bowl and nods towards the formal dining room off the kitchen. “Sure, go set the table for everyone. I can hear the Doctor coming now.” Host places two pieces of bread carefully in the sizzling skillet, avoiding burning his fingers. “And don’t forget the syrup! Keep it away from Wilford until I get the toast done!”

Wilford makes a face at the Host’s back. “I can sense you doing that, Wilford. Go have a seat while I finish up.”

Mark laughs a bit to himself as Wilford stalks off, and he grabs some plates for Host to put the French toast on when it’s done. “Is this normally how lunch goes around here?”

Host shrugs. “We don’t always have breakfast for lunch, if that’s what you mean.”

The Doctor walks into the kitchen a moment later. “Host, French toast, really? That’s not very healthy.”

“It’s got eggs in it,” Host argues. “Besides, you can put fruit on yours, if you want.” Dr. Iplier shrugs and goes to find a spot at the table.

Mark watches him go and then looks back to the Host. “I didn’t know you could cook, Host. This is impressive.”

“If you want extra pieces of toast, you can just ask. No need to butter me up,” the Host replies flatly as he begins to plate the food. “Speaking of butter, grab some, will you? And please,” Host says, flipping a piece of toast in the skillet, “don’t eat it.”

Mark gasps a little in surprise as he reaches into the fridge for the butter. “Host! I didn’t know you watched my videos!” He can’t even imagine how the Host would watch his videos, but he thinks it would be rude to ask.

The Host shakes his head. “Shut up and sit down before you make me burn this.” But as Mark leaves, he sees the little smile on Host’s face, and it makes him smile, too.


OK let me take a moment to talk about how good Amara La Negra looks with these platinum blonde crotchet braids please????

Like….jfc!! LOOK. AT. HER.

But still you got people hating because she’s Dark-Skinned wearing such a bright color, comparing her to a mop. They mad af xDD I bet the mop they compared her to is the same one they used to clean their envious ass tears up off the floor and drool from their man’s mouth as she walks by.

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if you're going to come in 10-20 minutes before close, fine. we can't really stop you. but please don't make a mess of the drink machines, there's a good chance theyve been cleaned already so we can get through closing duties and go home faster. please just be mindful. and don't throw your fucking peanuts everywhere on the floor that i just swept, i can't mop until everything is off the floor and if it's not perfect the people opening yell at me.

All I Wanted; C.H. 7

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5, part 6

When I wake, I’m vaguely aware of the warmth that resonates from the body next to mine. With sleep still in my eyes, I make my way out of the bed and towards the bathroom. Having a ‘Netflix and chill’ night – in the original sense of the term – with your best friend’s brother once is already treason, but doing it twice would resemble my decapitation in the Middle Ages.

I sit down on the closed toilet lid and rake my fingers through my hair. Nothing of all of the things I had heard about Calum in the last years, seemed to be true. Although maybe my own sense was clouded by as well as Meredith and what I wanted to believe. When I was around, he was a decent human being – I wouldn’t say he wasn’t picking on everyone that came around, but on the other hand, that were guys, right? Maybe Meredith was just being a bit overdramatic – something I had known she’d do every once in a while – okay, quite a lot.

When we were completely alone, he was actual boyfriend material. He was witty, gentle and ever so sweet and I couldn’t comprehend how Meredith would label Calum as Satan’s spawn.
If I had to believe Meredith, Calum had changed horribly throughout the years that I hadn’t spent my every weekend in the Hood residence. When we were younger, Calum was like an actual older brother would be. He’d be whiny, witty, and you’d hate him to death. But whenever Mer was in trouble, Calum would be the first one to come to her aid.

Now, he had become horrible rude, where he would constantly pick a fight with Meredith or their parents about the smallest of things. He would stay out until mornings, stinking of beer and cigarettes while he slept out his intoxication. Sometimes – if I had to believe Meredith, more than once a week – this would include a one-night stand, most of the times Meredith making the girls breakfast and handing tissues to wipe their tears. Calum would apparently kick them out of his bed with a ‘thanks for the fun night, babe’.

“Y/n?” I hear Calum’s deep, groggy morning voice chime through the hallway. He must have awoken. “I’ll be right there.” I instantly return, pushing myself up from the toilet lid and walking over to the mirror. I wasn’t sure what I were to do – because I was quite enjoying this – whatever this was – even though nothing remotely significant had happened. Calum and I were merely flirting a slight bit and I hadn’t felt this wanted in months.

Sometimes a girl needed to receive a compliment from someone that wasn’t obliged to do so. Sometimes a girl wanted a guy to text them good morning beautiful even though she knew there might be more girls receiving the same forwarded text. It didn’t matter that in the back of my mind something was gnawing away, the way he acted around and towards me was something I didn’t know I was craving.

Was there any harm in what was happening?

After a few shallow breaths, I decide to make my way back to my room. When I stop myself again, I have an answer. No one would ponder back and forth so much if the other side of the problem didn’t mean that much. Meredith meant an awful lot to me and she explicitly said to stay away from her brother. I shouldn’t be doing this. I take a deep breath and when I think I’ve made up my mind, it shifts again. On the other hand, I wanted to be happy myself. And didn’t I deserve to be happy?

I deserved it just as much as any other girl in the world. And if shameless flirting was my happiness… Meredith can’t know.

“Ah, there you are.” Calum yawns as he stretches his toned, tattooed arms over his head. I lean against the doorway, arms crossed over my chest as I smirk in Calum’s direction.
“Do you want me to make you some breakfast?” I sweetly ask, pushing myself off of the doorway and walking towards the bed, dropping on the end of it, where the sheets were bunched up on my side. Calum sighs dreamily, his eyes still half closed but he peeks in my direction anyway.

“Nah, thank you babe. I think I have to get home, before Mer wakes up and has my ass.” Calum chuckles and I bite the inside of my cheek as I rather forcefully as I grin in his direction. If he could stop bringing her up, this would be an awful lot less complicated for my nerve wrecking brain.

I try to avert my gaze – to no use – as Calum, clad in boxer shorts, walks across my room to the lone chair where he had dumped his clothes on last night.

I watch him dress, slowly, still half asleep. His large, lanky frame wobbles as he tries to get his skinny jeans over his thighs. It’s quite a sight I can’t steer my gaze away from. When he turns, he throws a wink in my direction and I am quick to avert my gaze with the blush prominent on my cheeks. I feel like a teenager again.

“Are you walking me out?” Calum asks as he holds his hand out for me to take, guiding me towards the front door, my head turning at the ugly painting of our dog, which was the whole reason Calum was even here.

“Well, thank you for the good care. And for helping me out last night.” Calum smiles as it’s his turn to lean against the doorframe of my opened front door. “It’s nothing.” I smile shyly, my fingers toying with the hem of his shirt.
“Maybe you shouldn’t tell Meredith that you stayed here. You know – to avoid uh – anything?” I grant Calum with a tight lipped smile, more of a grimace when I see the frown settle onto his features.

It’s quite for a moment too long.
“Uh – yeah? I guess, alright. See you around, Y’/n.” I see Calum shake his head as he slowly saunters back over towards his car and disappears without a second glance in my direction.


My phone rings obnoxiously loud, but the music blaring from my speakers is way louder. That is probably the reason I hadn’t seen the four missed calls from Meredith, along with a few texts to accompany my voice mails. When it goes off the fifth time, I’m right in time to press the smartphone to my ear while wheezing into the receiver.

Took you long enough.” Meredith groans into the receiver and I can’t help but roll my eyes as I pick up my mop again. “Well sorry princess, but I’m cleaning my house and I’m not glued to my phone.”
“You definitely aren’t. Otherwise you would’ve answered one of the four times I already called.”

“Oh girl, you are such a drama queen. What do you want?” I set the mop to the side when I reach the end of the living room, wiping the beads of sweat that had formed on my forehead away. My dad was coming home in a few days and somehow, without being home, I always could get the house in a complete mess. “I wanted to see what you were up to.”

“Nothing much, cleaning. How’s Michael? He was shit wasted last night.” I laugh, heading over to the fridge for a can of coke and sitting down at the kitchen counter with my phone on speaker.
He went home to sleep it off. He spent half of the night groaning about how he was going to vomit.” I can just hear that Meredith is rolling her eyes with an amused grin on her lips, which makes me smile as well.

“And did he?” I question, raising the can to my lips as I let my gaze wander outside for the slightest moment. “No. He made all the noises though, but that’s it.” I immediately get nauseous at the thought of someone vomiting and Meredith simply laughs in the receiver.

You should be damn glad you’re not dating Michael. You would’ve died with the amount of times he hangs with his head in a toilet bowl.” This makes me snort loudly, coke flying past my lips as I had just taken a sip. “Gross. Please don’t elaborate.”

I won’t. But are you coming over? I’m bored.”
“I’ll come over in five. I still have to mop the floor in the kitchen and then I’m stuck outside anyway.” I shrug my shoulders even though Meredith can’t see as I jump off of the kitchen counter and pick up my mop again.

She is quiet on the other side of the receiver and I am about to ask what was troubling her mind before she breaks the silence she herself had created.
“I saw Calum sneak in this morning.” My eyes widen and I’m sure I’ve let a gasp involuntarily past my lips, my hand raising as I squeeze my eyes closed.

“Oh?” Couldn’t you think of something better to say, moron?
“He did drop you off last night, right?” Meredith seems accusing of her brother again and I have to bite down harshly on my bottom lip to refrain myself from coming to Calum’s aid.

“Yes he did. Maybe he needed to be somewhere this morning, there wasn’t a girl all night.” I decide to dismissively state, sticking my mop back into the water filled bucket as I woosh it around.
“I don’t see Calum waking up before the crack of dawn.” She’s again brisk and non-believing as she speaks. I roll my eyes, thankful she can’t see me as I start cleaning my kitchen floor with my one free hand.

“Mer, people can change, you know that right? Don’t worry about it too much, Calum is old enough to fend for himself, alright?” I change my tone just the slightest bit, hoping a soft, motherly tone wouldn’t make me sound like a horrible friend. I knew the words that have left my mouth just now would go down the wrong hole. I’d known Meredith for quite some time, after all.
Alright. See you soon.” Meredith answers briskly before our conversation is cut off and I’m left to clean my house and wander what the hell was up with my best friend lately.

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Yay! It’s posting day for my Blaine Anderson Big Bang fic!

This story is called Catch Me A Catch, and it’s a Klaine fic featuring the Anderbros and a relationship between Rachel and Cooper as well :-)

I’m going to post it chapter per chapter and then make a masterpost, so that it’s easy to find the whole story here on Tumblr.

You can also read the story on or on AO3, if you prefer :-)

A big thank you goes out from me to my wonderful and amazing beta @hkvoyage! I couldn’t have done this without her help and gentle guidance. Her insights, ideas and advice proved invaluable to my story, and really took it to the next level, so I’m eternally grateful!

And of course, as you can see above, I collaborated with an artist, namely the incomparable @mypopculturesummer, for this fic, and you will agree with me that she did a lovely job enhancing the story with her art. I’m over the moon with how good it looks :-) Thank you SO much, sweetie!

I hope you’ll like reading Catch Me A Catch as much as I enjoyed writing it…

And now, without further ado: here’s Chapter 1!

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OMGLOL this is the funniest scene in the whole ep, and totally how a couple that had been married for years would be doing.

Hera knows really well what her husband would do: Rubbing it in.

But she didn’t expect Kanan to actually rub it in while their spacedaughter was in the cockpit.

Hera: (Oh Ashla… please let us get this over with…)

Hera: (Wipe that smirk off your face you… you…)

Hera: (I *really* should be using your smirk to mop the floor…)

Kanan: (You love me nonetheless.)

Hera: (You owe me a hot and passionate make up session.)

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ok but i cant help myself by four tops is such a narry song like imagine them dancing to it in their pajamas at 2am in their kitchen while making cookies 😩😩😩😩

this one’s also for @laugheatwalk, who requested slow dancing narry! 
(2.3k uni!au)

Niall sets his last final down on the proctor’s desk and lets the wooden door shut softly behind him like it has so many times before. He nods at Sam, who’s sat beside him through all of his upper division Spanish courses since they were nineteen, hitches his bag up on his shoulder, and makes for the old double doors and beyond, the quad. By the time he’s halfway across it’s started sinking in: he’s free. Niall checks to make sure no one’s watching, and then he lets himself give a little skip and kick his feet together. He comes down feeling elated. 

He dials Harry while he waits at the bus stop, one earbud tucked into his ear and the other one dangling from his collar. Niall only ever has two earbuds in when he’s trying to focus on his revisions, but those days are officially over now, and he likes it better like this anyway. He can hear the crickets chirping as afternoon gives way to evening, and the squeaking brakes of the campus bus system pulling up to a stop in front of him, and the soft crunch of his trainers biting into cement for one last loop from class to home. 

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Fic prompt: Aunt Teresa is visting New York and has to stay with the Castles for a few days. Hilarity ensues as Rick tries his best to win her over and Martha and A.Teresa interact, with Kate stuck in the middle. I'm sure you can make it better ;)

A Bonding Experience



She’s buttering him up.

He still hasn’t figured out exactly what it is she’s after, but he knows his wife. She’s up to something. Definitely up to something.

It isn’t like last year, when they were forced to work apart on the same case and she tried to ply him with good wine and the hypnotic, seductive slide of her hand through his hair to find out what he knew. No, this time she’s all smiles and sweet kisses. Family dinners and comforting neck rubs. Letting him choose the movie and adding his favorite caramel drizzle to a bowl of popcorn she then shares with him.

Not to say his wife isn’t normally attentive and loving – she is, absolutely she is – but she abhors caramel popcorn. Anything else and he wouldn’t say a word, but the popcorn is the thing that truly clues him in.

“What’s up?” he asks finally, after she’s the one to stand and stretch, returning with more snacks and two glasses of wine at the completion of the first movie. The first movie, he adds in his head, when she has work in the morning.

“Hmm?” Her eyebrows lift over the rim of her glass. She curls back into his side, lifting her knees to nudge his thigh. “What do you mean ‘what’s up?’”

“The popcorn, Beckett. Unless there’s something you want to tell me that’s making you love foods you normally hate,” he pauses, slipping a hand under her shirt to caress her side. “What’s up?”

She laughs softly, dusting his jaw with soft lips. “Nothing to tell on that front this month, babe.”

He ignores the little nudge of disappointment at that; they aren’t exactly trying for a baby, but with Beckett off her birth control, they’re not exactly not trying either. “So there’s something to tell on another front, then.”

Beckett sighs, twisting just enough to slide her wine glass onto the end table.

“Well… you know my aunt…”

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